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  1. Got a little work done over the last few weeks. Symmetry is hard. I'm not going to worry about mistakes too much yet and just get him sculpted, then go back and redo things that aren't right. Mainly so I can see how all the proportions work once he's built up.
  2. It's primered.
  3. I'm in for the witch and construct.
  4. When do we need to turn in our keepers list for this year? Also, do we have to choose 4? Are we doing the banking points thing again?
  5. The books look fantastic, cant wait to see this shape up.
  6. Wait....they make this one in metal? I look forward to how you do the skin.
  7. A couple to provide healing to the right units and they are well worth their points. 8 in an army as part of the fighting force? Not good at all. You need to use them for what they were designed to do, which I didn't.
  8. Live

    A big +1 for more dwarven women with unusual weapons.
  9. Sorry for the late response, it's been a busy few weeks. I messed up on my terrible army build, I didn't notice the dodge/2 on the Nagendra warriors, if I had I wouldn't have brought them. David ran a full army of Nagendra Rangers, and that is a really bad army. I didn't because I wanted more variety. Somchai Tasanee Nagendra Ranger x8 Ssathuss Nagendra Warrior x4 Klahan Ssathuss Spikeshell Warriors x6 Ssathuss Nagendra Ranger x3 Nagendra Warrios x3 Albatross Amulet The week after we ran those I ran my terrible Darkspawn army, and confirmed that the Isiri warriors are terrible. I like the sculpt, but the stats are just bad. Aundine and Nasithe turned out better than I thought. Rahl Nasithe x2 Isiri Warrior x10 Aundine Javolith Nasithe Isiri Warrios x10 Spawn of Mashaf x6 Demon Imp x4 Albatross Amulet This week we ran one of my lists that was supposed to be terrible but ended up looking intersting against a fairly generalist army Looter built. We were able to see the strengths of the various models, but you don't build a list like this. Also, Ian is a terrible mage, don't run him. Broderick Mace of Righteousness Ian Battle Nun x4 Hospitalier x4 Sister Majeda Holy Armor Battle Nun x4 Hospitalier x4 Celestial Lion Acacia Ivy Crown Archer x6 Gar Wardogs x5 Totem of Battle Albatross Amulet
  10. Below is a list I ran a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I ran it really poorly. It was a three team game and I moved my casters to the right flank. Nadhezda got a domination off which allowed me to get a few hits on Looter's warlord, but I didn't cast anything with Oga because I didn't think I had range. I then used Oga as a shield for Nadhezda. Pro tip, don't use a DV10 model to block for your caster. So both of my caster's died quickly. Having curse on a bunch of models was fun and fairly effective. The necropolis army on my left flank did not get the benefit of their focus action most of the time. The necropolis player was also built around the doctrine to get +2 from bloodlust, but my did not give him the benefit of it which made it a nice fight. I like the list and want to try running it again sometime. Deathsleet Nadezhda Oga Handmaiden of Keskura x6 Musician Kaya Handmaiden of Keskura x4 Gora Handmaiden of Keskura x4 Musician Ice Troll
  11. So I successfully avoided painting the minis I should have been painting. I did a little bit of sculpting, filed mold lines of minis, based them, and worked on bases of mostly painted figures. Nothing much to take pictures of but some work was done.
  12. I'm going to start my 24 hours. Got an exchange mini, Reaper facebook competition minis, minis I've promised to paint for other people, and minis I've been working on while avoiding painting the stuff I should be painting. Also sculpting projects to finish.
  13. Travis, Justin, and I are in. Is there a list of our keepers from last year?
  14. Looks great.
  15. Got it! Thank you very much, they look fantastic! I will try to get pictures up tomorrow.