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  1. Cindy H

    Bunnies, unicorns and leprechauns, oh my!

    Heh, I'll take it :) Thank you!
  2. Cindy H

    77516 - Dark Young

    I love this take on it!
  3. Cindy H

    The Flower Knight

    Fabulous job! That's a very detailed mini!
  4. These have been my weekend projects for this year so far. I finally sat down and based them up :) Nice to have them done. Zombicide Abominabunny, Zombicide Chromatiz, and Reaper Leprechaun.
  5. Cindy H

    Pathfinder battles gargantuan red dragon

    Looks great! The glow in the mouth is well done and I like the color you used on the spines.
  6. Cindy H

    Skeletal Minotaur

    Oh my gosh, thank you Redd Knekk! Wow. That's quite a compliment. Honestly, I am not a planner in most of my coloring. I knew I wanted red for the leather after I started getting closer to working on that part, just because of historical accuracy. And the leather on the arms couldn't be the ivory or light stuff or it wouldn't have shown up so I took it more into the orange tones. I am thrilled with how it came out, but mostly I feel like it was just a "happy accident" :D
  7. Cindy H

    Skeletal Minotaur

    @Glitterwolf thanks you! That is incredibly useful to me! I’m going to have to make a not for the next time I try it. Can’t thank you enough for posting that! I painted up two at the same time and I only tried it on the one I’m keeping. The one in this image will be moving soon.
  8. Cindy H

    Skeletal Minotaur

    @Iridil, thank you. Actually the patina was a bit of an experiment. I used a chipping fluid and it didn't uhh...chip. Maybe it doesn't like metal? So I went back and just put some more of the copper-y colors back over it. @Lord of the Dish, thank you! The rust is easy with the sculpt since it has so many deep scratches sculpted right in :)
  9. Cindy H

    Skeletal Minotaur

    I really enjoyed working on this guy. #03820 Tried some new things (the rust, patina, and lichen on the base).
  10. Congrats to the winners :) Ladystorm I hope you are well on the mend and back to your normal self soon!
  11. Cindy H

    Hackmaster/Ral Partha Hobgoblins-lots of pictures

    Those are great and very well painted! Nice job :)
  12. Cindy H

    Santas, goblins, and snowmen, OH MY!

    Thanks everyone :) I originally did the Santas to practice my reds and try out some new paints and ended up really having fun painting them. The Goblins are teeny tiny and that sack of goodies I couldn't have painted without my magnifiers.
  13. A few things I did before Christmas :)
  14. Cindy H

    Yeti Chieftain contest

    Thank you very much! As for the look of them, I've gotten everything from some kind of band (do-op to metal heads) to an aerobics class gone bad :)
  15. Cindy H

    14528: Rageblood Slayer