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    44002 Rock Troll somewhat modified...somewhat.

    oooh, Fungus troll! I love it!
  2. Cicciopiu

    Ouroboros Miniatures: Dragon Masters busts

    I'm in for both!
  3. Cicciopiu

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

  4. Cicciopiu

    Shop vs Dungeon Dweller Line?

    Dungeon Dwellers are under "Special edition"; if you want to filter just write "dwellers" in the "Search Products" on the upright.
  5. Cicciopiu

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    Decided to cancel my pledge: their expectation for this KS was around 75k, reached in just one night, they waited till the afternoon to add new SG, jumped straight to 200k and raised each step to 25k, adding the same old s*it pdf, bottle opener and 10% discount on their website, I take it like an ungrateful, greedy, response to their customers. Don't take me wrong, SG are just freebies so I do not expect minis or paints or brushes etc, but at least they could have put a discount on the shipping or something physical related to the hobby. In the end, in just one day they found 700%
  6. Cicciopiu

    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    I live in Spain so the shipping isn't too hight for me, I'm gonna give it a try!
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    77281: Succubus - Speed Paint

    Hello all, today I've speed painted this Succubus. I've choose to speed paint her cause the bones version lacks too many details, sooo I was unhappy of the model and instead of putting it in the box of shame, i've tried my best (or my worst :P) and painted it as fast as possible (for my stile!). She took me around 2 hours and half, and I'm pretty happy with the result :) Hope you will like it anyway :P Thank you for reading.
  8. Cicciopiu

    77281: Succubus - Speed Paint

    Thank you everyone! Very pleased you like it! Yes, indeed; if you look at it close you'll notice that the transition are pretty rough Really? I'm happy you noticed it, the rock is the part I like more, but cause of painting it speedy I don't remember which colors I used to paint it Thanks! There is a lot of free hand in the wings and color splashing in the hairs and the robe; I had to free hand the eyes too: maybe it's cause my eyes are getting old, but could'nt see the eyes in this model!
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    Scalecolor Artist Scale75

    This colors would be perfect for my painting stile, i love to make my own colors and if this are pigmented as they seem to be... omg! I will go for the full range!!!
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    Mudcroack, frogman Shaman 03174

    Fabulous!! Love the eyes, the bones and the blues!
  11. Cicciopiu

    New Previews!

    Plague doctor!
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    07012: Caerindra Thistlemoor

    Thank you so much everyone for the likes and the kind words, I'm happy you like it
  13. Cicciopiu

    07012: Caerindra Thistlemoor

    Hello all,this is the last mini I've painted. Very nice sculpt, every single detail is there, even if my poor, old, eyes can't reconize it Trying to achieve a realistic look, she came out a little meh! IMO; it lack contrast, probably cause too brownish, but I was aiming a natural appereance, and choose to don't add too many colors. Anyway i'm happy the way she came out in the end. Hope you'll like her too Thank you for reading :)
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    Getting to know you: January 2019

    Omnivore, I eat everything, watch your hand when you pass me the meal
  15. Cicciopiu

    Barbarian Family

  16. Cicciopiu

    07011: Borin Ironbrow

    Hello everyone, finally i can post a mini I've finished to paint: during the holidays I was very busy at work and at home and had no time to paint :( Soooo here we have Borin Ironbrow, I was really inspired by the pose, the quality of the sculpt and the three weapon to choice: I've opted for the warhammer, cause a dwarf have to break rocks and skulls Classic red beard, and red robe to make contrast with the green cloak, natural leather and METALS! Woooo! I got a bunch of new metals from Vallejo Metal Colors for the holidays and had to try it and I have to say this are THE BEST metal i've ever used, so smooth application, superb metallic finish: the pictures can't capture the real effect, but believe me, those metals are just incredible! Tried to make a Ancient gold finish for the armor and the hammer head, using steel, silver and washing it with some Sepia. It came out more Brass looking, happy of it hanyway! For the shield, helm and hammer handle I've opted for steel finish: for it i've used steel, dark grey wash and aluminium highlight. Ok enough bla bla... here we go: Thank you for reading, hope you'll like it!
  17. Cicciopiu

    07011: Borin Ironbrow

    Thanks! Nope, the fingernails aren't sculpted on this model so simply painted the skin to the last highlight and then took some dark grey (almost black) and shaped the nails and then picked up some warm off-whithe and painted over the dark-grey leaving the little grey line you see (like when you paint the eyes) , washed with sepia, highlighted with the same off-white.
  18. Cicciopiu

    07011: Borin Ironbrow

    Yes, was not intentional but we can see it that way I like your interpretation! Thank you
  19. I find it a "little" overpriced... don't know, lately I find that people on KS start thinking about the hobbist like ATM they can milk off trying to sell us every damn piece of plastic s***t for 30€/$/£... kind of boring...
  20. Cicciopiu

    DSM8078, Archer the Grumpy Cat Warlock

    You are the cat-painting master! Incredible work, as alwais!
  21. Cicciopiu

    The Sunstalker (NSFW)

    It simply looks like a giant penis!
  22. Cicciopiu

    07011: Borin Ironbrow

    Thank you everyone for the kind words and compliments, i'm really happy you all like it :) About the skin, I used the Vallejo Fairy skin set, it's simply incredible how smooth and easy those colors mix, it's almost impossible to not achieve good results. For the cloak I started with zenital priming, then glazed using a grey sky blue to make it easy to see where the light was hitting the model. Switched to dark green and poison green glazing back and forth from shades to highlight: long and tedious but really easy in the end. For the beard heavy red for the base and then hilighted with orange, rust and yellow; shadows are made by mixing a dull blue to the base and glazing it into the recess.
  23. Cicciopiu

    How to use Silicone Molds?

    Sometime it's better to ask for sure, the forum is very helpful! And sometime we have to think before buying overpriced products, as "mold releasers" that simply is no more than silicone spray grease, just overpriced! or things like flow improver: what it does? simply break the superficial tension of the water! a couple of drops of dishwash in a dropperbottle of water will do the same thing almost for free!
  24. Cicciopiu

    How to use Silicone Molds?

    Simply talc. Do not use grease there is no need as the clay should not stick to the mold, but some talc will make it easy to release the model.
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    77487: Nazeera Bloodraven

    Looooove it! very nice red NMM!