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  1. Rigel

    07010: Adrasteia Winterthorn

    Opulent freehand on that cloak, and I like the rush-strewn base!
  2. Rigel

    DSM8111, Birman Cat Bard

    Amazing, from the eyes to the beer foam to the bright clothes!
  3. Rigel

    03823: Day of the Dead Duchess

    Lovely and well-executed!
  4. More planetary explorers! Hydra's Jane Hunter x2 and Galacteer Trooper Advancing with Atomic Bazooka. I picked up a Reaper Futuristic Weapons pack (50025) and didn't know what to do with it for the longest time. But then the Muse slapped me in the head, saying FLAMETHROWER SPACE LADY. How wise the Muse is. Presenting "Torch" Marigold of the Galacteers. You need a seam welded or a bug-eyed monstrosity turned to ash, she is on the job! Also presenting Corporal Hernandez, heavy weapons specialist. Space is big. Sometimes it contains big problems. Sometimes those big problems require big solutions. That's the good Corporal's time to shine. With the brightness of a thousand suns. I love this sculpt so much. And here is Lieutenant Yang, xenthropologist and exodiplomat extraordinaire.This is the unmodified 'Jane Hunter' model. This spaceship is an even larger plastic egg with fins made from wooden dolphin cutouts and engines made from multiple types of fruit-paste-pouch caps. Why do I have so many of those caps? Children/nieces/nephews are the gift that keeps giving. Until next time, cadets!
  5. Thanks, all! The perfect intersection of Tex Avery and Gene Roddenberry. Thank you! RETRO-VENUS is an incredibly dynamic planet; almost everything is either fungal, psychoactive, infectious, poisonous, venomous, symbiotic, addictive, or carnivorous--and usually several of the above. Niiiiice! I've never played Space: 1889, but rot and decay *is* an ever-present issue (it grants Venerians in my game penalties to technology use rolls; the tape reels get coated in mold spores). In game, they mostly a combination of gold-plated hoversleds and general Beast Mastery for transport. Yes! It started when my Pulp Cthulhu players got accidentally time/spacewarped to the Red Planet of a billion years ago (long, dumb, weird story). They proceeded to turn those space-lemons into cosmic lemonade by becoming the PIMP-LORDS OF MARS (longer, dumber, weirder story). [They also, with no guidance on my part, inadvertently set up the events of Wells' "War of the Worlds" and set up a closed causal loop that seeded Earth with life. And imported shoggoths to Mars.] Since becoming a PIMP-LORD OF MARS is as close to 'winning' Call of Cthulhu as a hobo, a pimp, a butler, and a drunken physicist are likely to get, I ended that campaign and started a new one in the spacefuture of that same universe. Oh my, do we have stories. Long, dumb, weird ones. We'd be honored to have you over!
  6. Rigel

    SPACEFUTURE: Hydra Galacteers, part 1

    Thanks, all! He's adorable! You like space apes? Buckle up, for SPACE APES YOU SHALL GET! Matt Beauchamp and his people do good work. And the other Galacteers are just as boldly colored; we're not even halfway through the spectrum yet! Then I have succeeded in my mission! Not too hard to build, either. Yes INDEED you may be sure I am interested in this!! Thank you for sharing! Bookmarked the page for future reference and will read through the ATOMIC HERO rules ASAP.
  7. Rigel

    Polar Bear Warrior - Dark Sword Minis

    Utterly brilliant, especially the ivory and whalebone effects!
  8. Rigel

    #60002 Ezren, Iconic Male Human Wizard

    Great flame effects, but I particularly want to commend those arcane parchment coattail/scrolls! Lovely color and freehand 'writing' on those.
  9. Rigel

    Gaslands - The Principal

  10. Rigel

    My Daughter’s Mini’s (7 years old)

    She's better than I was at her age, that's for sure! Good use of metallics, too.
  11. Good call! That is a WizKids desk and chair I bought at the same time; it's painted up in this thread: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/82546-miskatonic-faculty-lounge-terraincrate/&page=2 I still haven't done the chair; it;s on the to-do list. I'll flatter myself that you don't mean as a cautionary tale of Horrible Mistakes to Avoid! But either way, after painting the dark metal layer, I got together a few old brushes of different sizes that were no longer useful for fine detail. You know the kind--old frayed brushes with bristles skewed every which way. Small sponges would probably also work. I took the largest and ugliest of these and used it to slather some Citadel Typhus Corrosion on large areas of the cage and cart. Dabbing, blotching, and semi-drybrushing. That's a very gritty paint, so it adds texture aplenty. When that had mostly dried, I took some Citadel Doombull Brown on a slightly smaller brush and stippled it haphazardly on the areas that had gotten Typhus Corrosion. Not aiming for complete coverage; patchy and random is the desired effect here. Anywhere around 70% coverage of the Typhus area should work. I then got some TheArmyPainter Dry Rust and wet-blended it (again, patchily and half-assedly) with the Doombull Brown, again with incomplete coverage. Repeated the process with pure Dry Rust once that layer had dried--this time only on the orangest areas of the wet-blended brown/rust patches. Just a few touches with a small and crappy brush. Last step is to use the smallest crappy brush to dab tiny tiny little patches of mostly-dry school-bus yellow (Citadel Yriel?) on the orangest parts of the Dry Rust patches. Not a problem if you miss the target slightly; indeed, irregularity and randomness is good. The goal is smaller and smaller irregular areas of increasingly bright matte layers. You can use more intermediate shades for better results, and dial the coverage of each successive layer up or down to suit your needs. Here's where I learned the technique: http://carmensminiaturepainting.blogspot.com/2013/03/painting-rust-quick-and-dirty.html Hooray rust and grime! Adds so much character. ...Come to think of it, this technique would probably also be good for putting crustose lichen on rock formations, using a palette ranging from grey to sage-green to chartreuse.
  12. The two of you are making a formidable team! Excellent start.
  13. Rigel

    Repainting a Papo Rex

    Lovely work!
  14. Hydra's Retro Raygun line is delightful. I've finally managed to get a couple of shots where the light is adequate to do them and their jetpacks and spacesuits justice. Meet Dr. Zahn, Chief Science Officer. He's not the fittest or youngest of the Galacteers, but a genius intellect and a life of broad-based learning can more than justify a broad-based spacesuit. And here is the Chief of Security, Sergeant Macklin. He looks like his springs are wound a bit too tight. SPACE MADNESS is always a risk on these excursions, especially with a dangerous job like his. The Redshirt Blues are a known issue. Next, here's Comet! An uplifted chimpanzee, Comet knows more spaceship engineering than most humans. After all, Comet was designed for the job, and wefumblefeet have to make do with studying. (I think my favorite detail is the foot-gloves. Genius and adorable.) Comet would never mutiny and side with other Space Apes in a waste-flinging rebellion, overthrowing his human pals for primate self-governance, so let's forget the subject even came up. Just put that thought out of your head, mister! Nope, not something to worry about at all. The landing craft is a wooden egg with some bird cutouts mutilated into fins, an applesauce-pack-cap jet, and some goggle-vent retrothrusters. Until next time, cadets!
  15. Venus, as we all know, is a boiling toxic hell of molten metal and sulfurous rains. But in our grandparents' day and the day of *their* parents, it was a mysterious swamp/rainforest of impossible lushness and growth, a primordial and fecund Ur-Jungle of perpetual rot and growth. So it is in my Spacefuture games. Nolzur's makes a Displacer Beast, which iconic D&D monster was inspired by van Vogt's Coeurl (from the "Voyage of the Space-Beagle"). It seemed fitting to paint it up as a SPACE PANTHER! taking patterning cues evenly from tigers and blue-ringed octopodes. Here is a Hydra Valkeeri trooper with a disruptor rifle. They are a broad-shouldered, statuesque people, and I've painted them as photosynthetic. Which is the more dangerous game? Who the hunted, and who the hunter? Or do they hunt together, pursuing that floundering interloper upon their planet--MAN? (Yes, it's that one; that's what they are hunting.)