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  1. Konorlas vs Dwarves

    Nice! I keep forgetting to take pictures of our games. Love the terrain. Did your opponent use the giant slayer doctrine on you? That always happens when I bring a large based list.
  2. 77542 Marthrangul

    I like it a lot. You might not think the stenciling worked out, but it adds visual interest as opposed to a solid color. Looks very nice.
  3. Warg 77202, for feedback

    Needs more contrast. I would also say throw in some glazes of browns and other colors to add interest. The teeth need a dark wash to bring out the details, and the eyes could use a white reflection dot. Please remember the above is just feedback, take what you want and leave the rest depending on how detailed you are wanting to get your minis. For a quick, get it on the table paint job it is good.
  4. Northmen - A line of 32mm pewter Norse miniatures

    Figured I had to support a local company, plus I'm getting overtime this month so I will have funds. They are now funded too.
  5. Hello, it's been a while. Have some picspam.

    Welcome back! Lots of really good stuff you posted.
  6. Northmen - A line of 32mm pewter Norse miniatures

    I'm tempted to get a set. Think they would let me swing by and pick up my pledge?
  7. A question about 14547: Night Spectre

    So 14182 got a lot of flak for the sculpt, people called it the boo monster. Cus it thows open it's coat and says "boo". Creepy, yes, but not in the way intended. 14547 is the much cooler resculpt.
  8. Kristof's Cars - finished

    Nice. I like how in the last picture the van looks like it's popping a wheelie.
  9. Welcome! You can try sending a PM to Wildbill or Warwick, they are (or used to be) in the Tulsa area, although neither has been very active lately. There are still a few veterans here who can help you with any questions you may have.
  10. Original Bones Kickstarter Question

    Usually the pledge manager emails you what you ordered, maybe see if you still have that?
  11. full list of all reaper products??

    Many years ago there was a spreadsheet that had everything, including the oop stuff. Even trying to keep it up to date was quite the task. Makes me wonder if I still have a copy somewhere.
  12. Solo Teaser/Trailer

    Please tell me I didn't see space tentacles.
  13. February 2018 Goals!

    Still working on January's goals, 2 fantasy figures and 2 sci fi figures.
  14. I barely worked on anything in January.
  15. Freya's Wrath: Dark Age & Fantasy 28mm Shieldmaidens

    There are a lot of stuff I would like to get, but I can't. Just got a couple of things I could really use.