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  1. giyomuSan

    Zombicide Green horde orcs batch 1 of 6...

    they look cool ! I will say ( and I am the first forgetting it ) at last push some highlight on there face , goint too far is ( almost ) ok ..always look at them from far haha. in last picture my eyes will be mostly be catch by the nails and skull for the center piece because well they pop up white.
  2. giyomuSan

    La Charra Santa Muerte Bust by Glitterwolf

    oh boy thoses eyes and that mouth .... xD ..damn you !
  3. giyomuSan

    Warhammer 40K - Ork gretchin

    Finished one ! well at least it will give me the palette color range to use for other.
  4. giyomuSan

    Warhammer 40K - Ork gretchin

    Worked on one first guys, added some details to the skin and just base coating the other parts. Trying to work on contrast here, always seem weird when close looking and painting it xD...
  5. giyomuSan

    Thund Bloodwrack Barbarian 77199

    Posted on the wip but as this one is complete I am putting in the show off.
  6. Hi, ok so it seem having a long "put everything here" thread is not easy for moderator, I am opening a dedicated one for those WH40K orcs :) I am done with the skin pass, obviously more details to go in with brush. going next to get the other parts base coated I think , so I can get an overview of the overall look and color for those guys ( for now it look very green xD )
  7. giyomuSan

    Ongoing Wip Thread..

    @Gadgetman! I only used Mr Surfacer for spray primer can stuff. Ah yes the PK-PRO masking putty , this is really neat stuff , a bit weird to touch haha but really nice, and though I never tried yet but looking at the material I am pretty sure you can pretty do very precise masking with the help of clay tool to kind of sculpt it where you want. last brush stroke for the day...worked on inner cloth of the elfe girl, kind of sketchy way , will see if I can get something looking clean at the end with this approach.
  8. giyomuSan

    Ongoing Wip Thread..

    I found it going on very smooth, so never has issue with it . I do have vallejo usual black, grey and white primer but to spray a uniform color on several guys I found the spray can more easy to go by. Also here in japan I don't have much choice to find easily spray primer ( either Mr Hobby Surfacer or Tamiya which is also very nice, both fine spray so usually go on quite smooth and thin )
  9. giyomuSan

    Ongoing Wip Thread..

    started spraying one little guy, with skin color tone , not to concerne about other part here since i will base coat them over once done with skin...if all goes well haha. I used a mix of dark olive green and red brown for the shade, then greenskin and goblin skin from scale75 fantasy range for respectively mid and ligh tone.
  10. giyomuSan

    Ongoing Wip Thread..

    Little guys primed ( with Mr Surfacer 1500 gray ) ready for next step :)
  11. giyomuSan

    Ongoing Wip Thread..

    Not much painting today..but I decided to build those little guys I have in my stock and actually that will be ( strange as it can sound .. ) my first Warhammer minis xD... Try to take care mold line stuff this time as I could and assembled all those guys ( which somewhat take some time ! ).
  12. giyomuSan

    Ongoing Wip Thread..

    here we go Mr Thund Bloodwrack is completed :D..
  13. giyomuSan

    CMON Zombicide: Black Plague

    he look great ! good work on him.
  14. giyomuSan

    Ongoing Wip Thread..

    I am done with the barbarian dude :D at least for paint, since it's been a while I did not touch putty / clay , I decided to make a custom base for him. So simple 40mm MDF base and then sculpted a little base , also added couple elements for decoration. After this dry I can then finish it for good :D
  15. giyomuSan

    Ongoing Wip Thread..

    keeping the brush hot , so I made some progress on barbarian and also started some work on a scale75 mini I have since longtime :D