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  1. Spodi

    Greebo Pinkings - March 5th

    Normally I wouldn't be for this style, but my god those all have such amazing personality. Incredibly well done.
  2. Spodi

    Artis Opus - Series M: Brush Set

    "Miniature" brush heads are terrible IMO. They hold less moisture and paint so they dry out faster, are far easier to ruin by getting paint in the ferrule, and have much worse reach into tight places. Only benefit I can see is stiffness, which isn't really needed on unless drybrushing, and crappy synthetic brushes are plenty stiff for such dirty work.
  3. Spodi

    MOMminiaturas: Mercenaries

    Ooo, those are quite nice, and a good price (though a bit less good after shipping).
  4. Both trolls I've got have had gouges in them, and quite bad seam lines. Given that it is a freebie, I'm not too bothered. Spent the time to clean up one, tossed the other into the backlog.
  5. Spodi

    Shieldwolf hard plastic forest goblins..

    So, 50 standard gerblins and 2 "special" ones for $50? That seems insanely good... suspiciously good...
  6. Spodi

    Shieldwolf hard plastic forest goblins..

    Those look awesome
  7. Spodi

    First heroforge mini - a druid

    Spent a few minutes cutting off a few obvious imperfections, but still far less than most any other mini I've worked with. I didn't do any sanding, but some careful light sanding probably would have helped a lot.
  8. Spodi

    First heroforge mini - a druid

    I recently got to "play" with a heroforge mini for the first time. A friend made one for his character, and I offered to paint it up. A little review: This was with the cheapest ($20?) model. I had never seen a heroforge mini in person before, and was quite surprised by the quality initially. Almost zero flashings / seams that had to be cleaned up. As I brought it to my painting desk, the striations from the 3d printing process became much more obvious. I simply painted it using my normal process - wash, black prime, paint. There are probably ways to hide / clean up the roughness, but they don't look as bad in person as in the picture. However, its still a bit noticeable at the tabletop - especially on a macro level. It was really hard to get any part of it to look "crisp", and I feel like the rough texture makes it slightly darker and the sheen more flat. Overall, Heroforge is better quality than I expected, but still has exactly the problems I expect from a 3d print. Still, seems worth it if you have a special character or two you want to put the extra time and cost in to immortalize.
  9. Spodi

    Tyrannosaurs Rex + Shark =

    Oh my god that is amazing. I love how its head is now so huge that there is no way it can eat from its hands. I have this image of it holding its prey, angry as it tries to eat out of its tiny hands, then getting mad and rampaging even more into a perpetual frenzy.
  10. Spodi

    Cult of the Demon Lord- By Effincool Miniatures

    Screw it, I've had enough to drink tonight to blindly go in for the highest pledge. After all, I've recall reading somewhere that it's not possible to have too many cultists, and that these minis are f'in cool, so it seems foolish not to.
  11. Spodi

    Singularity: The blackest thing you've ever seen!

    Maybe its just me, but that seems like one of the most uninteresting ways to portray what is essentially just a very black, non-reflective paint. With a 3D model, you get the "wow" factor of being unable to see the depth of it like normal due to the absence of lighting.
  12. Thanks all for the feedback. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Worst case, guess it wouldn't be too bad to have to put a clear stand under it when not in use.
  13. Good call. Looks like it is - from the troll expansion.
  14. I was looking into this mini: https://www.reapermini.com/OnlineStore/arachnid/release/77180#detail/IG_3039_1 However, I'm worried the bones version may be prone to sagging over time. Seems like a lot of weight for the legs to hold up. Any owners of this have any input?
  15. Are you referring to the DETOLF? I personally went the BILLY approach, but the DETOLF could be good with some modifications to add more shelves (which there are guides for online). Not sure I'd use them as-is for standard minis.