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  1. Tiefling and Dragonborn hero characters - male and female, varied classes. Elementals of all types. Tabaxi. Especially a tabaxi monk would be great. clockwork anything more bards, male and female, assorted races, with varied instruments mermaids and sea creatures and monsters tree people Kenku Rakshasa constructs oozes were things. other than wolves. (lycanthropes) Kuo-toa Twig blights Awakened shrub Wood Woads Aarakocra Animated objects (rug of smothering?) Banshee Crawling Claw Erinyes Giant Hyena (And any druid animal forms that aren't already existing.) Imps Shambling Mound Lemure Dryad Faerie Dragon Fungi and Myconids (yes more. I like them) Marid Golems of all types (clay, flesh, iron, stone) Grell Hags (especially sea hag) Modrons Nightmare Fey (pixies, sprites, boggles, korred, quicklings, redcaps, etc) Sahuagin (all the types) Water Weird Firbolgs Cave Fisher Swarms (rats, stirges, etc) Flail Snail Nilbogs I know. Long list.