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  1. Like the muted colors - love the face - you've added to the expression with the eyes - he's definitely giving someone a disapproving once over.
  2. Iridil

    Baichi - Bushido

    Good skintones and I like how you worked the browns of the pack - this is a nice figure.
  3. Love the coat! The color shading is very vivid.
  4. Like the shading/touch of pink on the knees. Nice blue glasses.
  5. Iridil

    14588: Dhulrekk Thulfinson, Rune Warrior

    Good mouth and eyes - makes him very active!
  6. Iridil

    77228: Chthon

    Nice - really like the tusks (teethe, maw?)
  7. Iridil

    Chibi Gloomhaven (spoiler free)

    These are splendid and inspirational! Love the head on the Inox brute - great painting too.
  8. Iridil

    01416: Sophie in Cat Costume

    Beautiful - love the green in combo with the wings and orange pumpkin. Her faces is done very well (envious)
  9. Iridil

    Kev!'s Wargames Foundry - Sleepy Enrique

    Like the hat - good job captures the feel of the character!
  10. Iridil

    Kev!'s Otherworld - Piper

    Really like the yellow!
  11. Iridil

    Kev!'s Nolzur's - Dancer

    Splendid job picking out the details of the frill and giving the skirt a sense of motion!
  12. Iridil

    77261 Bat Demon/Nabassu

    I like the 'bat' take - it has a gargoyle vibe to me - nice color choice.
  13. Iridil

    Cthulhu Wars: Athlach Nacha (Spider Old One)

    Very menacing - good job on the faces - what are you using for the spiderweb?
  14. Iridil

    77257 Bones Chimera

    I also like the purple dragon - great job and it's ready for play!
  15. Iridil

    Nuka-Girl (50227)

    Nice swap and sounds like a fun game set up!
  16. Iridil

    07005: Cairn Wraith

    Well done - like the choice of blue!
  17. Iridil

    03783: adventure kids

    Really like how you're doing these little ones, there is something whimsical yet packs some adventuring punch in how you've done the faces.
  18. Iridil

    The August September Mushrooms

    Once again wonderous fantastical mushrooms! Love the colors and great shading. For some reason my fav is the squat guy in the first pic - such a great face.
  19. Iridil

    77364: Angel of Shadows

    Nice - the gown, wings, and base are lovely and I like the orange contrast with the blue. You might want to add to the sword and take it up to the same level as the rest.
  20. Iridil

    Day Off Painting, Oathsworn and Stonehaven

    Like the raven in particular. Sleeping giant looks like he needs a blankie - very nice!
  21. Iridil

    WOC88361, Ogre Trooper

    Really like the blending with purple into the green skin.
  22. Iridil

    Wiz Kids Grey Slaad

    The skin looks nice and slick - like the pink, creepy winglets too.
  23. Iridil

    03760 : adventure kids

    Really nice and the color scheme works for her - she kind of has an Airbender Water tribe vibe (the cartoon, not movie)
  24. This is very cool! Love how it shows the various plans of each side playing out. So many details withing the whole.
  25. Iridil

    Female Tieflings - Wizkids/D&D

    Beautiful! The fabric is very lush and I like the blue skin rather than red.