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  1. planetmut

    not a Hill Troll (02421)

    Great job on the figure but especially on the jacket logo!
  2. planetmut

    Efreeti - 03322

  3. planetmut

    Scourge Devil (03527)

    That is just excellent. Nice one.
  4. Preferring to bombard their enemies from afar, Ratstartes of the Iris Warriors specialize in heavy weaponry. For example, Battle-Brother Hardcheese, pictured, carries weaponry so heavy that not only can his power armour barely hold the weight, he's also in danger of blowing himself up if he fires either one of his Devilsgulch missile launchers. Like many of the IV Legion, his armour is decorated with black and yellow chevrons, although his artificer hasn't quite got the hang of them yet. Hardcheese is also armed with a pistol in case the enemy gets within 500 feet and an implement he found in his kitchen junk drawer. The Iris Warriors' primarch, Pecorino, is currently loyal but as his BFF is Fulgreve it's only a matter of time before he turns to Chaource. (I'd photographed Brother Hardcheese and attached the images to this post before realising I'd painted an X on his chest and launchers instead of IV. Yes, I'd got the Iron Warriors and Iron Hands mixed up. Damn you, GW!)
  5. planetmut

    60205: Barzillai Thrune (An OSL Study)

    Very nicely done
  6. planetmut

    89003: Pathfinder Goblin Warriors, sort of

    I just looked up the figures on Reaper's site. That's a hell of a good conversion job you did on Kev and his mates.
  7. planetmut

    77592 - Frost Giant Queen

  8. planetmut

    89003: Pathfinder Goblin Warriors, sort of

    Looking at the one on the left — who I've decided to name Kev — I can imagine him doing more damage with that hockey stick than the other three combined
  9. planetmut

    Adeptus Ratstartes Legion VIII: Niolo Lords

    I have two more Adeptus Ratstartes to paint — the commander and the heavy weapons guy. Still deciding on which legions to do them in
  10. planetmut

    Bombshell Miniatures 10014 -- Victoriana with plaid hat

    I'm in awe of that brushwork. Just fantastic.
  11. planetmut

    Gargoyle (Reaper 2040)

    I think the column looks good — it adds a strong break between the green gargoyle and the green grass. Nice work!
  12. With their pale skin, black eyes and habit of using the skulls of their enemies as fondue bowls, the Niolo Lords are infamous for spreading terror across the galaxy simply by showing up and broadcasting images of their Grater Companies flaying the rind from unpasteurized Stilton. Many Niolo Lords adorn their warplate with lightning bolts, although the artificer responsible for this Ratstarte's armour is probably a candidate for the skinning pits. Their unstable primarch, Konrad Curds, the Night Havilah, is plagued by visions of being killed by a vegan assassin. (I've just noticed that I completely forgot to drybrush his bolter. Duh.)
  13. planetmut

    Old Barbarian from Black Sun Miniatures

    Superb work.
  14. planetmut

    Angry Bear

    Love it!
  15. planetmut


    Just fantastic. Well done :-)