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  1. Corsair

    Jasper vs the 3D Printer

    Okay, now that you guys have been running these printers for a while, how is the odor? My wife has a very sensitive sense of smell, and I am concerned about it making her sick to her stomach. Have you noticed different brands or formulas having less of an odor? Or should I try to set it up in my garage? I live where there are serious temperature swings, so how would that affect the printer?
  2. He'd look pretty good in a Shadowrun setting too.
  3. Thanks! I am gonna have to check that out!
  4. Corsair

    Sci-Fi Desert Trading Post - 3D Printable Terrain

    How did these guys do with their first KX?
  5. Corsair

    Star Wars Legion Question

    Thanks! I was trying to figure out how they would fit with 25-28mm figs before buying any.
  6. Corsair

    77018 - Skeletal Archer - My First Mini

    You can pick up a pack of Bones skeletons cheap. Experiment on them, comparing as you go. That way you can see what feels right to you and what effects you like.
  7. Corsair

    01629: Maiden Bust

    That is just beautiful
  8. I need more info on Sneaky Snacky Squirrel! 11 Great nieces and nephews, I may need that game.
  9. Very nice write up on your Blog. And a very good looking page too!
  10. Corsair

    Getting to Know You, Feb 2019

    I actually have three: 1. For work, "Always bet on stupidity." 2. "Beware of your desires, for you shall surely attain them." 3. "Let courage rise with danger, and strength to strength oppose."
  11. Corsair

    Star Wars Legion Question

    SO what is the scale of the minis in this game?
  12. It was one of my LGS' 29th anniversary party today. So after running Heroclix I hung around for the drawings. I won a couple of RPG books, which will do me almost no good as I don't RPG, but they will be fun to read through.
  13. Corsair

    77018 - Skeletal Archer - My First Mini

    Just remember, you can always go back and another coat of drybrush.
  14. Corsair

    77018 - Skeletal Archer - My First Mini

    First, welcome to the place, you have entered the nicest place on the web. Second, you did great! Looks really well done.