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  1. Livesay

    60045: Alain, Iconic Cavalier

    Unfortunately I didn't notice until after I opened the mini that the morning star/flail didn't get cast correctly. He was a challenge and he's not perfect, but I still like this guy.
  2. I noticed this model bears striking resemblance to the wizard from my favorite childhood LEGO set. The scroll was done by a friend using a .25mm micron pen.
  3. I'm basically brand new to mini painting, but I have some artistic abilities. Unfortunately I don't have a camera or miniature photo taking set up, but here are some phone pictures from what I've done so far. The first two minis (first picture) I did some months ago. The rest I did in the last two weeks after buying the paints. You're so kind to have put together a comparison of the different sets. When you expanded by 60, how did you choose which colors you did? Was it just individual colors, or did you give thought to triads at the time? My thought is that as a new painter they would provide ready-made sets of colors for shades, bases, and highlights. They also wouldn't clash with each other.
  4. I recently purchased the Master Series Paints Starter Set which comes with 13 paints. MSP core: 9028 Muddy Brown, 9044 Tanned Skin, 9039 Pure White, 9089 Cloudy Grey MSP HD: 29811 Turf Green, 29819 Twilight Purple, 29809 Pale Saffron, 29843 Solid Black MSP Bones: 9402 Heraldic Red, 9418 Oceanic Blue, 9435 Skeleton Bone, 9450 Dragon Gold, 9452 Blade Steel Now that I've tried out painting on some bones and decided I like it, I'm thinking of expanding the number of paints I have. The carrying case holds 36 paints, which seems like a natural first expansion for someone not wanting to buy a set of 54 or one of the other paint sets (which offering limited range of colors). So I have 23 new colors to choose. It makes most sense to me to fill out the colors I already have with their associate triads. However, only four of my paints were core paints. What makes more sense, buying complete triads even though I might already have an HD or bones paint in a similar color, or substituting the HD and bones paint I do have in a triad? Any advice on what colors I should add? I already know I want to get another brown or two (there's so many different leather items on figures) and a lighter flesh tone as well. How did you decide to expand your colors, and what colors did you choose and why?