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  1. Confrontation: Classic

    I pledged, but lots of questions need to be answered. So we'll see how things go over the next few weeks. That being said...Court of the Abyss as an upcoming stretch goal? Oh yes!!!
  2. Confrontation: Classic

    Well nuts! I was away for vacation and missed my chance at those exclusives. Oh well....
  3. Legends of Signum

    Yeah, nice stuff. And the game kind of sounds like a computer game. Build this...now this unit becomes available. Could definitely be interesting.
  4. Confrontation: Classic

    I'll just take a wait and see approach. I have all of the Wolfen, Griffin, and Drunes already. And I have most of the Daikinee. So if this doesn't do it for me, I still have plenty.
  5. Confrontation: Classic

    Guess we'll find out in a couple weeks then. On my grandmother's birthday. :-)
  6. Confrontation: Classic

    Being plastic doesn't bother me much if they are done well. The full boxed set could be prohibitive though. What are we talking? At least $400 I'd think.
  7. 28mm Amazons - RBJ Game Company [Kickstarter]

    I believe "Popular Company" would be GW.... Just a guess.
  8. Arena: the Contest - Tabletop Miniatures Board Game

    That dragon is definitely tempting!
  9. Godtear - Steamforged Games

    My wallet is safe. Not a fan of Steamforged at all. Nothing that they've done specifically, but over a year from core game (which is quite repetitive) to expansions is not good. And even longer to campaign stretch goals. I'm actually just waiting for those stretch goals so I can dump the game.
  10. Middara

    At $100 for the game plus all stretch goals, I thought it was worth the risk. Especially since it was pretty high on the BGG list of most anticipated games for 2018. Gotta be some people that missed out but will want it. Right? :-)
  11. Zombicide: Invader - A Scifi game by CMoN

    Yeah, that abomination looks like it has buttons all over it's belly. Not a fan of that one at all.
  12. Leon Johnson, The Patriarch. 95mm miniature.

    Agreed. My comment was more about the "fictional futuristic universe". Because those real futuristic universes are SO overdone. And I guess they didn't say it was their own universe....
  13. Middara

    Yes, it certainly seems like they are getting close. I decided to add a couple more copies since this isn't going to hit retail. Should easily be able to pay for the one I end up keeping. I hope....
  14. Leon Johnson, The Patriarch. 95mm miniature.

    Doesn't look like a Space Marine at all. Nope, not a bit.....
  15. Dwarf Zeppelin

    I think it's well done, but does nothing for me. My wallet is safe.