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  1. perfectsix

    some tips please!

    Thank you will try that with the eyes
  2. perfectsix

    some tips please!

    Got arround to basing them this evening think it has helped a lot
  3. perfectsix

    some tips please!

    Ordered series 33 ros&co 4 sizes looking forward to trying these
  4. perfectsix

    some tips please!

    Thanks guys will have a look at those brushes tbh I haven’t found the army painter that good,
  5. perfectsix

    some tips please!

    im currently using a mix of brushes a small GW layer brush, army painter insane,character and regiment brush, and an army painter masterclass brush , only two of these are giving me the tip i want. my paints are a mix as well, vallejo model colour, games workshop base/layer paints and some army painter washes, finding the new GW paints have a very high sheen which i not keen on. i have just picked up flow improver something i haven't used for so many years. i was at a good standard 5-6 years ago see pic below, but im struggling now i think this may be down to years of commission painting 6mm figures which requires speed and very strong highlighting. haven't done the bases yet not really sure how i want them. any ideas
  6. perfectsix

    some tips please!

    hi all i have been out of practice of painting 28mm scale for a number of years in this time i have been working on 6mm painting and sculpting , im am now releasing some 28mm miniatures and want to paint all my own figures, see the pic below, im not overly happy with these although some parts i think worked well, but im really struggling with eyes. any tips here would be greatly received. have had to re-learn pretty much everything from scratch from thinning paints to highlighting layering, 6mm requires little of this. thank you for any tips in advance
  7. perfectsix

    Maidens of the dragon, 28mm quality pewter miniatures

    hi all just joined this forum, thank you for all the support on the current kick starter, it has gone really well for us and we still have 13 days to go. we have started production and expect to fulfill all pledges as soon as the KS is finished and payment received. we have also received our logo engraved bases, which can also be used as markers in rpg games. richard