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  1. She's the best sculptor in the business AND she can paint? Man, that Julie Guthrie can do anything.
  2. Funded

    Ordered my 10 Rauthuros. Going to be living on top ramen for a while.
  3. That looks really good.
  4. Welcome! There are still a few of us that play and are passionate about the game, and will be happy to answer any questions you have about the game. Is there a hobby store near you? I would suggest going there and making friends with someone who would be willing to try the game out with you. Seeing you guys play the game may bring others in who would want to try it.
  5. I'm going to try the full challenge this year, got my minis selected and am working on prepping them.
  6. The look good. I really like the dwarf chick, but her legs look too skinny for her torso.
  7. Exchange mini is done, had a weekend of not painting so I will start this challenge. Got a Kryphrixis that needs paint. I rolled: 16 - Cloudy Gray 9 - Heather Blue 19 - Pure Black I will be painting an urban dragon apparently. I won't be home much the next couple days, then I need to remove mold lines so it will be a little bit before I start the wip thread.
  8. 2 piece figure, horse & rider. The horse is sculpted with a blanket, no saddle.
  9. Mine was put in the mail today.
  10. I look forward to this, Coraline is one of my favorite sculpts.
  11. The body looks really good. For the eyes, flip the figure upside down to do your offhand eye. Tip learned from Julie Guthrie.
  12. Funded

    I was just reading through the last page and saw this. Got super excited and pulled up the update, and was a little disappointed he is basically Narglauth with more arms. Still cool you guys did that, I just think Rauthuros should be the biggest demon. I will still get at least 5, need to see if I can budget in 10.
  13. Looks like fun, but I've got to get my exchange mini done before I can start.