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  1. Hello! I'm just getting into painting miniatures (I've Painted 2 whole miniatures with borrowed paints and brushes, that's how new I am!) and am looking to gather all the necessary tools for my little in-home painting station. I know that the quality and type of brushes are extremely important when painting miniatures. I know this question has probably been asked a million times before in a million different ways, but I was looking for some advice on the brush repertoire for learning all the important (early) skills! Primarily, a brand or quality recommendation would be great, and then information on the size and type of brushes. What does round do versus flat? What sizes might I really appreciate having at the start? What's standard that I'll find myself using all the time? If I'm determined to learn some of the possibly more complicated techniques, are there brushes I'm going to need to achieve certain looks? For instance, I'm really interested in painting monsters. Dragons, Beasts, the whole lot. Are there brushes that might yield to the techniques I'll be learning while doing those? Thank you in advance for reiterating advice for a super beginner!