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  1. Hi everyone, I was showing my daughter everyone’s minis and she really liked them, so she asked if I could post hers :) She was 7, and these were her first ones and they remind me of my early attempts too. We all start somewhere, so I hope you enjoy!
  2. Redd Knekk

    DSM8112, Persian Cat Warrior

    This is unreal. The fur, the riveted armor, shadows.... truly remarkable job you’ve done. Even looks like freehand coloring on the helmet... if this guy was in my cabinet I’d be really proud.
  3. Redd Knekk

    Crusader Knight with Bird on Head (LOL)

    **shiny work!** - Reminds me of Mad Max Fury Road :) And I see it like a bird that just wont leave the knight alone and he befriended it and every fight he thinks they’re trying to hurt his pet :)
  4. Redd Knekk

    Crusader Knight with Bird on Head (LOL)

    Ha!!! Y’all trip me out. ;) I think that’s a great idea and I’m kicking myself now bc I bought a bunch of primary and secondary colored metallics over a year ago and haven’t used them. Ugh what was I thinking. Should’ve put this in WIP bc I’m getting it back and fixing it for reals.
  5. Redd Knekk

    Crusader Knight with Bird on Head (LOL)

    Thanks for the link, it was an interesting read and I wasn’t aware that was a thing. I wonder why they didn’t put a torse between the helmet and the bird/crest? Still looks like a bird to me ;)
  6. Redd Knekk

    02532 Vulture demon

    Soooo cool!!!!!!
  7. Redd Knekk

    77178, Fire Giant Warrior

    Wow really dialed it up on this dude, looks awesome. Was looking across the face and sword and I think you have a very artistic intuition regarding highlighting and transitions. Great job!
  8. Redd Knekk

    Lidless Eye Hobbies: Stonehaven Adventurers, 2018

    Wow great work! I like the colors for the clothes, blending of the fire on the first one, and I like the Human thief the most (bc she looks like she’s having a fond memory while pooping :) really cool set you got now!!!
  9. Another buddy wanted a down and dirty mini for his paladin. He asked for everything silver except the shield, which would be Templar style white with Red Cross. I had a very short time to paint and tried a bit of directional iridescence bc the armor glows purple when around hellborne demons and the like. Not my best work for sure, but it was a funny mini (why is there a bird on his head?) so thought I’d share a speed painted tabletop mini. Enjoy! Also, I’m interested in getting him back and finishing him up after Thanksgiving, so let me know how you would handle an “imperceptible purple glow, without losing the silvery plate look”... :)
  10. Redd Knekk

    Ma'al Drakar painted as Tiamat (Picture heavy)

    Holy crap. Every scale is a masterpiece.... So beautiful. Just amazing work...
  11. Redd Knekk

    Female Elven Ranger, (DSM-7450)

    Thanks Iridil, good advice :) honestly I wasn’t too happy about the face being so obstructed on this mini and just kinda phoned it in. I’m surprised it came out as decent as it did, but I defs gotta get back on something of my own choosing and put the friends’ request on the back burner. Gotta stay motivated!!! Can you give an example of the lighter colors you were describing?
  12. Redd Knekk

    Mousling Tavern Set

    If only I were 25mm y’all.... great work!
  13. Redd Knekk

    Maledrakh's Urutaa: A Plague of Daemons

    Awesome army you got here. May I ask about how much time you put in? Painting armies is something I’ve never done and I’m trying to get a feel for the requirements.
  14. Redd Knekk

    77293, Wererat Berserker

    Great tabletop mini! Love it!
  15. Redd Knekk

    77478: King Axehelm, of the gold digger clan.

    Heck yeah!!!