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  1. Iridil

    Deep Cuts Pathfinder human female paladin

    I like the color choices and her cloak is nicely worn looking.
  2. I like this scene! The wash worked well on the dog and his nose is the perfect color.
  3. Iridil

    Galladoria Game's 2018 Christmas Mimic

    Nice vibrant colors on the presents!
  4. Iridil

    Tengu Rouge

    Here is the first of the three tengu I painted from Bones 3. Had fun using the leaf punch.
  5. Iridil

    Pack Donkey

    My party always seems to have a menagerie of animals... here is one of them. Is it wrong to find a donkey cute?
  6. Iridil

    Dungeon Dressing (bones)

    Here are a couple of quick paints I did to support my fondness for dungeon dressing - looks better than white bones on the table!
  7. Iridil

    Papercraft Sail Ships

    You have a very steady hand with all that rigging! Nice set of ships.
  8. Iridil

    77434 yeti chieftain ladystorm winter contest

    Nice diorama! I like the natural fur colors against the blue skin.
  9. Iridil

    14554, Kragmarr Dwarf Captain (Disco Dwarf!!!)

    Rainbow dwarf! I like the vibrant colors actually
  10. Iridil

    1621 Winter Elf

    Very beautiful and wintery - with a nice touch of warmth in her flesh tones. Thanks for posting the underpainting.
  11. Iridil

    Kev!'s 77364: Angel of Shadows

    Beautiful feathers and I the blue dress is also well highlighted - very nice!
  12. Nice ominous colors and good shading - this guy is ready to strike fear.
  13. Iridil

    Shadowrun Hobgoblin from Ral Partha

    I'll add another vote to the great vibrant colors! Love his candy colored hair too - the skintone is really great as is the look of his weapons!
  14. Iridil

    Pirate queen and Paladin

    Any way to see the back of the pirate lass? She's really nice - love the touch of green and the smoky eye effect. Nice bases too!
  15. Iridil

    89001 Pathfinder Red Dragon

    Nice dragon - like the leathery look of the wings. Tiny eyes indeed - I guess he breaths on anything troublesome first and looks later?
  16. Iridil

    03813 Female Hobgoblin Archer

    Beautiful colors and amazing blending - inspirational!
  17. Iridil

    Worm Corpse

    Really nice work on the cloth - his cloak is wonderful - I like how as you look at him the worms become clearer and clearer - creepy!
  18. Iridil

    89042 Red Mantis Assassins (5)

    Nice - I think the highlighting on the black works well to give it definition and a look of slickness to the capes.
  19. Iridil

    Tengu wizard and group shot

    Here is the third and final tengu from Bones III. And a group shot of all three - my first time using the vallejo muds and the leaf punch. Fun!
  20. Iridil

    Tengu warrior

    Second of the three Tengu from Bones three which I painted. Still didn't quite go for it with the highlights....
  21. Iridil

    Fire Giant 2

    And here is a fire giant I finished recently. I was much happier with him, but the photos reveal some sloppiness! In hand, he's great for the table and I feel satisfied. I'm currently working on a third, so let's see how that goes!
  22. Iridil

    Fire Giant 1

    Here is a fire giant I painted up back in August. I'm not completely happy with him - I think I'm still too timid with highlights and the blending is not what I'd like. But done was done! I took inspiration from others' painted versions on the forum - loved the idea of a metallic cape and the lava sword!
  23. Iridil

    Fire Giant 2

    Thanks for the kind comments! I was inspired by some of the swords on the forum - and why shouldn't flail heads miss all the fun?
  24. Iridil

    Tengu warrior

    Thanks for all the kind comments - I used matt varnish, but it was Vallejo brush on - the Reaper brush on seems to be much less glossy!