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  1. giyomuSan

    Massive Darkness - Orcs Enforcer

    Hi, not much time recently , but I managed to finish those 3 guys , orcs enforcer from massive darkness ( boss and 2 minions ). I have a couple more of that serie to paint as well :D..
  2. yes no reason it should not work. As said above , and specially if you have a lot of mini, you may find something more adequate and cheaper. I use Vallejo primer black / grey in 200ml bottle, not that cheap when you buy it though but it contain a lot and work well with bones figures.
  3. giyomuSan

    Fleshwalker (3d print)

    this look super cool, even if you printed it in a medium like quality...I have no experience about 3d print but that something at cheap price that look somewhat cool for scenery or other stuff like that , specially if you can actually use 3D software to make your stuff , most of them have some export option for 3D printing. Note To Myself : stop to buy stuff lol !
  4. giyomuSan

    Sinuous fire dragon - pic heavy

    look like a really cool dragon ! agree with @Metalchaos your pictures doesn't put him on it real beauty :)...but hmm taking good shot can be a pain :D...you may have better overall look taking picture outdoor during a good overcast day !
  5. giyomuSan

    Lady Olynder (Games Workshop, Pic heavy)

    Great work , white cloth is really nicely done.
  6. giyomuSan

    50317, Zombie Miners

    Really nice , well done !
  7. giyomuSan

    Finished a whole lot of Ogres!

    Wonderfully done, you did a very good job on the skin tone ! love them.
  8. giyomuSan

    RagingHeroes - Lust Elves Commander

    @CorallineAlgae Yeah that's fine, since I did not had any issue during the wip I kinda did not pay much attention ^^..and female subject figure is not what I am doing the most anyway haha..will take care next time :D
  9. giyomuSan

    RagingHeroes - Lust Elves Commander

    Hmm , ok seem like somebody did not appreciate my elves girls having some exposed breast...so my wip and show off post vanished in thin air xD...well Posting back, and linking only the one that do not have cover... I do believe those one are fine....with nudity xD.. and linked one below https://www.dropbox.com/s/aymb3plmcdm0khh/IMG_0717.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/fcdkay5ut6r4v7z/tgg1.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/rc8jk00is2kqns2/tgg2.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/kf9oyhdstva9khj/tgg3.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/wjv6tzqokqtpckg/tgg4.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/c5vnpu6tbci590p/tgg8.jpg?dl=0 Well hopefully nobody will be hurt looking at those :D... To the person that assigned me a warning for nudity violation..., a simple PM asking me to remove the offensive one would have being nice approach rather to have all my post containing those girls deleted..and they were in that state quite a bot in the WIP post without issue ..so part of what I did not really care about that when posting in show off ! Well cheers guys and girls !
  10. giyomuSan

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    a little up , working that first tentacle
  11. giyomuSan

    Mori Learns Sculpting

    That's super work , and in 15h haha I say congrat ! I am far to pull off such stuff now in that amount of time ( and sculpting human figure all together yet ) :D No matter how you feel about teh sculpt quality and paint, I think having it finished is a great achievement !
  12. giyomuSan

    Tanith the Feral Song invades WhiteWulfe's desk!

    super awesome, your blue tone on the cloak are really nice.
  13. giyomuSan

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    @Rainbow Sculptor thanks, and yes need to take care about the tentacles not ruin the integrity of the rest. There will be mostly 3 , left/right side and back, as for back I may do something a bit different in shape rather than a tentacles..need to think about this. For now I am going to get that one first and see if i like how it end up. @Morihalda haha thanks , yeah when I see the first pic I am somewhat happy with the way it turn out , thanks to @TaleSpinner and @Rainbow Sculptor for their advice along the road !
  14. giyomuSan

    giyomuSan messing up with clay

    tentacles time..starting with one for now and preparing..