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    Forge Prints is now Galladoria Games

    Hi Reaper Forums! I just wanted to post a quick update so everyone is aware that Forge Prints is now Galladoria Games. We unveiled the new name in our first official show as a vendor at Reapercon! We were having so much trouble having customers and kickstarter backers understand that we are a traditional resin casting house and not 3d printing our miniatures that we had to bite the bullet and do the rebrand. Just wanted to make sure that everyone here knows about the rebrand, and to say hi to everyone we met at the show last week :) Kevin
  2. Galladoria Games

    Forge Prints is now Galladoria Games

    It was great meeting you as well Dilvish! We will definitely be exhibiting at next years show, we had such a great time. @CitizenCane I have a feeling more mimics will be coming out from us as well sooner then later! :)
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    CAV: Strike Ops III Kickstarter September 19th 2018

    Loved seeing these guys at Reapercon, the kickstarter models looked awesome! Kevin