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  1. fulfilling

    I got mine! I only got one figure but it does look really good.
  2. Alas it has been taken down, with no time frame on if or when it will be back up. Many of us weep for its loss.
  3. Get a nice big blush brush and use that. It is very soft and won't hurt the minis.
  4. Nope, cultists never made it into the game. I believe the figure was made when we were between 1.5 and 2.0 rules wise, and they got lost in the transition. Does anyone know a viable use for the demon warriors?
  5. Amazing work! Did you use an olive drab to shad the white?
  6. Warlord

    I wasn't a fan of bones for Warlord either until recently when I put my painted Kargir army in a bag with cards & dice bag and didn't have to worry about the paint jobs.
  7. Like was said, in that pack there are 2 bodies & 3 heads. For more variety in similar figures I suggest 2427, & 3573 (77335 for bones version).
  8. Those are awesome. You did a great job on the sculpted tails.
  9. Those are pretty cool.
  10. That shield is amazing.
  11. Nice. One of my constant yearly goals is to finish painting up my Darkspawn army.
  12. Cancelled

    I'm in for some snakes with wings.
  13. Funded

    So...whats the bug candy in reference to? I think it's kind of a weird looking model.
  14. Funded

    I'm currently in for the $130 pledge for all the free minis, but I may drop it down to just the pin ups and a few add ons. I'm also just in it for a few neat minis to paint. Fortunately all the free minis can be added on.
  15. Interesting. Would more solid colors have worked better? Would a painted and shaded mini worked better? Are you going to give a wash to these parts to make things pop better? On some of those parts it looks thick, does it look that way in person?