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  1. Black Rose Wars

    I'm interested at the very least. But would prefer it if Sine Tempore was completed and delivered first.
  2. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    I stand corrected then. Thank you.
  3. Kingdom Death: Monster 2

    I'm guessing that since there were supposed to be 4 waves and the project wasn't supposed to be completed until 2020 that we won't see wave 3 until sometime next year. And I'm guessing late next year. There is A LOT of game content in that wave, if I remember correctly.
  4. Adrian Smith's HATE

    They usually allow late pledges, I think.
  5. Chronicle X by Archon Studios

    I'm having fun with Vanguard of War.
  6. Adrian Smith's HATE

    So... CMON just added another complete tribe to the core set. All in all, there are going to be 102 minis for $120. I think that's reasonable per mini, but have to agree that many look the same-ish. I'm still in, but kind of reconsidering if I want to get extra stuff to sell. Thinking about it.
  7. Mythic Battles Pantheon

    I'm still waiting on missing stuff, but hopefully it will all arrive soon.
  8. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I could see this one going going either way, but I'm planning to take the risk that this will do well on the secondary market. But really, my hope is to just be able to pay for my own copy. Where I really think I might make some cash is on a game called Middara...delivering this summer. But back on topic, will be interesting to see what comes after they finish this current tribe. The last 2 warriors are almost unlocked and then it's just the prince left, I think. And the 48 hour mark is coming up fast.
  9. Adrian Smith's HATE

    Or find someone you trust that is already pledging and see if they will add it on for you....
  10. Adrian Smith's HATE

    Yeah, I'm definitely in on the dragons.
  11. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I'm liking what I see. Yes, the minis are very same-y, but for a 2 player hack fest I think it looks like fun. Of course, I also enjoyed the Rune RPG, so glean from that what you will.
  12. Fourth Quarter Football - Gridiron miniatures game

    I'm slightly intrigued despite the page. Will have to watch some of the gameplay this weekend.
  13. Planet Apocalypse - Petersen Games

    I hate to say it, but they should really consider scaling back the size of these things. Storage space is getting out of control. That being said, I'll be looking at least.
  14. CMON Rising Sun

    I skipped this one because it's 3+ players, but looked like really cool stuff. Enjoy!
  15. Myth: Journeyman

    A previous update said that the buyer wouldn't make themselves known until March. No idea why, but I guess we'll see.