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  1. Felltyde

    Various WIPS

    Some pretty much are. Just details and bases left
  2. Felltyde

    Various WIPS

    My time has been limited as of late, so when I get to paint I tend to overwhelm myself a bit. Lots of progress but nothing finished!
  3. Felltyde

    Wizkids - Elfe Female Paladin

    I typically don’t like the smaller Wizkids stuff. Like the larger monsters and such...but this is a great paint job, love the base.
  4. Felltyde

    Hero-forge trio

    The capes are excellent, bases too. Good work
  5. Felltyde

    The ritual is complete

    Finally finished these two, been sitting around for awhile
  6. Felltyde

    Last nights effort

    I love painting zombies. So forgiving
  7. Felltyde

    Painting Red hair

    Thanks for the tips. Gonna give it a shot
  8. Felltyde

    Ogre and little buddy

    Have a lot of WIPs at the moment, last night was this Ogre and Goblin (just did the goblin while wash dried on the Ogre)
  9. Felltyde

    Painting Red hair

    New to the forum. Long time Painter back in the fold after a long break, and painting like crazy. Anyways, I’ve always struggled with red hair. Any tips and color schemes would be welcome. From super bright to more muted. Photo is a players, bloody Dwarf I was working on. It’s OK but I chickened out from making the beard a brighter red.