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  1. 3 minutes ago, Nunae said:

    Has someone here bought the other CR Minis they offered? Like the winged Vax? How's the quality of those? I thought the 3D printed Models and the resin masters looked quite good, but the production pieces look kinda crappy, even the "improved" ones.


    Yeah I have the other miniatures, all of them, and they're all really good quality I'm happy with them, I havent painted any of them yet but they have none of the same weirdness with the faces that they have in the pictures in the update. 

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  2. Unfortunately there's been a delay with this one announced in their latest update.


    The reason being problems with quality control, accompanying pictures are not good quality but... yeah. These minis look pretty bad. I'm quite annoyed / upset by this really, not the delay, KS's have delays I expect it, but the quality, I'm glad they're working to fix it... but dont know what else to say about it really. Just I hope these end up being good.

  3. 5 hours ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Constitution, apparently...<_<


    Me too! I’m on my second cold of 2019- I’m normally healthy as a horse so very bored of this being laid up feeling. I could go back to work today, I’m not feeling too awful and I did lots of work emails at home yesterday- but I interface with the public and no one likes someone with a cold being out in public! 

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  4. My spreadsheet tells me that if I paint all at the rate I’m painting now, I might even be done before I’m 30! But given that bones 4 will double the quantity of minis I own... it’s not looking hopeful. Also soon I may be returning to the world of full time work instead of my life of luxury as a part timer (all good things eh?)


    I was (and still am, really) new to reaper with bones 4, and only got 1 dreadmere set, but it is without doubt my favourite set I love it’s aesthetics, wish I’d picked up a second one! May still yet on the aftermarket or if the site has leftovers for sale after fulfilling (is this likely?)


     If Reaper did a campaign setting (either setting neutral or 5e) I would definitely pick it up.

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  5. On 2/1/2019 at 5:50 PM, MiniDungeonMaster said:

    February Goals:

    Finish reading Waterdeep Dragon Heist.

    Paint 15 miniatures

    - Including 5 minis to be used for WD:DH

    Make a list of all minis I'll need for this module

    Create / Print all maps I expect to need for chapter 1 of the module


    I want to start running in March. That's the plan.


    Good thing I checked on this because I forgot that part of my goal is the 5 minis for WD:DH, I havent been thinking about that and I prepped a bunch of models ready for painting today- none with the intention of using for this. I dont know what's wrong with me that whatever I want to paint is never what I need for a game!


    I'm also nowhere near finishing the book and had ALSO totally forgotten about the map part of this goal! JEEZ! I do have one map printed. 

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  6. We played Chronicles of Crime on Tuesday, we played 3 player and I really enjoyed it! I'd never played a boardgame that had a phone app as a main component of it so that was very novel, it was fun, took about 40 minutes and I would happily play again! 


    We were at the boardgame cafe technically as part of a larger group, so after that we also played Codenames, we had one very good round and one very bad round!

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  7. Image may contain: text 

    Someone in a Facebook group I'm in is looking for an ID on this- anyone up to the challenge? Apparently it was donated to a charity shop without the top part of the packaging XD


    Never mind! His identity has been revealed!


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  8. Manufacturer LINE SKU Pack Name Individual Reference Base Size Sculptor Notes Status Acquired Completed



    These are my columns, Status is either "Inventory, WIP, Painted or Kickstarter Unshipped" I like the idea of a Material column, I might add that too. Also I tend to make the Pack name column a clickable link to the webpage its available from- but this is not at all up to date.

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  9. Yeah I can’t see the chibis seeing paint time anytime soon. Anything that falls under “character mini” is probably going to the bottom of the pile really, as a DM I am trying to prioritise monsters, I paint “characters” a bit but I mainly try and paint what I think is going to see table time, so if a character mini isn’t earmarked as an npc, none of my players take a shine to it or or doesn’t match a pre-made character I’m building for some reason... it goes on the top shelf. Which sounds like a place of honour, but is actually a reference to me needing a chair to get to it, and as such am less likely to!

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  10. 10 minutes ago, Zink said:

    So it turns out my wife and daughter have hoof and mouth disease. Well actually hand, foot and mouth. I diagnosed it yesterday but she didn't believe me. The doctor just confirmed it for us. Daughter is doing fine. Fever has been gone for a couple days and she's only got a few tiny spots. The wife on the other hand has developed a lot of nasty blisters and rash on her hands after 2 days of very high fever. She says it's nearly driving her nuts. Hoping that antihistamines and calamine lotion will giver her a bit of relief. Wife's worried about the rest of us. I figure I would have already caught it if I was going to because I was in close contact with them continually. If I do get sick it'll be whenever is the most inconvenient time possible for me because that's how things go. Luckily I have nothing import planned so I'll probably stay healthy. :rolleyes:

    I've had that. I caught it off a heroin addict (wish I was kidding!) who overdosed at my venue while I was duty managing- it was a long night and then followed by a really not fun illness I resigned from duty managing as soon as I was well enough to come back in- I wasnt paid enough to be in a position where I was saving druggies and catching viruses from them. 


    Hope your family don't have it too bad and get better soon!

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  11. 51 minutes ago, Nunae said:

    Yes, Townspeople & Accessoires. Picture in spoiler.


      Hide contents






    Oooh cool- a shame there are a few in there that are already released elsewhere though, the 2 pirates and executioner at least, maybe others too- I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this though, some nice terrain bits too.

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  12. 8 hours ago, Nunae said:

    Also no ship for me. Not that it is available, and probably won't be for a few more months.

    Currently my group is headed back to the Underdark, no space for a giant sail ship there. And if I ever really, really need a ship encounter, I would probably draw it as a map and just lay it on the table. Now, if I ever run a whole pirate campaign, that would be another matter.


    Now, I have seen a lot of excitement for the big Townspeople pack, and for towns people/non combatant miniatures in general (there are quite a few in the Bones coreset as well). I find the miniatures really interesting to look at and paint as well, but how often do you actually use them in game?

    This far, I've used miniatures exclusively for combat to help my players and myself keep track of the situation. Villagers or townspeople really don't come up in those situations as often, maybe as potential casualties the group wants to protect from the bandits or doesn't want to aim a area attack towards.

    Do people use those miniatures for RP moments? Do you guys build up the whole tavern when the party walks in? Doesn't that devolve to the party starting to push their figures around like in a board game all the time? I've kept the maps on the table after fighting was over a few times, and almost every time people stopped explaining what they did ("I walk to that wall looking for a secret door") to put their figure in the described place, which I don't particularly like. I think I would find it very annoying to have a tavern scene with people constantly saying "wait! xy isn't were he is supposed to be, time to put him behind the bar" and knocking around tiny furniture.

    Or do you just show the NPC miniatures for people to have a better mental image?

    Either way, not judging, still pretty new to this and I was wondering what I was missing.



    Is this a Wizkids unpainted big Townspeople pack? Don't think I've seen anything about that would be interested to see if you have a link?


    I don't set up a map for every tavern or shop my players go into, but if your players are prone to shenanigans it never hurts to have that stuff prepped! If for example, gnolls invade the town for a raid it's handy to have a lot of townpeople,  or if your players are planning a heist on a local jewellery store etc- otherwise if they're talking to a townperson sometimes I put a mini on top of my DM screen to indicate that's who they're talking to, otherwise I might just show them a picture of the person either on my tablet or I have a bunch of the pathfinder "face cards"

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  13. I've been thinking about this for a few days but have been unable to think of the proper word for it- whats the word for like a litter/palanquin type seat (covered) that goes on an animal's (like an elephant) back? I feel like I've only seen it in cartoons and it's vastly impractical, but I'd still like to see one that's on the pack terrapin. 

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  14. The bring and buy sale at the local board game cafe was this morning, I’m friends with the organiser so I got to scan the list in advance and I knew there wasn’t anything I was desperate to pick up, but we went for a browse anyway and ended up picking up a couple of bits- a collection of warhammer models which turned out to be a bit of a bargain for what it was- but I don’t play that so don’t really know all the details (my knowledge of warhammer is solely advising OH on how to paint what he wants and helping to build the figures) I got a copy of Playing At The World, which I’m excited to read, but realistic of that ambitions time scale.

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