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  1. Cindy H

    Yeti Chieftain contest

    Thank you very much! As for the look of them, I've gotten everything from some kind of band (do-op to metal heads) to an aerobics class gone bad :)
  2. Cindy H

    14528: Rageblood Slayer

  3. Might as well add the one I did recently :) Showoff link:
  4. Cindy H

    Yeti Chieftain contest

    Here's my entry :) And an extra shot with his rowdy friends because who wants to get into trouble alone?
  5. Cindy H

    Kev!'s Bears Head - Female Bard

    Really like this one, nice job!
  6. Cindy H

    Grenadier Action Art: Thief Assassin

    How fun! Do you have the whole set?
  7. Cindy H

    Milk Maid Townsfolk

    Wonderful job on the shading! She's lovely :)
  8. Cindy H

    Countess Lyssia (Reaper 02551: Monique deNoir)

    Beautifully painted!
  9. Cindy H

    Fleshwalker (3d print)

    Wonderfully done!
  10. Cindy H

    Finished a whole lot of Ogres!

    LOL, I love shading tummies! I suspected it when I did the goblins, but this just enforced it :)
  11. Cindy H

    Finished a whole lot of Ogres!

    Thank you for the warm welcome :) This is such a different way of painting than I am used to. Having a really great time learning new techniques and just honing the old ones. I'm trying to follow the rule of paint a little every day, but I admit to taking two days off after finishing those guys. Back at it today though!
  12. Cindy H

    Finished a whole lot of Ogres!

    Thank you both! I had initially intended to make them pale, but this just seemed to work so I rolled with it.
  13. Cindy H

    Finished a whole lot of Ogres!

    Had a great time painting this sculpt and learned that I really enjoy shading tummies, lol. The Ogre guard is my favorite, love his expression.