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  1. Damn, that's quite a lot of details to paint , how long those this took ? Great work !
  2. giyomuSan

    Female Elven Ranger from Dark Sword Miniatures

    Very nicely done, love the way the hair are rendered.
  3. giyomuSan

    Ghouls D&D Nolzur's Wizkids

    Hi everybody, while waiting for some new Reaper bone's mini I ordered .. I am doing couple of those Wizkids I grabbed recently, and finished for now the ghouls one. Here the pics :)
  4. giyomuSan

    Index of Painted Reaper Figures

    07003, goblins
  5. my take on those 2 guys I have to take care more about mold line next time :(
  6. giyomuSan


    Awesome work !
  7. giyomuSan

    77185 Large Earth Elemental (Magma version)

    Wow , the lava effect and rock is very convincing !
  8. giyomuSan

    50025, 50030, 77444, 77445, and 89002...

    Goblins on guns haha , very cool :)
  9. giyomuSan

    14390: Anubis Guards

    Cool minis :) I am by no way expert , but I feel ( unless that's actually how they are designed ) that maybe their dress / robe ( sorry not sure how this is actually called in english ) would have benefit to have a color with more contrast from overall skin. But this could be also the photos that don't give them justice enough :) the base look very well done !
  10. giyomuSan

    77299: Female Antipaladin

    love the base :)
  11. giyomuSan

    Reaper Core and Layer Up Set

    Thanks, ah ! Mithril it was and not Mythril :D
  12. giyomuSan

    Reaper Core and Layer Up Set

    Not sure if any image will show up with tags haha, since the attachement upload do not work yet for me :( if not and until I am able to upload images here the link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/2h62nckqg5cp751/ReaperCoreAndLayer.jpg?dl=0 So that was my first attempt after not touching paint and minis for over +25years :D..., I did that a bit at the time of mythril minis with Humbrol paint, well that was a long time ago and never did it really seriously. So when coming across reaper paint set that was nice to get back into the hobby ! Cheers !
  13. giyomuSan

    Image Upload Issues

    Hi there, completely new on this forum and have a bit of an issue trying to upload / attach an image on a topic. attachment upload always throw me a : "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200" I am using Chrome on Mac OS. I tried to look for that issue for that forum , but I mostly come on reaper "DAW" message board rather than here :D, also tag like don't seem to work either , I am seeing nothing in the preview. if anyone could enlighten me about this that would be nice :) Cheers. PS : I am trying to up on the Show Off section of the forum by the way ( just saw a post related to picture but doesn't solve my problem since I don't pass the attachement process.