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  1. Lostbug

    Doomsday Dawn, Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest

    Eek, sorry, missed that. Can shift easily to human. Name Marius Tucca Player Lostbug Mod Score Weapon Prof Armor Prof Traits STR 3 16 Simple T Martial T Light T Medium T Heavy T Shield T Dex 1 12 Mele Scimitar 1d8 T 3 S Forceful, Sweeping Con 2 14 Ranged Short Bow 1d6 T $ P Range 60 Deadly d10 Wis 1 12 Int 0 10 Cha 2 14 Speed 25 Class DC 13 Hero Pts 1 HP 20 Perception 2 T Saving Throw Fort 4 E Reflex 2 T Will 3 E AC 18 T TAC 14 T Skills Acrobatics 0 Medicine 3 E Arcana -1 Nature 0 Athletics 2 Sig T Occultism -1 Crafting -1 Sig Performance 1 Deception 1 Religion 2 Sig T Diplomacy 3 Sig T Society -1 Intimidation 1 Stealth 0 Lore Saranrae 1 T Survival 0 Lore -1 Thievery 0 Ancestry Human-Taldoran Class Feats & Features Hospice Knight Warded Touch Skill Feats Student of the Canon Equipment Chain Shirt Armor Heavy Steel Shield Heavy Shield Boss Short Bow 2 (10) Arrows 9 Days rations Scimitar Ordinary Clothing Silk Rope Backpack Waterskin Bulk 6 Max 8 Coins 3 SP
  2. Lostbug

    Doomsday Dawn, Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest

    Working on converting a half elven paladin, if it fits.
  3. Lostbug

    Doomsday Dawn, Pathfinder 2nd Edition Playtest

    Very interested, just got the pdfs, will need a bit of time to assimilate them.
  4. Lostbug

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    Well, I was just looking tonight at the MSP Core Paint pistol case with 12 paints in it, “Over $42 value” for the low low price of $49....
  5. Watching, because I foolishly told my wife I had a goal of making a diorama for her birthday in September. It’s planned to be a take on the end of a Christmas episode of Tennant’s Dr Who, TARDIS, Wilf, and Donna Noble minis plus a tree to make an odd number of uprights on the base. The figures have arrived from the UK, telephone box from Reaper is in hand. Paints are on order since FLGS didn’t have them in stock, and may have to order the base as well. Any good suggestions for low-stress pine trees for beginners?
  6. Lostbug

    Kill Team

    Well, thanks, GW, for saving me. I had given in and gone to preorder Kill Team. Then I found out it’s $250 local. Wallet saved again! Thank goodness they came up with an “reduced entry cost product” to bring me to the 40k universe.
  7. David Tennant, Catherine Tate, and Bernard Cribbins minis arrived from the UK, all set to sit on the shelf along with the Reaper 80037 Telephone Box; all waiting until I can figure out basing and confidence in painting to put together a diorama (by 3rd week of September, for a birthday). Any helpful hints and encouragement gratefully appreciated...
  8. Lostbug

    D&D books?

    I feel your pain. I too bought everything 2E I could get my hands on when it came out. But, since then, I’ve moved overseas. So, the reason I’m not seriously looking for 5E stuff? $78 NZD at my local bookstore (FLGS doesn’t have a catalog for me to verify prices online). Now, the comparison used above re: video games? It’s cheaper by far than a AAA new video game, which runs $100-120 NZD apiece. So, all we can do is shake our heads and remember, if they want it, they’ll find a way.
  9. Lostbug

    ENnie voting is open

    Just a reminder that Reaper is up for an ENnie in the miniature category for Ma’al Drakar. http://www.ennie-awards.com/vote/2018/ballot.php?category_id=13
  10. Lostbug

    Everlasting: the Best Wet Palette

    Sounds like a good test, though.
  11. Lostbug

    What's on TV?

    Mrs. Lostbug is going through a ‘Korean telenovela’ phase on Netflix; Korean Oddessy, Oh My Ghost, etc. Weird, given that none of us speak Korean.
  12. “Who is throwing handles?” Is still a line that provokes laughter more than 6 months after seeing the movie.
  13. Yup, Argent. I had 0 interest in Argent looking at the PM page (I was late to the party), but seeing the model in hand has got me trying to figure out how to find a place for it in my house.
  14. How did you manage that? When I go to the link posted, I get a “you’re not allowed to see that “ message.