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  1. Me too. I hate to say it but I was hoping things were going to go a little slower so it wouldn't feel like quite as much of a wait for that container. I can do this though!
  2. Someone was asking about storage ideas. I've got one of these gnedby bookcases from the big flatpack place of swedishness currently full of paperbacks but I think it's about to become Bones storage
  3. I had to close the app or I'd get nothing done at work today and eventually someone would notice.
  4. I realize a)it's totally irrational and b)it doesn't matter to my situation yet but I really keep hoping for early word that the shipping container of the terrible trio is past customs
  5. The UPS hub there is near the river but I wouldn't describe it as a garden spot. However, there is some excellent food nearish so maybe they went out for dinner (several times)?
  6. I feel like there's one person still knocking around the kickstarter warehouse, maybe wondering where everyone else is, maybe not...
  7. Woo! We're below 15.5k orders left
  8. Ooh, some lucky so-and-so in McAlester!
  9. Welp, I didn't get my Hellboy tracking number before US shipments started but apparently I got it before the tracker was moving again. Back to watching the tracker being poked with a stick.
  10. I was under the impression (and I can't remember where it came from so it might be totally out of left field) that they leased the building starting April 1st and that's why things had to be moved, etc. in the middle.
  11. Don't forget to stretch!
  12. I really expected to be watching Wave1 ship before I got my tracking number for the Hellboy board game but at this point I don't know which is going to happen first.
  13. I thought they had most of last week to work on the warehouse. By Wednesday there were Canadians with tracking numbers which means things had to be gone from Texas before then.
  14. This is making me regret not driving up there this past weekend to gawk (and buy, because of course) and maybe eavesdrop a little.