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  1. I’m trying really hard to resist getting more, because the Harryhausen fan in me wants to have the marble statues, the bronze ones, the golden ones, the silver ones, etc....
  2. Lostbug

    June Hobby GOALS!!!!!!

    Goal: finish the two minis I started, numbers 2 and 3 to be painted. Also, start to learn basing Also also, get daughter to another paint n take event or two.
  3. Lostbug

    Incredibles2 miniatures

    Any clue if this is a local phenomenon?
  4. Lostbug

    Zulu Warriors as Mahud

    Maybe he was supposed to be in a traditional war dance?
  5. Lostbug

    03500: Mason Thornwarden, Ranger

    Oh, drat. I just started painting this mini; now I have this for comparison! Well, maybe I can use it as inspiration.
  6. Lostbug

    Reapercon Figures for Non-Con goers?

    Oh, wow. Good to know; I had been planning to order bags as I’m not in a position to attend. If I hadn’t seen this, I would have been really upset if something was missing.
  7. That’s been my excuse: “I’m getting this (human sized) figure for $1.78, it’s $7.50 in the store!”
  8. $1.78 NZD per figure for me. And, just starting out in painting, roughly 8 months to figure out where to put a paint station, since I doubt FLGS is going to let me keep painting there when I show up with as many minis as they carry.....
  9. Lostbug

    Rock-a-Bye Cthulhu

    Wow, have to check the cushions..... My parents always wanted me to be an author.
  10. Lostbug

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Let me put it this way: I went to New Zealand for a vacation. I returned for long enough to pack/sell my things, and moved 2 months later. And lived here ever since. The view from our local landfill would be for million dollar homes in the US. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/new-zealand
  11. I’m glad to hear this, as I’ve been going back and forth on ordering their pound bag of bases.
  12. Lostbug

    Post to Australia: How long is too long?

    Thanks for the heads-up. Given that I *already* am anxious to see Bones 4 arrive, I’ll try to temper my expectations until March.... ;)
  13. Lostbug

    Post to Australia: How long is too long?

    Fwiw, I placed a small order from Reaper on the 6th of May, and it arrived here in NZ after about 10 days. My tracker never mentioned an ‘exchange,’ so maybe it’s in AusPost hands?
  14. Lostbug

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Once upon a time in a homebrew D&D campaign, I had a firedrake character that I couldn’t come up with a name for. In despair, I glanced at the nearby bookshelf, saw “The Great Impressionists,” and thus Rain-Wa was born.
  15. Lostbug

    Getting to Know You, May 2018

    Just got http://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/Telephone/sku-down/80037 and planning to gift it in September to my wife, but the coming detailing (writing!) are keeping me from starting. Having finished all of 1 mini at this point.