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    Minis we would like to see

    It would ideally be modular. There are plenty of boar, wolf, and wargs in the line. I'd like to be able to choose the rider and the steed separately in a perfect world.
  2. thorinteague

    Minis we would like to see

    Mounted Orcs with pole arms. Mounted Orc Shaman. Mounted users of divine and arcane magic, preferably that match on-foot versions. All in METAL. As far as I can tell there are only two mounted orcs in the whole reaper line, one on a scorpion and one on a dinosaur. They both carry weapons with crummy reach. And I didn't find any mounted wizards or clerics. Huge gap in the line.
  3. Terrain/Buildings - Dungeon accoutrements--ladders, braziers, fountains, columns, traps, mining carts/tools/rails, furniture, tiles/corners/rooms Castles--walls, gates, towers, modular would be nice Town-- Buildings--inns, taverns, shops, dwellings, bazaars, furniture, roads, accoutrements such as fountains, gardens, parks, statues, hedges Natural features--waterfalls, trees, cave mouths, scrubs, hills, boulders Domesticated/Farm animals - Cows Dogs Horses Cats Chickens Ducks Pigs Sheep Lambs Spell Representations - Wall of iron/fire/fog/ice [Biggby's] Hands (interposing, grasping, crushing, etc.) Stinking Cloud Cone of cold [Tenser's] floating disc Lightning/ball lightning/fireball Blade barrier Magic mouth Enlarged versions of at least some basic adventurers Reduced versions of at least some basic adventurers Invisible versions of more basic adventurers Flying versions of at least some basic adventurers etc. etc... Vehicles and machines- Siege engines Siege towers Cannons Chariots Howdah Platforms boats big and small airships catapaults & trebuchets Congrats you are 2¢ richer. :)