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  1. Hack Mini Painter

    Favored paint handle putty

    I previously used wine corks with a large coin glued to the bottom to add weight and flare the base (Canadian $2 coins are good for this). Then in the top I cut a slit and shoved the metal tab in the slit, then with a pin vise I drilled a hole through the cork and feed wire through the hole. The wire goes up and over the metal tab between the legs before being taped down to the cork (or twist-tie it together), tightening the wire drives the mini down even more into the cork. Now I just use sticky tack and larger flat objects like the brush cleaner jar lid.... H
  2. Hack Mini Painter

    10 Rookie Tips... From a Rookie

    Thanks for the compliment and input. I wasn't trying to specifically show WIP, more the brush soap, he just happened to be stuck to it.... ;) H
  3. Hack Mini Painter

    10 Rookie Tips... From a Rookie

    Yup, I've considered it, and I sort of apply it. I'm pretty crap at freehand (right now all I can do are stripes, it's a start, https://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2018/10/goblin-broome.html), but I do put paints sided by side on paper to look at dried color combinations. Putting them "on ice" isn't necessary, I prefer trying things out on pseudo-practice models, (when painting squads I do the heroes last, be they sergeants, librarians, catchers, or just awesome heroes). That said I'm still sitting on a few... which I hope to get done this year. By way of example, when I first saw the following Reaper mins (14324: Herryk Aesir, Dwarf Warlord ), I knew I had to paint him, but at the same time I also saw (14039: Ivar, Dwarf Priest), which I also really liked. In the end I liked Herryk more, so I painted Ivar first, just to see what would happen if his cloak was green. In the end Ivar was green and Herryk (WIP) was purple. Although not depicted well Ivar has an NMM anvil but with metallic for his armor, while Herryk I went all metallic (I probably broke some "rule" by mixing NMM and metallic in on e figure, but I was/am still getting the hang of NMM and it wasn't the focus for this project). The Webs are full of inspiration including Reaper's own "inspiration gallery". I use all the reference material I can find when I have an idea in mind that I want to try, or to see some color combinations. I also find that since it's resurrection, (if you will) White Dwarf, can be an awesome resource. It is by far the largest monthly source of high quality photos (that you can flip through), that I know of. Sometimes I buy, sometimes I just browse. H P.S. I'll show the front of Herryk when he's done. ;)
  4. Hack Mini Painter

    10 Rookie Tips... From a Rookie

    Apologies for the slow reply, I was working all weekend. I'm a huge fan of "professional" brush cleaner. I use the B & J "The Masters" Brush Cleaner. I use it liberally, and often. It makes an absolute mess of your "wash" pot, and I don't like introducing this material (full of surfactant/"soap") to my paints when I want to thin them. Also, like all the others said, metallic paint (which I really enjoy) add lots of little flecks, so this and the soap tend to take care of that. Hope this helps. H P.S. Don't mind the WIP. Maybe I should add "sticky tack" to the list... lol
  5. Hack Mini Painter

    10 Rookie Tips... From a Rookie

    I wasn't really suggesting that people should be hoarding minis. But sometimes I'll put aside a mini that I really like, and think about it a bit more, and consider things like color and technique. Then, once I decide what I'm going to do I try out said technique or color scheme on another piece to see how it looks. If I like the scheme, or if I think I pulled off the blends that I need then I'll go for it! Generally I like to tell myself that if I did it once I can do it again. :) This is what I was going for. Sometimes a little more planning or practice is required. But you are 100% right, don't buy minis you're not into. You'll never care enough and it's not a job (for most of us). :D Painting minis you dig will keep you pumped.
  6. Hack Mini Painter

    10 Rookie Tips... From a Rookie

    That's what I was getting at with tip 1. Pick a part like the goggles, or a cape, or sword and go for it with all your might, then finish up the rest.
  7. Hack Mini Painter

    10 Rookie Tips... From a Rookie

    Hi All, I'm a rookie, and this is not a "HOW TO". Now that we've got that out of the way, I thought I'd share some things I've learned over the last couple (2) of years. Yes there are more experienced people out there, yest I'm sure they're full of wisdom, and yes I read what they say (the webs are an awesome resource) BUT, sometime it's hard to remember where you started (anyone who's ever tried to hire someone will know what I'm talking about). I just got back into things after 20+ years away, so I thought I might share some thoughts (the world of painting has changed a lot). I'm sure this kind of thing has been done before, take it or leave it, it's the internet, everyone's got a soapbox... In no particular order: 1. Aim low, and meet your expectations. This sounds bad, but really, if you're a rookie you gotta keep your expectations in line. The webs are full of truly epic painters, you're not going to hit it out of the park on the first try. If you use the web as your benchmark, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. This doesn't mean don't try, just take smaller bites. For each mini pick ONE part, then try and crush it! Then crank out the rest of the mini in a reasonable amount of time so you can move on. By way of example I offer my IMEF guards , Exhibit 1: http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2017/01/in-beginning.html I really wanted to make the visors awesome, and I tried really hard, and they came out sort of just above brutal, YAY. The rest I just got done. One of my favorite lines is "Don't Miss good While Looking For Perfect" (DMGWLFP), everyone has their own "Good", the heck with what the others think. 2. Paint squads! Practice makes perfect. Perfect is a strong word, but you know what I mean. Painting a whole whack of marines is hard, but by the end the last will probably look better than the first (TAKE NOTES). If you do them one at a time you can see what worked and what didn't and then adjust accordingly. Exhibit 2: see if you can figure out first from last without going to older pages (the photo is poor, but I can tell). http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2017/04/space-hulk-blood-angels-painting-guide.html 3. This follows from the last sentence above. YOU, will always see all the errors that YOU think you made! It's good to be aware of your mistakes, but just as importantly, if you get criticism from someone, positive or negative (take a breather to get emotions out of the way) really try and see it from their point of view. They might just be on to something. That said, I don't recommend going back into "finished pieces", because unless you've got a wall of trophies, nothing is ever finished. Take the points (good/bad) and try and incorporate them in a later mini. 4. Celebrate the wins! Exhibit 3: http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2017/02/slaughterpriest-hakblade-and-wrath.html When more than one thing meets your expectations, have a party. Put that little guy on display proudly, and show it off. I'm STILL stoked about this guy. 5. Sometimes try to paint fast. Painting fast is easy, painting fast and not making a total mess is HARD. Doing hard stuff makes you better (or it crushes your soul). Exhibit 4: I was going home for the winter break and my bro was bringing his Skaven team. I had to have the Dwarfs ready. Painting for table top is a GREAT way to work on your basics. Keep the paint "in the lines", push those highlights and shadows, and some might even end up not terrible. Exhibit 4: http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2018/01/blood-bowl-dwarf-team.html 6. Try all kinds of stuff. Out of vogue stuff, stupid stuff, whatever. Try mixing metallic paints with other metallic paints and see what happens. Try mixing metallic paints with colors. See if you can seamlessly blend orange into blue (if that works out start at red and go through the whole rainbow, ROYGBIV). The list goes on and on... Experiments are just that, EXPERIMENTS! They don't always work out. Nothing can make you want to soil your pants like trying to add dirt and grime on top of what YOU think is an epic job. Exhibit 5: http://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2018/07/dirt.html (I tried to add dirt to, what I thought were awesome, home made cobble stones). 7. Get a good brush. Given the number of hours you're going to devote to staring at little blobs of metal a $20-30 or more, (100% sable is what you want in size 1-4, all the rest are garbage), brush ends up being super cheap. Furthermore, a good brush will last through 10s of more minis than a crap one. In my experience the GW brushes are not totally garbage, but for 3-4 times the price you can get something that lasts 10x longer, and is all around better. When I got a good brush EVERYTHING changed. I literally had to readjust my style and expectations. 8. Thin your paint, use less paint on the brush, and clean your brush often (with artist rush cleaner)! If your paint is thicker than cream, you're waaaaayyy off. If your brush has paint up to the metal bit, you're waaaaayyy off. If you only have 1 "rinse" pot, you're waaaaayyy off. 9. Save stuff for later. I have a whole whack of mins I'm saving for "later". Only you will know when "later" is, but don't be afraid to put guys on ice while you hone your skills. 10. Study your surroundings. Seriously, really try and look at stuff, possibly like you've never done before, just stare at things, just like some kind of stoner on the subway. Stare at faces (staring at actual people just makes you weird, use photos), check out chrome bumpers on old cars (or use silverware/rings etc. for NMM inspiration), look at ads (this is especially stupid sounding but magazine ads are edited by pro photographers/editors/makeup artists/etc), check out the color use on faces and eyes and look at the composition (car ads for SUVs are great for studying terrain. the car always "fits" in with the terrain, and the terrain doesn't take away from the surroundings). I'll stop there, and I'll finish by reiterating how started. I'm a rookie and this is what I've been doing (trying to do), and by looking at my work (through MY eye's), things are getting better. If you find anything here that resonates, great! If you think I'm full of it, great! Remember, DMGWLFP (see 1). Cheers, H
  8. Hack Mini Painter

    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/272456130/talon-games-cav-strike-ops-iii?ref=nav_search&result=project&term=talon games
  9. Hack Mini Painter

    Brood Lord (input requested)

    After some actual testing (thanks TGP), I went with metallic black and an over glaze of purple. This really added a more natural tone, to what was getting a bit too metallic. Now they look like they could pierce Ceramite... HMP
  10. Hack Mini Painter

    77592: Frost Giant Queen WIP

    Cool. I'm interested to see what happens and follow along. I've never tried two brush blending, but the results (yours and others) speak for themselves. Cheers, HMP
  11. Hack Mini Painter

    Brood Lord (input requested)

    Gray was my first attempt! lol. I didn't get the pop I was looking for, particularly with the skulls under the feet. Thanks, HMP
  12. Hack Mini Painter

    Brood Lord (input requested)

    YES! This is exactly what I was thinking of going for with the claws. Right now I was more "traditional" with the black/brown/black thing, but with the purple blood and all, I thought that maybe there should be similar hues in the claws, while finishing them in a way that really plays to their hardness. If the color stays close to black/purple at the tips, with some metallic underlay and then gaze over very carefully... As for the tongue, right now it actually transitions from back - purple - pink before hitting white (not well captured in the current photograph/light), it might be the best piece of blending I've ever done and I'm very reluctant to touch it. After all I don't want to miss good while looking for perfect (as my painting motto goes). I could come down the center line, oh so carefully... maybe in a no coffee morning. Thanks for the input, HMP
  13. Hack Mini Painter

    Brood Lord (input requested)

    Hi Gang, Normally I would ask my brother for input, but we are each painting the same mini and not revealing them to each other until we're done. I'm curious mostly about the claws, color choice and potentially doing a purple tint. Thoughts? Any other comments or areas that people think need work feel free to chime in. Parts that are not yet completed are most of the "vent" things on the arms and legs so ignore that, and the skulls at the base need work too, and the stuff in his hands, and some of the hand and elbow skin transitions... to name but a few. Thanks in advance, HMP
  14. Hack Mini Painter

    Desk Lamp?

    I actually just picked up a new desk lamp from HD. I posted about it in my blog. Cheap, and with a 5000K "daylight" 100W equivalent LED it does the job. I think it was $20 and the bulb was $10. Base is nice and stable, adjustable, the dimensions are on the box (see link). https://hackminipainter.blogspot.com/2018/08/let-there-be-light.html
  15. Hack Mini Painter

    Ragnaros, Evil Warrior 03374 head swap

    Thanks for the great perspective! I think the mask idea is super cool, something I'm going to have to seriously consider (implementation could be a challenge, maybe if it's not done up as bone...). The goblin heads are almost the same size, yet their figure is much smaller (actually Grots), BUT GW is known, (or so I'm told), for having relatively larger heads so they can try and capture more expression. Thanks again for the input.