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  1. astolat

    WIP: Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Wings! I used the same Pokorny paints with a drop of liquitex slow-dri and some pledge and just kept painting wet on wet until I was happy. Next will be a wash for the wings and then on to the details. :D Still not happy with the transition between the underbelly and the scales, any suggestions welcome...
  2. astolat

    WIP: Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Several layers of drybrushing and tints on! I think this is where the bodies will mostly end up: spikes and claws and mouths next, then the wings. I'm not entirely satisfied with the underbelly when I look at it close up, but I like the overall effect when looking at the model as a whole, so for now I'm sticking with it. Paints: Still mostly using Pokorny colors. Red: drybrushing from deep lava through lava orange up to schoolbus yellow. Blue: drybrushing from base grey + bubbles blue through bubbles blue to sysuul silver. Green: tinted scales with very thin deep lava, then drybrush from shallow water green almost all the way to lava yellow, then added some silver to the mix. White: Went over most of it with white + black + lava yellow, varying mixtures, then a final drybrush in straight white. Black: drybrush from reaper sparkling amethyst through gem purple + sysuul silver. Orange: drybrush from terracotta dry brush up through school bus yellow.
  3. astolat

    WIP: Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Next step, a heavy and rough washing all around, all hand-mixed with floor wax: Black dragon: Pokorny black White: Pokorny white + Pokorny black Blue: Reaper Corporeal Shadow Green: Pokorny Moss Green for a bit of a radioactive glowy quality The red I did after photographing these, and it got a wash of Reaper Gothic Crimson with a touch of Pokorny black. I'm trying to make a virtue of the lack of control and so I deliberately extended each wash a bit into the neighboring areas to extend the blending effect. I like the shiny rainbow wings idea @EldritchEladrin maybe a kind of rainbow iridescence effect hmm...
  4. astolat

    WIP: Ma'al Drakar 77580

    Note to self: next time look at some other people's painting posts and/or videos for inspiration BEFORE you assemble and fill the gigantic miniature that literally every other person has very sensibly painted IN PARTS. Anyway, so I can already tell there are going to be some details that I just give up on, because I can't get to them without something between a juggling routine and cradling this extremely spiky dragon like a baby, and I can't hold it for long, but oh well! It will still be fun. I more or less want something evoking the much loved D&D Cartoon, but I have a vague plan of emphasizing the "chromatic" in chromatic dragon and trying to get in the whole rainbow, black starting as purple and white starting as yellow, with orange for the soft bits. I'm blending the colors into each other with the idea that the more powerful dragon "wins" where the two colors meet. So far I've just roughed out the base colors to figure out which parts I want which color. She is very colorful right now. :) I'm using Pokorny paints for these giant expanses. They stick really well. Red -- Deep Lava Purple -- Base Grey, Deep Lava, + Vallejo inks Violet Blue -- Bubbles Blue, Base Grey Green -- Shallow Water Seaweed Green, Base Grey Yellow -- Lava Yellow, White Orange -- Terracotta I haven't decided what I want to do with the wings yet so they'll wait for later.