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  1. giyomuSan

    Obsidian Crypt - 77637 (Photo heavy)

    very cool
  2. giyomuSan

    Butterbug - Malafaux Shadow Effigy for D&D

    cool looking figure.
  3. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    finished the ogre..well those things never really finish anyway .. going to get on the remaining figures now.
  4. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    update on the base, I added couple more small details. I am going to let it that way and finish the figures, then do a last balance once everything is ready. I think I will need to cut the base of the viking so it sits better on the ground.
  5. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    I added some ground texture and also do some tiles..at the end they will in part cobered with ground texture somthat will mask a bit the mess xd...need for that stuff to dry and i will maybe do one more spray path.
  6. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    gave the base a black / grey prime, also carve a bit on stairs. I am going to make couple tiles surface on top and bottom , from there couple more ground texture on bottom and wash / dry brush things
  7. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    small up , base final look is done, put some white paste to fill out this, will have to sand that , also make myself some bags .. and from Lars idea i reversed position of the ogre and crusader.
  8. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    @LarsM Actually that’s a good idea !
  9. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    I revised the whole scene and finally get out the champion beast , so I am left with 3 guys and just kept as I thought the main platform with the stairs. also added one scenery element I ordered couple time ago. I need to put some brick wall tomthe external side of that stairs and Inwill certainly find a good tree or such to balance on the right side...but at this point this is less thinking.
  10. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    @Heisler Thanks for all the infos ! I think I am going to shrink my space and remove element ( just keep the platform stairs stuff and recenter that on the base ). Eventually I am going to skip the beast goat form the scene..I can use it on other scene :)... I am actually finding myself not progressing that much since I have to think about "how I am going to fill the space around" so I guess your advice about space stuff was actually spot on :)
  11. giyomuSan

    Diorama Advice

    @Painting Dog I also prefer the teardrop, seem that it would be good enough for only the 2 figures and that do not prevent you to add a 3rd one as you did on the square one. I am not sure if you are going to apply the sand texture directly and then add several layer to build up your dune, but shaping and glue some foam on your base to give you some relief to apply the sand texture on top may be a good thing to do , so you can get a feel for the dune / sand ground overall shape ( and also use less sand stuff :D...)
  12. giyomuSan

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

    wonderfull work
  13. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    yeah , actually I need to think about something underneath it :)
  14. giyomuSan

    Reaper Diorama (77254,77550,77399,77454)

    hmm , thanks guy..still couple stuff to be added on their , i may connect those 2 pillars in someway.