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  1. Redd Knekk

    Speed Paint: IMEF Bones Figures

  2. Redd Knekk

    07011: Borin Ironbrow

    So clutch, much appreciated! These things don’t come naturally to me, so each little trick seems to fill in a gap in my tool kit. Always learning, and I very much appreciate the explanation.
  3. Redd Knekk

    03892 - Dark Dwarf Striker

    Thanks! I feel like all dwarves should be red bearded. Like all cats are “she’s” and all dogs are “he’s”. :) I know you like the red heads so it’s for you haha I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but it worked like magic. I wish it was brighter, so I may try a darker background. Any tips? YAAAS!!! Thanks man, and I’m doing a big nasty monster next to cleanse the palate.
  4. Redd Knekk

    03905 - Dark Dwarf Cleaver

    Here’s the last of my 3 vertically challenged anti-heroes. Again I went for a subtle iridescent effect on the armor. Painting for tabletop with my daughters makes me happy, so I hope you enjoy, and have a good weekend!
  5. Redd Knekk

    07011: Borin Ironbrow

    Just amazing. I just finished 3 dwarves so looking at what you did is really helping me to hone my skills. Question, the black around the fingernails, how did you do that? Wash shade, or was it primer and you are one of those very, very careful painters? thanks for the help :)
  6. Redd Knekk

    Skeletal Minotaur

    Your color sense blows my mind, and the more I looked at this, the more I saw how deceptively beautiful and subtle your work is. Just amazing.
  7. Redd Knekk

    03898 - Dark Dwarf Pounder

    Had fun with this little guy. I got 3 in this set (striker, pounder, and cleaver) before Christmas and took forever to finish them. I took some previous advice from here regarding iridescence on metal armor and used colored metallics. I wanted the effect really subtle, so tried to not overdo it. Going to use my Dwarven troops for a one shot idea ive been kicking around for 6 months now. Hope you like, and C&C always welcome. Always looking to improve, and I built my light box too so I think it really helped. :)
  8. Redd Knekk

    Pathfinder battles gargantuan red dragon

    Love this dark red concept. Reality is sublime, and this looks very feasible to me. Beautiful work.
  9. Redd Knekk

    0321 Abyst, Demon Lord

    Yeah beautiful job all over, but the wings are where I keep getting pulled back to. Nice!
  10. Redd Knekk

    77460: Dwarf Butcher

    You are a god amongst men!
  11. Redd Knekk

    03892 - Dark Dwarf Striker

    Look who made a light box!!! Still need to get a camera though. Doh! A fun addition to my dwarf addiction. Thanks for looking!
  12. Redd Knekk

    RP Challenge 77154: Lizardman Spearman

    Nice bright colors!
  13. Redd Knekk

    RP Challenge 77248 & 77249 Barrels & Crates

    Never underestimate good scenery. Very great outcome, and experimenting on known are a good way to refresher ideas and approaches.
  14. Redd Knekk

    03792: Krass Omenthrall, Evil Warrior

    Better than ok to me. Great tabletop dominator.