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  1. golldan

    That's a Mighty Fine Coat

    Nice paint job. I like that greyish/greenish blue a lot. And sometimes it is nice to have and put down a mini with colors you do not use all the time. I think the coat looks good. I think the reddish brown is the right complement (triad, and do not quote me, I just like playing with color wheels and cool one's that were recently found and some pointed out on this forum) to that blue. I am going say this, and will likely seem odd - but when I look at the picture, all I see is the hat band. I think if that was shadowed/toned to more of the coat shadows, it would look more balanced. It may be the image. Also, not sure what your doing with the head or base, but maybe you could work some of that blue into those to pull it together. ..my two cents - regardless, nice painting...
  2. golldan

    Question on metal assembly

    Looks like it worked out well, including any gaps seeming to be filled. What I might suggest for any bones or metal parts or pieces that need to be attached would be E6000 craft cement. (Can be used for basing work or attaching mini to a base too) You can get it at Michaels or I am sure at Hobby Lobby. It is a bit flexible and fills gaps and if you are messy putting it on you can roll/rub it off.
  3. golldan

    Color Wheel App?

    Here is one I found on-line recently that I really like. It is basic and easy to read. (also like the one Cyradis posted) https://www.sessions.edu/color-calculator/
  4. Hi, I have the Queen Spider in metal as a WIP right now. I did not pin, but used E6000 from Michael's. My wife used it to glue ceramic tiles together and I started using for minis. I use it for 95% of the time for any glue tasks for minis. Mini to base, coat base to put flock or rocks down, to put mini parts together. It is more of a cement, so it is a bit flexable and it fills gaps too... So anyways, then for the Queen Spider, I then glued the ends of some of the legs to a 3" reaper base, that helped make it more rigid. I then used Liquitex Gesso over the areas on the Spider where the legs went into the ? thorax area. That dries hard as rocks. Seems to be holding up fine.
  5. Thought about going stark white, along the lines of Snow Owl and Polar bear mix, but ended up as more of a winter variant of Horned Owl/Brn Bear. I didn't want to lose all the deep shadows and higher ridges on the Bones Black material with going white/white. Plus-I think you need to be really talented to pull off the wht/wht or blk/blk look and feel. At least I am not comfortable with that totally yet. So here is the compromise.
  6. golldan

    77344: Ice Troll sculpted by Ben Siens

    The base skin is AV 70.899 Dark Prussian, mixed with black for the shadows, the highlights were with Dark Prussian and Reaper Ultramarine 09188, and then highest highlights mixed with Reaper Frost Blue 09421. Thanks for the tips on the ice, I will have to try them out.
  7. golldan

    77344: Ice Troll sculpted by Ben Siens

    Thanks all. The leather wear is from a video suggestion posted on this site from the Advice & Tips, Youtube channels - Painting Buddha Community College! (also good stuff on painting faces, with 3 color zones, yellow, red, blue) Not sure what I was trying on the stone he was throwing, I think it started out as Ice, then to more gem like... then kinda left it. I will likely try to tie the base in better with ice or some snow flock. I typically push in some of the colors I am painting the mini into the base crevices, hopefully to tie the base colors into the mini (you can see a bit of that in the red-brown behind the bigger stones and the cloth under the fur). Thanks again.
  8. golldan

    77344: Ice Troll sculpted by Ben Siens

    Thanks Glitterwolf In looking at the one painted in the Reaper Online store, I may have thought about a lighter blue, and highlight the claws more... maybe I need to pick up another one so this guy has a cousin.
  9. This troll has been sitting for a year half painted, finally finished him. Any suggestions welcome.
  10. In reading a couple of threads "Metallics for classic steel" (I will have to try the Reaper Blade Steel and Blue Liner suggestion) and the "Magic Wash" thread, it reminded me of a mini I keep going back to. I had painted some chain mail on another mini with 09421 Frost blue (let dry), and then used 09312 Steel Wash (10-20% water) and it turned out nice. Matched nicely the plate armor pieces I worked up from black to light grey with multiple wet layerings. Spent a bit of time on the solid armor parts - Now the wash part took 5 minutes, maybe another 10 to let dry inbetween. So taking the Bandit leader -77507 I had prepped, I decided to do the quick armor and shield (not the sword) with the Frost Blue then Steel Wash (10-20% water) process. He was a bandit, so figured I could blast thru it and it would be good to put down for PCs to decimate. After I quickly painted it, I keep going back to it, as it looks great, but really took little effort on the armor. I have used washed somewhat before and still use some other brands, but this combo just seemed to look "right". Even though that some of the lt blue still pokes thru, it does not seem out of place. First time posting images (trying to make sure they are proper, but apologize in advance), and the colors are not that true (not a lighting expert), you may be able to get the idea... or at least try it. I did see another thread here about the Steel Wash and someone using it with some mixed results - I got my bottle of Steel Wash from the Kickstarter too, and it seems to work well for me.
  11. golldan

    Guidance on base coat paints?

    Just primed my Owlbear. 33 degrees F. (80% humidity) here in Michigan, in detached garage and it turned out fine and ready to paint after priming with Tamiya Lt Grey Fine Surface Primer. Note about the Black Bones, not bad for flash. It is more plastic and when file, it is (best I can describe it) as chalk like.
  12. golldan

    Guidance on base coat paints?

    I use Tamiya Fine Surface Primer on all my minis, including Bones and it does a great job. I use the Light Grey.... I picked up the Black Bones Owlbear and will test the Tamiya on that, and report how it turns out...