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  1. ChanSeal

    2021 Tara the Silent

    I like your prose. Thanks to everyone for their comps.
  2. ChanSeal

    2021 Tara the Silent

    Dug up an old mini by Sandra Garrity, which, according to my database, I bought over 10 years ago. I don’t know which is sadder, that I actually made a database of my unpainted minis or that I still have 188 unpainted ones (and these are just the Reaper ones!). Wanted to give her a roguishly, confident face and I’m pleased with how it turned out. As for her clothes, after reading Rhonda Bender’s articles, I think I need more contrast. Base made from air-dry clay. Thanks for looking.
  3. ChanSeal

    60026 The Scribbler

    This was an impulse buy for me 'cause I don't play Pathfinder, but the Reaper range has a lot of really cool mini's. From what I understand, the Scribbler is an incarnation or possessed by an ancient evil God, so I gave him some "psycho" eyes (ie Iris only touching the lower part of the eyeball). Tried to make a desert base, but put far too much grass on it. Thanks for looking.
  4. My normal "pallet" is just Yogurt caps. The first one surprised me a bit when it came off, but it looked cool, so I thought I'd see how long it would take to peel off by painting the date (in reverse) on the cap. So a little more than 4 years! Cracks started appearing about 8 months before it came off.
  5. ChanSeal

    Hasslefree Brooke

    Sure, the gang's already here. Painted circa 2013-14. L-R, River, Book, Simon, Mal, Jayne, Kaylee and Zoe. Wrong ethnicity for Zoe cos I painted her before I decided to put a Firefly themed Pulp Alley gang together. I think she fits nicely though. "Zoe" is Ellen Paige from Bombshell. Other's are the "Tranquility" crew from "Blackwater Gulch" Western skirmish game.
  6. ChanSeal

    Hasslefree Brooke

    Shiny indeed. The fun part was getting two of my mates to say “Why is the coat so Shiny?”. Yeah I got a not-Firefly crew from a Weird West skirmish game and I re-purposed them for Pulp Alley. Mal is the Leader, Jayne and Zoe are shooters, Kaylee is a mechanic/Inventor, Book brings divine retribution to the unbelievers (ie he has a burst/area effect weapon), and Simon is a harmless geek who can shiftshape into a badass melee fighter River/Brook(e)
  7. ChanSeal

    Hasslefree Brooke

    Received my Hasslefree Kickstarter recently, and decided to paint one of them. Brooke was an add on to the pledge, but I painted her cause I wanted to add her to my not Firefly "Pulp Alley" gang because she reminds me of River Tam. First try at NMM for the Knife, and I'm pretty satisfied with the result. The sequined hoodie didn't turn out as I liked, maybe needs several more shades of green. Thanks for looking.
  8. ChanSeal

    2905 Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard

    Thanks to everyone for their comps. Firstly, let me clear something up, when I said after a “long break”, I meant long break from painting 28mm / Reaper miniatures. I was painting a LOT of 15mm armies (WW2 / Napoleonics / Ancients) instead. The techniques for 15mm are a bit different from 28’s but my brushwork is far from rusty (although my eyesight is probably shot ) . Sorry for the confusion. Funny, when I first started painting the Mage, the first bird that came to mind was a pigeon. I am planning to do a set of Rainbow Mages. Already done up 2114 Galladon as the Blue Mage, will have to check my lead mountain for the remaining 5. Wasn't planned that way, but now that you mention it, I quite agree.
  9. ChanSeal

    2905 Arthur Wanderhat, Wizard

    Been a lurker here for a while, this will be my first Figure. Painting Reaper figures again after a long break. Robes and hat painted using Reaper Red Hair Triad (9781) Skin painted using Reaper Golden Skin Triad (9731) topped off with a very dilute PPP skin wash. Thanks for looking.