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    77018 - Skeletal Archer - My First Mini

    Good advice.
  2. Rignes

    77018 - Skeletal Archer - My First Mini

    Thanks for the tips. Yeah, in hindsight I probably should have done a 2nd coat of wash. I'll have to watch and see if one is necessary when I do the Orc Marauder. I bought a couple of extra minis for practice purposes. My long term goal is to get the basic techniques down enough to start painting the minis in Mansion of Madness (great game if you've never played it BTW). If I can at least get them table top ready I'll be a happy camper. I never had any interest in painting miniatures before my wife bought this game. So, I guess it's all her fault. :)
  3. Rignes

    77018 - Skeletal Archer - My First Mini

    Thanks. :) I think the hardest part and the thing I'm most displeased with is the drybrush highlighting part. The instructions have you apply a base color dry brush after the wash to bring the base color back up to where it was before the wash. Then it wants you to do a highlight drybrush with a lighter color. The highlighting was the hardest for me. I always felt like I was either not getting enough highlight or too much.
  4. So, here is the first mini I've ever painted. Before today I've never painted a mini in my life so please be gentle (but honest) with any comments you have. This mini and all the supplies I used were in the Core Skills learn to paint kit. I just follow the instructions as best I could. All in all, I think it turned out nice.
  5. Rignes

    Newbie Question about Primer

    Thanks for the tips. I'm hoping the Core Skills and the Layer Up kits help me get up to speed enough to paint the MoM miniatures. Really, I had no interest in mini painting my entire life until my wife bought this game. After a playing it a bunch of times the plain old black plastic is kind of a let down. I'm glad the two kits have 6 figures between them to practice on before I start tackling the bigger project. I used to do leather work as a hobby but kind of fell away from it. I'm hoping some of the dexterity that taught me will translate over into this. I know this is a mini forum but I've attached pictures of a purse I made for my wife. She used it every day for years before it wore out. I'm still proud of it after all these years. Looking at these pics makes me want to get out my old leather working tools but I better not get distracted. :) These pictures were taken when we retired it from service. I wish I had pics from when it was fresh.
  6. Rignes

    Newbie Question about Primer

    Thanks everyone for the quick reply and advice. While I'm waiting for my kits to come I've been immersing myself in videos and tutorials. So many interesting videos to watch.
  7. I have a Reaper paint into kit on order but I haven't received it just yet so I haven't painted anything yet. However, my long term goal is to learn enough to paint the minis that came in the Mansions of Madness game from Fantasy Flight games. Now, I know Reaper Bones minis aren't supposed to need primer but I'm sure the ones with the game will. My question is: Will Reaper primers work on other plastic or metal minis or are they specifically designed to only work on Reaper minis? Thanks.