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  1. Wow sorry to have derailed from the main topic! Baby is just 9 weeks old so still absorbing all the spare time, and not liking to sleep unless in our arms. Bjorn/sling work very well but I don't think I could paint with that on - I am clumsy and would probably spill some paint on the little one!! With time, I am sure there will be chances to keep the hobby going! I even thought about taking a small kit to the office and paint in my lunch break
  2. So good to see so many great last minute entries. I've very new to Reaper and this forum but I hope to be able to contribute more in the future, since I haven't been very active lately (wife said no more hobby time now that we have a baby daughter to take care of!) Well done everyone, happy New Year and thanks Pochi for running the show!
  3. lukimuki

    Storm Raptor, Circle Orboros Gargantuan

    truly amazing! it's not just the quality but also the amount of work that went into this and the patience needed to do what looks like maybe 200 feathers?
  4. lukimuki

    Gargoyle (Reaper 2040)

    really like the lighting - great use of just a few colours!
  5. Captain in Terminator Armour - colour scheme copied from the product page itself! Green highlights on the "leaves" got a bit dull with varnish... Fingers not included
  6. lukimuki

    77025, Giant Spider

    those eyes, they are following me!! really cool piece of work!
  7. lukimuki

    77177 Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon (diorama)

    thanks for the nice words!! Unfortunately I'm based across the pond so Reapercon is not an option No need to worry! I agree with you, compliments are great of course but not everyone likes things the same way and I'm with you - there is always room for improvement in any case. I'm actually relieved that your feedback about what could be better was exactly what I wasn't too happy about, either - it meant I wasn't too wrong! also, nice stories you shared!
  8. lukimuki

    Don't Drink and Delve

    I've been following your WIP thread just before joining the forum - amazing to see how you've came to the final result, it's really a great piece!
  9. lukimuki

    ReaperCon 2018 Sophie

    this is art!
  10. lukimuki

    Dark Sword Female Steampunk Guinea Pig

    I really love the paintjob on the barrel of the rifle. It really makes it stand out, but overall a fantastic piece
  11. lukimuki

    77177 Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon (diorama)

    spot on. Initially I didn't think I'd include other minis, but they became necessary to tell a story as a diorama - and so instead of adapting the scenery, I went for minis that are dwarfed by gauges and levers. Something to treasure for the next project! You're way over-estimating my limited skills your suggestion about scavenging other stuff such as fighter planes is really good, I shall keep that in mind! I'm very much looking forward to see your Wyrmgear, I'm sure it will be grand - it sounds like you, like myself, are the most ferocious critic of your own work!
  12. lukimuki

    77015, Bugbear Warrior

    amazing job! the mace is bloody exactly where you'd expect it to be after a vicious swing...
  13. lukimuki

    Gnome bard

    amazing work on the parchment scroll, what brush did you use for the writing?
  14. lukimuki

    77177 Wyrmgear, Clockwork Dragon (diorama)

    A little behind the scenes: Firstly, I removed the lock to let the wires go through the key hole. I've used bits that can be found in every plumbers/hardware store such as copper pipes and joints, together with washers as shown here. the top lid opens (where letters would have kept) so I have the main wires and batteries lodged there, going through the pipe as in the picture and then down inside the drawer where I later added all the further wiring for the 4 leds: Here is a look at the wire madness - I've put them in parallel with two 1.5V batteries: some other materials used are retro switches to simulate levers, and old resistors; the nuts are topped with a stud each. the "base" is a vintage brass trivet, then I got a load of tube valves off ebay for just a fiver - you can easily scrub any branding fro the glass of the valves with a knife.