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  1. MoebiusStrip

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    Just a bit of feedback: PRAISE: Display of color triads is much improved over the old version, well done. REQUEST: "Deselect all" or "invert selection" for the paints subsite. Example: If I want to have only red colors and triads, I have to click 13 times. BUG: (debatable but I would assume an AND combination between color and type). Currently If I select only red colors and disable paint sets, the paint sets containing red are also displayed (which is all of them I guess). So currenlty OR connection, should be AND. OK this is a bug, If I deselect everything, the paint kits and sets still show up. also: Information about the difference between product (master series and bones paint being the only real difference) is missing, maybe add a little questionmark icon which links to a page with information about the product like on the old page (http://www.reapermini.com/Paints ).
  2. MoebiusStrip

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    They are out of stock again it seems. Still would be interesting to know what the SOP is for this case. BUG: Currency display is wrong during checkout. See attached image.
  3. MoebiusStrip

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    That is actually interesting, what will happen then? Will the order be delayed, will it simply not be added (as was suggested by the box during checkout) or will it be sent extra? Also not really a bug, just something that would be nice: Links in the news point back towards the non-beta site, maybe change that or make it relative (assuming the page structure is the same).
  4. MoebiusStrip

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    Bugs: Miniature page difference based on source of navigation. Page should be the same no matter from where it is reached, the page url is actually the same but page construction depends on origin it seems. Navigate to a mini page from the frontpage (scroll all the way down). Click on a category, this will result in a 404, note the url. Search for the mini and click on it. Now click on a category, this will work. Sorting does not work properly (A-Z). Go to CAV page sort from A-Z, result is it is not sorted properly, interestingly sorting from Z-A seems to work fine. And a question: Do the 12days minis replace the dungeon dweller minis?. If this is the case is there a way to choose the dungeon dweller over the 12 days mini? What is shown during checkout: 01225 Bones Holiday Stocking Promotion 1 FREE 01620 Cat Dragon 1 FREE
  5. MoebiusStrip

    The Reapermini Beta site for Europe.

    Bit of feedback for the beta site. The search behaves strangely, that is not as would be expected from any other search. 1. When the search term is not found then no results should be returned. Currently all are returned giving the impression that the search term was actually found (search for asdfasdf). 2. When clicking on a tag (in a miniatures view) I want that tag, either exclusively (new search with this tag) or in addition to the current search (drilldown). Currently I don't know what it does it certainly does not limit the results though. Search for warlord, click on the nun, click on the tag female, this results in the same result list as before. 3. Inconsistent pricing display, whatever you do at least make it consistent (although +VAT would be a good idea). This might be different for others, not sure what the criterium is for which kind of display is used. go to frontpage, scroll down: Christmas Eve: €8.78 no more information. click on it, €8.78 no more information. search for 'christmas eve', direct to figure (1hit): €8.78 no more information. search 'christmas': Page of hits with christmas eve being priced €10.53 inc VAT €8.78 ex VAT (finally the information!) 4. From a usability standpoint a faction (or category) selector on the left would be nice, the tags are there but for warlord the race is not exclusive. 5. (both beta and normal page): It would be nice if the warlord models which have been switched over to bone also get tagged warlord, searching with metal or bones should make it easy enough to differntiate. Also what is with the disparity between items available in beta and US? DB export and import can't be that hard.
  6. MoebiusStrip

    Buying CAV stuff in europe

    Given the interesting christmas promotions, any news on the CAV:SO in europe situation?
  7. MoebiusStrip

    Buying CAV stuff in europe

    Nice, looking forward to that. Thanks for the info
  8. MoebiusStrip

    Buying CAV stuff in europe

    talon: International customers, please visit Reaper Miniatures for the full line of CAV: Strike Operations products! reaper: Europe? go to the beta site. beta.reaper: what is CAV? So will CAV be comming to the beta site (and if so when) or do I have to go somewhere else (preferrably a europe centered site).