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  1. Rigel

    Vacaroja's 2018 Wrap-Up

    Gorgeous work, and lots of it! Love your paintings. Who are those first three fellas, with the feathers and grass leggings? Think I joined the forums after they got posted, and I really like them.
  2. Rigel

    Adventuring Alice

    Big hair looks good; concur that elbow-length will probably look pretty nice and still allow the skirt details to be seen.
  3. Rigel

    Oathsworn Mole Seeress

    AWW YESSSS. I love me some mole minis; there's just something right about those shovel paws and whiffly noses. Excellent work on a lovely sculpt--and at speed, too!
  4. That touch with the shadows is genius. I'm particularly a fan of that kneeling two-pistol Space Dwarf lady, the RAFM ladies, Susan, and the Drowned Spirit. Like the cultists, too--you don't see too many evil cultists in red and yellow. A refreshing change from purples and blacks and greens. I'm working (s l o w l y) on that Stonehaven mechanorc myself! Great job on the patina.
  5. Rigel

    Johan Rumbleguts, Reaper Miniatures

    Wonderful twinkling eyes! Good job on this fella.
  6. Yyyesss! I think it was one of my Miskatonic University posts... will hunt it down. So glad this is happening! EDIT: mentioned in Misk Faculty Lounge WIP. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82546-miskatonic-faculty-lounge-terraincrate/&page=2
  7. Thank you! Yes, personal hygiene is a lungbreather concern...when you have a glorious destiny as an undying fishman, it's easy to forget the little things.
  8. Rigel

    50029: British Colonial Riflemen again!

    I love it! Always listen to Jenkins. Dismissing things in pulp situations as cowardice / superstition is a surefire way to get a swift lesson. Nailed the accent! Thank you.
  9. Rigel

    Sparrow paints a Frost Giant Queen

    ^ Now that's some good problem-solving. Art isn't perfect? Fix it with more art! Giant is looking great.
  10. Thank you! Sometimes the brushes actually do what I want them to... Thanks! I enjoy painting feathers, and I need to get my hands on that new Savanna Ranger. He'd be a good counterpart for Princess Nehanda. http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82320-02824-nehanda-princess/&tab=comments#comment-1746381
  11. Rigel

    Artizan Thrilling Tales: Doctor Limpopo

    Oh, you WISH he did voodoo. You can get another witch doctor to undo curses or make countercharms. No, if you bother him, he will invite himself over to your grandmother's house for tea and drop hints to her and your aunts that you are Not Respecting Your Elders Properly. Being cursed by dark ensorcellments is the preferable option. Thank you! Artizan is good at coming up with evocative sculpts and faces.
  12. Rigel

    Doctor Banjo, or Even Further Hubris

    Thank you and good thinking! Such a jowly beast. Full disclosure, I have *no idea* what I'm doing. I was vaguely imagining sculpting the head freehand, but a clamped wire armature or a large-headed sewing pin is manifestly the smarter option now that you bring it up. I even have a pin vice for that purpose!
  13. Julie Guthrie knows how to sculpt 'em! I love the twisted locks of hair on this lady, who meets the decency standards of the forum by fractions of a millimeter. And while we're on a kick of well-built tropical adventurers with a healthy disdain for pants, here's Todd Harris's Jaatu. An excellent sculpt in the grand Imaro fashion, with dragon/crocodile armor and an axe that you KNOW does more than just hack at things. Axes with faces are not to be trifled with. Both of these are perfect for the Chultan-set Tomb of Annihiliation, which I'm running currently.
  14. An elaborate sculpt, overflowing with detail in the Pathfinder fashion. (I swear, at least one of their artists must have a Thing for buckles and straps). Jigeke here has an excellent mask and a very long spear, a diverse collection of severed hands and paws, and a patchwork kilt of many kinds of hide. I know there's zebra and giraffe in there, and leopard as well. It's Robert E. Howard's birthday today, and without him we probably wouldn't have the Barbarian class as a thing (see: Conan the), or Serpent-folk as insidious infiltrators (see: Kull), or puritan monster-hunters (see: Solomon Kane) as pulp/fantasy tropes. So it seems good to commemorate him with a guy who could be a good stand-in for N'Longa, Kane's sorcerous blood-brother and recurring ally.
  15. Can't make Deep One hybrids without Deep Ones; that just stands to reason. Got these fishy Bones fellas before the Bones Deep Ones came out. Probably overdid the metallics, and will probably do so again. 77215, Eregris Darkfathom I painted up first; did not notice it's a cultist in a fish suit; thought the face was part of the mouth. I do like the flowing robes and the coral scabbard. 77187, the Tiik Champion, is a delight. Huge and hunched-over, with a Dunkleosteus profile, truly a terrifying beast from an elder era. 77186, the Tiik Warrior, I'm pretty pleased with. 77212, the Baron, I should probably revisit and put some shiny razzamatazz on his fins one of these days. There's one more fishy friend I need to post, but for reasons probably more aesthetic than biological, she is NSFW and will need to be linked.