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  1. completed

    OMG! Mine finally arrived yesterday. No shipping notice or anything. Haven't had time to catalog it, but I'll do that tonight.
  2. completed

    Still no shipping notice or anything for mine.
  3. Pre-launch

    Have you looked at the Ox-Gore from Mierce? Oh wait...that has 4 arms. Never mind. Praach....that's the one I was thinking.
  4. completed

    Still nothing here either.
  5. Live

    That's cool!
  6. Live

    Hmmmm...I may have a 'spare' Aetulla. I'll have to check.
  7. Fulfilling

    Haven't heard anything about mine yet.
  8. Live

    Why yes, yes I have. Roberto Chaudon is simply amazing!
  9. Live

    If nothing else, you can always wait until you see the sculpts and decide if you want them or not. If not, there are plenty of great options in the range.
  10. Live

    I'm currently backing, but not sure I'll stay in. Mostly I care about the scenarios, and those are all going to be free on their website. I already have the new Conan RPG, so I have lore covered there, I think. And I'm not a huge fan of Martin Grandbarbe's painting style. As for the game itself, my group loves it! Challenging no matter what side you're on, and the resource management really makes every decision count. And I agree with the minis assessments. Sadly, it's typically the player characters that have the worst detail in my opinion. But maybe that's just the colored plastic.
  11. Live

    And...I'm in.
  12. Live

    I think I only have metal Jutes too. But I'd be happy to send you one. I know you have some in resin. Let me know.
  13. Live

    I want the docks for Blood & Plunder
  14. Live

    I'm in for WAY too much. But wow he's adding a bunch of stuff. Having that in-house sculptor is going to do wonders, I think. All the Jutes must be mine....