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    Singularity: The blackest thing you've ever seen!

    Hey White Wulfe, I'm well aware! But like all galaxies it has a massive black hole at the centre and the image illustrates this. Hey Spodi, it's not paint - its a carbon nanotube array. A 3D model would be very cool and I have considered it, however it would make the product extremely expensive and because it is so black, it would actually look just the same as the 2D version.
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/311352786/singularity-a-simulated-black-hole Singularity is a simulated black hole. It's constructed from a carbon nanotube array that absorbs 99.9% of visible light. It's blacker than black 2.0, blacker than black 3.0 and just 0.06% shy of the unattainable, unavailable Vantablack.