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  1. Coils for the front. The little piece can go on the post without glue and it will swing. If you don't glue the arm to the little base that will also swing. Mount the gun, if you don't glue where the barrel connects to the plates the gun will move. You have options of small steel plates on the sides.... or the large wood platforms. Glue on the crane and wheel handles and you are done!
  2. I figured I would do a build thread on the Sledgehammer as it has a lot of pieces and can be intimidating. ReaperBryan did a video on it but it is sped up and can be easy to miss where things go. Link to Bryan's video. For each group of parts I tried to take of picture of the parts, then a picture of them assembled. Flip the big piece over to install the smaller piece. The two wheel pieces are keyed. Thanks to Erk for helping me find out where the little gear goes. The barrel parts are keyed. Top parts for the barrel. Top barrel assembled. Door Pieces, you can build it open or closed. Bottom barrel pieces, put the double tube piece on first before the fin.
  3. What is an antiblast order?
  4. Fun. I may have to try this since I'm unemployed and have time. I will be following along to blatantly steal color schemes.
  5. I'm pretty sure I had different ones, but I recycled the boxes already.
  6. Yeah I was planning on doing something like that, I just haven't decided if the wings are going to be opened or closed. The wire is for the main "bones" and I will attach something to it to flesh out the wings once I get there.
  7. The current armature, I think I like the proportions. With it next to the bones Rauthuros and the Minotaur Demon for size comparison. Yeah, the legs are going to be taller than the old Rauthuros.
  8. I have to replace my roof this year so I won't be going to Reapercon. This just means I will have over a year to plot, plan, and paint. But of course I will just do them in the last week in a rush.
  9. Fantastic job! The best copper dragon I've seen.
  10. First! Looking forward to doing another of these. Thanks for running this!
  11. Fulfilling

    I got my box! It didn't get signed this year though. I'll be opening it at a friends house later today, should be fun.
  12. It makes me happy that you are taking the time to remove the mold lines.