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  1. Humansquish

    Reapercon 2018 Enthusiasm and Chatter

    Karkarions! I would love to go to Reapercon, but I've got a trip planned on the east coast the week before.
  2. Humansquish

    Warlord - the state of play

    I doubt there will be any new releases, but the rules & models are still for sale. There are still a few groups that still play consistently.
  3. Humansquish

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

  4. Humansquish

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    Got mine! I really hate mold lines (see signature) but I'm really tempted to just assemble and paint all of them. Getting mold lines off of bones is a pain.
  5. JB Qwik will solve the arm problem. It's what I use to build my dragons.
  6. Got mine! Apparently I ordered 2 of the core sets. Plus Tigers.
  7. Humansquish

    Greebo Games Obsidian Dusk Elf Football team

    I got a text saying my stuff should be delivered Wednesday. Not sure how they got my phone number, unless it is required for Kickstarter.
  8. Humansquish

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    Get it, you need the flail snail. Everyone needs a flail snail.
  9. On facebook they mentioned they were still sorting Mon, should start shipping Wed.
  10. Humansquish

    Demonoid - Original Character - Unpainted 8" Resin Bust

    I'm kinda tempted to get one and convert it to a Rauthuros bust.
  11. I liked the third hat position best.
  12. So a few weeks ago my group had a three way battle of Razig vs allied Elves & Reptus. When there are just 3 of us we found it is better to have a 2 on 1, so I had 1500 of Razig, Dave had 750 of Elves, and Looter had 750 of Reptus. The map was a city fight, 3x3 buildings with roads in between all the buildings. My list is below in spoiler tags. Dave had Lanarch, Niriodel, Lysette, 3 or 4 archers, several Vale Swordsman. He had a 2nd troop with a sergeant (or captain) that I can't remember, Ardynn, & same soldier set up as the first. He also usually has a totem. Looter will probably post his list, but as I remember he had Broodmaster w/Troll Hide & Dragon Claw, Tkay w/Familiar, 4 archers, 5 trolls. I deployed Razig on my right with Zombies in front, the ranged troop behind and a little to Razigs right, Scuttlebones to the far right. On my left I placed the Dark Maiden, the Chain Gang troop to her left, with Karkarius to the far left. Looter deployed his troop to my right, Dave had his smaller troop to the left of him, then his big troop to the far left. TURN 1 The game started out with Lysette being marooned. Dave went first and moved his smaller troop's warriors up, while his archers shoot at 2 zombies. One zombie dies, and the other, let's call him Bob, toughs up. I then activate and use my ranged troop to shoot the elves that moved up, killing 2. Dave then activates again, moves his other troop up a little and puts one wound on a chain ganger with ranged attacks. Most of the rest of my troops move up a bit, but with my chain ganger troop I try casting Domination with Clarissa on a warrior to attack Lanarch, but I was 1 inch off. Looter moves last, casts Iron Skin on Brood Master who then rush attacks Scuttlebones who promptly fails the Fearsome discipline check. The giant dead crab takes one wound (after Damage Reduction) and does nothing back. 3 trolls move up the middle, 2 to my left. TURN 2 Lysette makes her marooned roll, entering the game. Elves come up first again, but I spy it with my card next. Clarissa casts Poison Cloud on archers & trolls in the back near the center, but only get 1 archer. My warriors and sergeant in that troop charge up and kill a couple of swordsman. On Dave's turn Lysette casts Blur on the sergeant, Lanarch successfully casts Mind Blast to kill Black Knife Tom, archers & swordsman manage to kill 1 chain ganger while one toughs up, and one swordsman double moved to base Clarissa. My card again, I use my ranged troop to shoot Brood Master, putting 2 wounds on him after DR. Looter's is next and I try to spy again, but Dave's card comes up. He uses Ardynn to chain lightning my remaining zombies and a couple of salty sabers, Bob toughs back up. He then uses his swordsman to attack Bob and a couple of sabers, his seargent charges 2 other sabers. Bob toughs back up as do the 2 sabers the sergeant attacked. Looter uses his cleric to heal Brood Master then breaks from Scuttlebones to charge 1 pike, 1 saber, & Jackie Bones. His 3 trolls on that side charge the shaken Scuttlebones. On the left his 2 trolls charge the Dark Maiden, but one fails the Fearsome check and doesn't base. In the melee the pike and saber die, but Jackie toughs up and manages to put a wound on Brood Master after the DR. The trolls kill Scuttlebones but I manage to kill a troll, at least until Looter uses a luck stone to pass the tough check from his faction ability. The troll and Dark Maiden trade 1 wound. Looter's archers only have line of sight to poor Bob, but he toughs up yet again after being pin cushioned. The rest of the initiative cards were mine. I used the Dark Maiden to cast Life Steal on the troll to heal back up to full, then melee the troll to kill it. The Dark Maiden takes one wound back in defensive strikes. I use Karkarius to kill the swordsman who based Clarissa, but that swordsman then killed Clarissa. Finally I activate Razig's troop. The crewman focus and shoot Brood Master, taking up his DR. The seahag then manages to stun Brood Master. Razig Inspires, then he and the remaining pikemen charge Brood Master, the salty dog charges the damaged troll, Bob and a saber charge one of the other trolls. Razig kills the Brood Master who rolls a 1 on the tough check, the salty dog kills the troll, and the 2 sabers in base whiff on the sergeant. The saber who charged with Bob on the troll failed his Nauseating check and Bob failed his attack, but fortunately the troll's defensive strikes miss. On Razig's warlord ability rolls I get 1 pikeman to come back who I place to block fire from the archers. TURN 3 Looter goes first. He has 1 troll unbased, but 1 based with Bob and a saber. The based troll declares to break away to charge Razig, with the unbased troll charging into the reach position. The based troll fails the discipline check, so decides to try again and succeeds. Razig full parry's so the troll attack fails. The remaining troll on the left succeeds in charging the Dark Maiden and putting one wound on her. She kills the troll in defensive strikes but the troll toughs up. Looter's archers move to get LOS to Jackie Bones and then kill him. Dave then goes, he casts Chain Lightning again but only damages the sea hag and one saber. His archers shoot Bob, who alas, does not tough up. The sergeant then breaks away from the sabers. I go next and use 2 chain gangers to double move to base Lanarch, the other one attacks and kills a swordsman. I go again, my ranged troop kills the troll in the reach position. Dave goes next, Lanarch uses Ice Burst and Lysette casts Hail Stones targeting the chain gangers in base with Lanarch to kill them, but they both tough up. He then uses his ranged attacks to shoot the chain gangers in base with Lanarch, but all miss. He uses a couple of swordsman to attack Karkarius, one to attack the lone chain ganger, one to attack one of the chain ganger in base with Lanarch, and finally uses Lanarch's familiar to charge and attack the other chain ganger in base with Lanarch. The ones attacking Karkarius just die, the lone chain ganger and swordsman kill each other. The swordsman attacking the one based with Lanarch missed, but the familiar killed his target. My defensive strikes put a couple of wounds on Lanarch. Just my cards are left again, I use the Dark Maiden's warlord ability to kill 2 of Dave's archers on the right, while wounding the 3rd. She then kills the troll she was in base with. Karkarius kills the remaining swordsman on the left. Razig kills the remaining troll, the scurvy dog kills the remaining swordsman on the right, the sabers charge and miss on the sergeant, and my crewman miss their shots on Ardynn. I then get 5 guys to come back with Razig's warlord ability, at which point Dave and Looter call the game. A crazy game with a lot of tough rolls made, but everyone had fun.
  13. Humansquish

    OMG! Warlord digital!

    The vast majority, if not all, of Reaper Warlord figures were traditionally sculpted so no files exist. Plus I doubt Reaper would ever sell STL files of any of their sculpts.
  14. I also saw Pacific Rim, terrible movie but I enjoyed it. Just like the first one it was a high graphic b-movie of giant robots fighting giant monsters.