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  1. BellTower

    Snakeman Warrior - 77153

    Great patterning on the scales. Nice contrast on the armour as well.
  2. Thought so. What about mounted figures? Like 77355: Count Lorenth?
  3. Looking good. Something like that would be awesome to play in.
  4. Just want to clarify on the size restrictions. Would a mini like Death Marshals from Malifaux be considered 40mm+? The figure itself is human size but the pose makes it taller than 40mm. It does fit on a 30mm base though. For those who don't know the mini I'm talking about. Link to image below. (It's not my image so I didn't want to upload it here) http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-xB4d4MC2KLs/U4tpJYlgJcI/AAAAAAAAB3Y/pS1EcEDfXWI/s1600/P1020325.JPG
  5. BellTower

    89005: Amiri, Iconic Barbarian

    Painted Amiri up as a Goliath barbarian.
  6. BellTower

    89012: Lem, Iconic Bard

    Did a fair bit of free hand with this. Really enjoyable process. Quite happy with how it turned out.