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  1. Felltyde

    OG, GW Chaos Warrior

    I remember a long time ago an older painter taught me how to use an old toothbrush to create a splatter effect (blood, mud, etc) used that technique last night and for once didn’t go overboard
  2. Felltyde

    OG, GW Chaos Warrior

    I just got finished with a 12 hour drive and needed to paint to unwind...I had this old GW chaos warrior and decided to do him up for an NPC in an upcoming game. Happy with it considering my condition. Lol
  3. Felltyde

    Frost giant

    I updated her a bit. Just a few changes and touch-ups
  4. Felltyde

    Graveyard Golem

    I think I over-use the wasteland style grass tufts, so I tried something different...but I agree it’s a bit of an odd choice. Looks fine on the table but if I look at it to long I start to second guess myself. Oh well, on to the next!
  5. Felltyde

    Spike shell warrior

    This was a rush job for an upcoming game, totally missed the mold lines...but he’s good enough. 2nd pic was still WIP
  6. Felltyde

    Graveyard Golem

    Got a little funky with the colors, not sure how I feel about it
  7. Felltyde

    Limited time projects

    Been working a lot and had limited time so just knocking out easy minis, an animated statue and some giant spiders
  8. Felltyde

    Frost giant

    Guardian of the Twin Pass, bad guy for my campaign...still needs a touch-up or two, but looks good on the table
  9. Felltyde


    Big bad guy for current campaign
  10. Felltyde

    Coral Golem

    Still have a few details to pick out, but 95% done. Not as easy as I thought it would be...I actually reprimered it half way through and started over
  11. Felltyde

    Frost Giant 77544 DONE!

  12. Felltyde

    Attempts at polar painting

    Well thanks y’all. A lot of folks on another forum really hated the bone color I did on the dragon. I’m not thrilled with it either but thought it would be a cool break from an all white/blue color scheme...execution wasn’t that sharp, but it does look good on the table at normal light.
  13. Felltyde

    Attempts at polar painting

    I needed some minis for an upcoming arctic adventure, so I knocked these out. Disappointed with my effort, sloppy and boring. Good enough for the game table, but I doubt I’ll be diving into this sorta thing again anytime soon
  14. Felltyde

    77305 Gelatinous Cube

    Dig it
  15. Felltyde


    I generally dislike the WizKids stuff, but some of their larger minis are good. Had this guy awhile, but finally finished his base.