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  1. Redd Knekk

    77516 - Dark Young

    Thanks Othikent :)
  2. Redd Knekk

    Warhammer Quest orc with sword

  3. Redd Knekk

    77516 - Dark Young

  4. Redd Knekk

    Faceless horror

  5. Redd Knekk

    The Flower Knight

    Your lines are SO tight. Great color sense too. I suck at that... BTW I really enjoyed the back story. What is void space in your campaign???$??!?
  6. Redd Knekk

    Marsh troll Reaper 77152 turned cave troll

    So CLUTCH!!!! Geology for the WIN!!
  7. Redd Knekk

    Johan Rumbleguts

    I’m jelly.... but motivated to meet the greats now myself. Great combover too, and freehand!
  8. Redd Knekk

    Bunnies, unicorns and leprechauns, oh my!

    Whoa for real though.... i was about to start ooohing and ahhing over the bunny,... then I kept scrolling. Then my smile got genuine for reals!! :) great work on the creep factor, and the last one really shows skills in the eyes(both owl and leprechaun) and blending is in point. Bravo!!! the unicorn belongs in the inspiration galley.....
  9. Redd Knekk

    77516 - Dark Young

    Thanks KruleBear!! Many thanks Rigel. I didn’t have much luck with the SOL and the more I look at it I see I got the dark and light of the bioluminescence reversed on light vs dark areas I think. It just seemed to work, so it’ll make a cool underwater Big Bad for a campaign I’m planning :) Thanks Glitter and Iridil!!!
  10. I was surprisingly taken in with the lecture!! He’s very interesting... and very entertaining and a great sculpt. I gotta try this if I ever get better at painting!!! Great job!!
  11. Redd Knekk

    CIRCUS: Nolzur's Dancer, Black Cat Stage Magician

    Yeah the backstories keep me coming back!!! Awesome highlights on her dress too!
  12. Redd Knekk

    77344: Ice Troll sculpted by Ben Siens

    My suggestion is enter him in a contest bc he’s awesome!
  13. Redd Knekk

    Hackmaster/Ral Partha Human Female Cleric

    Awesome color scheme, and smooth blending. Beautiful.
  14. Redd Knekk

    10030: Dragonmen of Varanadar

    Dude, whoa. Brilliant skills.
  15. Redd Knekk

    Dark Elf Queen/Throne - 02577

    Great job.