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  1. Celianailo

    Jungle Titan

    Don't know what he was intended for but he worked pretty well for "the king of feathers" in tomb of anhiliation
  2. Celianailo

    Happy Birthday Ladystorm !

    Happy birthday! :)
  3. Celianailo

    Small Space Gaming and Hobbying

    The pics are just my workshop. I have a livingroom where I set up a 6' folding table when I want to play games. Costco has pretty good quality folding tables that fold in 1/2 again and chairs that are pretty solid and nice but also fold up. Roommate isn't a gamer which is why I hide my workshop in my room.
  4. Celianailo

    Small Space Gaming and Hobbying

    Steps are storage (I use those for blankets and similar). Bunch of pics below, I keep saying I'm going to clean up the place and take a photo shoot but life gets in the way.
  5. Celianailo

    Welcome, new forum friends!

    Almost home now and I'm glad we took that journey, would have been difficult to pack otherwise.
  6. Celianailo

    Small Space Gaming and Hobbying

    Looks like you already figured some things out but figured I'd show how I've made it work in my little apartment with a roommate and 3 different creative pursuits. The biggest change came from lofting my (queen-size) bed. I'm short so this works fine for me. I found with that I could put 2 desks under my bed, 1 for painting, 1 for my computer. The other thing was embracing the kallax system from Ikea. These are a series of shelves of different sizes that have drawers and boxes and baskets that are made to go in them. I have 1 doe my cosplay and plan to get a second one for minis and related equipment. I found with the 8 foot ceilings I have I can put 6 high such as a 2x2 on top of a 2x4.
  7. Celianailo

    Welcome, new forum friends!

    Yay happy dance class! RC was awesome, and the formunites were super cool. Thanks for being open and welcoming :) now to figure out how to forum...
  8. This could be fun US based (near San Jose, CA) No international Not a starter
  9. Celianailo

    Home Sweet Home/Post Con Report

    Re: classes, this was my first ReaperCon and the first painting con in general, due to not knowing enough topics that I wanted I signed up for on to 4 classes before the con when I got there through talking to people I learned of other ones I should go to and ended up taking 7 total. That may by the best strategy for me for the next couple.