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  1. So one of my players bought a hero forge 3d model and then printed it. I've based it, primed it and now I'm painting it in the color combination he requested. I have just finished the base layer (the goggles will be gold with green glass) Hope he's happy when it's finished :D
  2. lazarp

    Fimo Air Blights

    More pics: Next to 03623: Finaela, Female Pirate: Next to 03403: Na'Kaat, Female Half Dragon Paladin:
  3. lazarp

    Fimo Air Blights

    During the last few days I've sculpted these out of fimo air classic and then painted them. Really happy how they turned out :D For the whole crafting process check this thread
  4. lazarp

    Medium Blights out of Fimo Air

    Done! :D For more pics check this thread :D
  5. lazarp

    Medium Blights out of Fimo Air

    Update: Done with painting and ready to varnish :D
  6. lazarp

    Medium Blights out of Fimo Air

    Update: The wash ebhances the greens pretty nicely
  7. lazarp

    Medium Blights out of Fimo Air

    Update: Gave them a basic paintjob. Next, I will do a wash and then hilights.
  8. lazarp

    Medium Blights out of Fimo Air

    Update: Did the base layer
  9. lazarp

    Medium Blights out of Fimo Air

    Update: They've been primed with cheap green spray paint. I will try and find time to paint them until the end of the week. Will post updates, stay tuned :D
  10. lazarp

    Medium Blights out of Fimo Air

    Update: The clay has set, i used glue and aded decorative sand to the bases, some dried clay bits to imitate bark and a variety of tea/spice leaves. They are ready to be primed :D
  11. lazarp

    Medium Blights out of Fimo Air

    Update: I have put the clay on the armature and molded it into shape. 03491: Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard next to the blights for scale. Fimo air classic that I'm using will need about 20-24 hrs to set. Interesting note, when you apply it in layers this thin it will crack like hell. Usualy I would wait for it to set and then even out all cracks and imperfections using a bit of clay again combined with water. This time I plan on not doing it that way, because I think cracks will make a more interesting texture for them :D I also plan od anding dirt, rocks, leaves, grass and moss to these guys, so stay tuned!
  12. Hello everyone, I plan on crafting some blights out of polymer clay. Today I made the armatures out of copper wire and glue and pined them to some old 20mm bases. I plan on using fimo air polymer clay, decorative sand (maybe some rocks too), and a variety of dried tea leaves and spices. Then I will prime them using cheap spray paint and paint them using cheap acrylic paint. I hope they turn out nice. All kinds of tips, suggestion or criticism are welcome :D
  13. Thanks :D, for the handle I've used a warhammer savage orruk spear and the head of the hammeris from the warhammer chaos warriors pack. I have filled the holes with greenstuff and also sculpted parts of his forearms I felt were missing. Here are some photos of the conversion in progress:
  14. Thanks! :D I started painting and converting minis only recently and I find it realy fulfilling so far.
  15. lazarp

    Air dry clay Bigby's Hand

    Hi everyone, just wanted to share this Bigby's Hand spell effect mini I made. It is made of Fimo air dry clay and took me about 30 minutes painting included. I was inspired by D&D Icons of the Realms Spell Effects – Arcane Fury & Divine Might miniatures and diceded to try and make one of my own :D