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  1. Othikent

    GW Dreadblade Harrows

    Nice job! Simple and effective.
  2. Othikent

    Mimics (Wizkids)

    Had a bit of free time at work so I knocked these guys out quick. I'd almost call them a speed paint, but the drool effect took awhile to finish. Very happy with how these guys turned out. Love to hear what you all think.
  3. Othikent

    Ghouls #03716

    I absolutely love these!
  4. Othikent

    77377: Toad Demon

    Nice work! I like the colors.
  5. Othikent

    Flame snake - 03676

    I like it. Good job with the freehand work.
  6. Othikent

    Stone Troll

    Nice work! Looks great.
  7. Othikent

    Crates and Kegs

  8. Othikent

    77061, Kord the Destroyer

    Congratulations on the mention! And great work. Nice smooth weapon swap and great NMM.
  9. Othikent

    Mimics (Wizkids)

    Thank you! The drool is just clear styrene rod I softened with a candle flame and stretched out. Generous amounts of gloss varnish blends them in. Hope that helps.
  10. Othikent

    Mimics (Wizkids)

    Thanks! Glad you all like them!
  11. Othikent

    8 Moar Bones Speedpaints

    nice work. good weathering on the robot!
  12. Othikent

    Bear Shark custom commission

    Nicely done. The only thing I could think of would be to have the fingers curled around the trident. Not sure how possible that would be without knowing the material the mini is made of.
  13. Othikent

    Maledrakh's 77163 Male Storm Giant

    Nice work, I like the vibrant skin tone. Shame about the wonky sword but it just can't be avoided with some bones figures. Good work with the basing as well.
  14. Othikent

    Fomorian (Wizkids)

    Just a quick project to give myself a break from my Nighthaunt commission. Rather like the sculpt on this Wizkids miniature, it had a few problems but nothing to bad. Tryed a few new things on this miniature. Added a few of the rashes and decided a bit of drool was in order. Very happy with the turnout. Love to hear what you all think!
  15. Othikent

    Fomorian (Wizkids)

    Glad you all like him! It was a fun project. Glad I managed to make him sufficiently gross.
  16. Othikent

    44003:- Ziba, Female Efreeti

    Your skin tones are nice and smooth. Great job over all!
  17. Othikent

    GW Abrakhân Merchant Guard as Orcs

    Nice work!
  18. Othikent

    Mak! Mak Mak! MAK MAK MAK MAK!

    Awesome! The face turned out well. The bug eyes are suitably creepy.
  19. Othikent

    The Craven King (Games Workshop)

    Another piece to my second Nighthaunt commission. Kurdoss Valentian The Craven King! Very happy with the results. Love to hear what you all think.
  20. Othikent

    Silver Dragon - Wizkids

    Nice work! Metallics can be tricky to do well.
  21. Othikent

    St Leonard's Worm (Hellboy Board Game, Mantic)

    Nice work! And the eye does pop. Good work.
  22. Othikent

    Khanjira The Snow Monster

    I love this!
  23. Othikent

    8 Bones Speedpaints

    Great work on all of them!