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  1. Naveen

    Spring '07 mini exchange

    I recieved a lovely Goggler I think it is, from Outcast Samurai earlier this week. He is now sitting on a display self with other minis i have from previous exchanges. He was causing a bit of trouble with the other minis, but the maze minotaur put him in his place and things are all right again in the world. I will have picks of the mini up this week unless Outcast wants to post some. I have primed the mini i'm painting, and will comence paininting tomorrow as best I can between school and work. It might even get done on time this time. Naveen
  2. Naveen

    Judas Bloodspire

    I very much like it. The colors are well done and the new cloak position makes it realy look like the wind is blowing. Is there any way you could show us what you did with the area where the cloak was removed from? I"m just curious as to how you dealt with that.
  3. Your rat looks uber cool! I especially like the eye and the sore looking things. Excellent job.
  4. Naveen

    Couple of wip minis

    I started thses two and need some help. With Sophie i'm not sure where to go with her boots also any comments one what I've done so far would be great. The only highlighting I've done is on her hair. With Neb I love his skin tone is should be a purple-ish brown color but the pics don't show it well, and for the cloth, I'm not sure it its two white and if so what color would you recomend to use on it. The only highlighting I've done one Neb is the white. Anyways any help would be apriciated.
  5. Naveen

    Mummy Lord from Naveen

    Well you know at that age, incontinace could be a problem. Besides you can't be a big bad scary mummy lord if you wet your wrappings at inappropriate moments. Tee-hee
  6. Naveen

    Ever have one of those days?

    The same thing happened to me a few months ago in the City of Lost Angels. I had to make a whole new character and I was up to 3 grit. Oh well, saved me from running into Stone. Naveen
  7. Naveen

    Astrid, Chronicler

    I love the flames on the guitar. They look awesome. I agree with trying to use some of the green from the bodice on the boots to tie things together. Naveen
  8. Naveen

    Wereshark and Nymph

    I love this one. Very nicely painted. Very clean looking. What colors did you use on the wereshark? Naveen
  9. Naveen

    First Spore Mine

    I like to use kitty litter for my bases. It comes in the sandy kind and the gravely kind. I prefer the gravely kind as my kitty likes to toss the sandy kind all over the floor, but also the bits in the gravely kind come in various sizes and shapes. I use them as loose gravel and also as rocks. I usualy prime over them and use a wash of brown ink as a base or prime them black depending on what I want the end color to be then go the grey route or a khaki color on them. Naveen
  10. Naveen

    No reaper

    I saw this fig and instantly knew I had to paint it. I will be getting several more of the dryads as soon as possible because for me they are interesting and this one was so much fun to paint. I'm really really please with how it came out. The skulls on the left side are from the GW basing kit, and the flower and leaves on the right were made with green stuff. Pics linked due to naked treeness. front side close up front This second fig is part of my LOTR army. Yes I know there were no Pandas in the books, but if there were this would be the panda. LOL, anyways we are playing campaigns and as part of the campaign your army can have "hunting dogs". Well I play the Khand which is kinda a mongolish looking fraction as as the only asian-esk dog I could find was a pug, I decided to go a different route with things and make pandas. I started out with a celestial bear from one of the hero clix games I think it is an use green stuff to make him more round and chubby like a panda then painted. Hope you enjoy him. Front butt shot
  11. Naveen

    Converted Battlenun Deadlans style

    That is so awsome! That is exactly how I picture a battle crazed nun as looking in deadlands. Definately looks like she is ready to do some smiting. I also love her face, the highlighting and dark line around her eyes is very nice. She just has this bring it look lol, excellent job.
  12. Naveen

    Spring '07 mini exchange

    Oh dear, i'm not done with the current mini......oh well I have...a plan. :P
  13. Naveen

    Grave Horror Punpkin Patch

    Wow....that is so cooool! I love it, you get two gold stars. Where to start, all the little pumpkin faces look so perfect, your greenstuff-fu rocks, the little imp and rat I think they are add nice touches, and this is just a way cool diorama. Great Job.
  14. Naveen

    2805: Rowena

    Actually this fig comes with the top, the one you might be thinking of is the witch of darkmoors, she is topless. Yeah she is shinny in a few spots. She was dull coated, but i guess I missed a few places lol.
  15. Naveen

    Long time no post

    I like it very much. For me the colors work together nicely, and I can see the color change on the armor. Great Job!