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  1. Dan d'Lyon

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    So...I'm finding myself in something of a conundrum. I watched the video and I've decided that the game is just not for me. Really just personal preference. But the minis truly are gorgeous, so it might be worth staying in and selling it when delivered. The price is certainly affordable for the contents. And if a few more SG's get added, it looks like crazy good value. Have about 10 days to decide.
  2. Dan d'Lyon

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    Ok, so there's a "gameplay video" coming. And they are using Tabletop Simulator. I have absolutely no problem with that. What I kind of do have a problem with is that they won't be using the cards (but we'll see since he says he'll be explaining lots of things about them) and it's only a single turn of a game. One turn does not allow me to get a feel for the ebb and flow. I'm still sticking with it, but they are losing me. How hard is it to use proxy figures, print out the other components and record a couple people playing the game? I'm not asking for studio quality here, but c'mon... It's a board game project. Show me the game.
  3. Dan d'Lyon

    Gangfight Skirmish Game System

    Thank you for the explanation. That sounds pretty cool.
  4. Dan d'Lyon

    Gangfight Skirmish Game System

    So...what exactly are the loot cards for? Just a different way of presenting items that are found in tables in the book?
  5. Dan d'Lyon

    Gangfight Skirmish Game System

    Really need to think about Blackwater Gulch. I just never took the plunge, but it has always looked interesting.
  6. Dan d'Lyon

    Zweihander RPG: Main Gauche Supplement

    They unlocked a reprint of the core rulebook as an add-on. So can get a hold of that now too. I really should decide if I'm going to back this. I love old school gaming.
  7. Dan d'Lyon

    Gangfight Skirmish Game System

    I grabbed an EB too.
  8. Dan d'Lyon

    Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

    Got mine too. I'm pretty happy with what I see. Now to find time to paint and actually use them.
  9. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/grimandperilous/main-gauche-a-zweihander-grim-and-perilous-rpg-sup/description I know there are plenty of RPG players on the board, and Zweihander just won ENnies for Best Game and Product of the Year at Gen Con. I missed the first campaign, but strongly considering jumping in on this one.
  10. Dan d'Lyon

    Scenic Grass Tufts and Flowers Kickstarter

    Yes. Mine should be delivered Friday as well. Very excited!
  11. Dan d'Lyon

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    Yes, I've seen the beta rulebook and the VERY limited videos. It's not enough to really show me how the game plays. Put two people at a table and have them actually play it. Let's see that there's some strategy other than simply trading blows. Let's see the cards in action and how using fate points at the right (or wrong) time can impact the game. I don't think that's too much to ask.
  12. Dan d'Lyon

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    They are starting to lose me. By now, everyone that's launching a board game should know that you need the rulebook (draft) and a gameplay video. I'm also finding it concerning that for an Australian company, their grasp of English is rather tenuous.
  13. Dan d'Lyon

    Some Things Transcend

    Thanks for the info. I'll check it out!
  14. Oooh.... I'll have to check this out!
  15. Dan d'Lyon

    Some Things Transcend

    How did I miss this? Sounds interesting.