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  1. Zanderina

    Painter vs Painter: Household edition

    Some updated pics, sorry for crappy cell phone pics... Mostly it's touch ups and base to do.
  2. Zanderina

    Painter vs Painter: Household edition

    So I was able to get a little bit done... need to work on my OSL as well, this is like my third attempt. But so far, I think she is coming along nicely. Need to decide on her basing as well. Grass, sand, or who knows. Happy Saturday all! -Z
  3. Zanderina

    Painter vs Painter: Household edition

    Thank you! I don't spend much time on here, but I do post a lot on the Reaper Facebook page. This is will definitely be a fun challenge. -Z
  4. Zanderina

    Painter vs Painter: Household edition

    My progress today. Longways to go. Trying some things I haven't done before. White is not my forte at all.
  5. Zanderina

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    So... I started one of my entries for 2019 tonight.... so excited and nervous as this project is gonna take a few months to complete. Also lot of out of my comfort zone work... Are we allowed to post pictures of these projects on media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc? Thank you in advance! - Zanderina
  6. Yes like @Echoside_ said that is very close to what we gave been searching for. Also something kind of woodenesque version would be neat.
  7. One thing we seem to have a hard time finding... Warforged style minis. Also, maybe a female halfling wizard as most have weapons instead of a spell effect in their hands.
  8. Zanderina

    So... who's ready for ReaperCon 2019?

    Excited and going to request the time off ASAP! (Next Tuesday is when I can I think as I am starting a new job. Squee!) Excited to start getting entries ready too, wish I would of entered this year! -Zanderina
  9. Zanderina

    Hobby Hijinks Events Post Con Thoughts

    Hello! Finally got my registration for forums! Yay! First of all, Reapercon was a blast!! The hobby hijinks were a great way to interact with others and have fun while doing so! I participated in all but faction fun and quick conversation and speed paint (the last super long one). The biggest thing is giving time to reset between activitues and for Ludo, OneBoot to have time to rest as well. Maybe one less activity per day in order to allow time in between? This I think would help give more time to clear and set up. Also more volunteers to help clean up/ set up for next event. I agree with the placing of tables in a way so they are separated from the open painting, yet spaced out. I know room might be an issue and such, so we will have to see when the time comes. I cannot wait for next year! Great job all! -Zanderina