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  1. Warlord face book group

    I would say it depends on if you can get a couple of people to invest & play also. There is a group of four of us that play and we have been playing regularly for the last 6 months or so.
  2. Warlord face book group

    Wouldn't hurt, I just think there would only be a handful of people that would join it. I think even a lot of the die hards don't play much anymore.
  3. November/December WIP

    I always enjoy seeing your wips. It gives me inspiration, plus you seem to get better every time you post.
  4. Where is the ice giants?

    The proxy rules are pretty liberal, just get giants you like to fill out your army.
  5. Squish's Minivember

    Got a few more. Sophie is rough because I got tired. Final Group. Got 21 done all told.
  6. Inarah's Minivember

    Did you get your one more? Great job getting through so many.
  7. Congratulations to (Reaper)Bryan on his new job

    Congrats Bryan!
  8. Minivember 2017!

    Yay, great job! How about a close up of Sophie?
  9. Kev!'s Frostgrave Fungi #2 (InMiPaMo day 30)

    Great job! I enjoyed seeing a mini from you each day.
  10. Squish's Minivember

    Been working on several of the models since my last post, just got a few completed. I'm hoping to be able to finish a handful more tomorrow in a final push. Yay, the picture is in focus!
  11. I don't use a phone to browse the forums but I did notice today that my link was not working. It used to be reapermini.com/forum and now it is forum.reapermini.com. Not sure if that helps those who use phones.
  12. Squish's Minivember

    Got Vonsalay done today, pretty happy how she turned out.
  13. Squish's Minivember

    Didn't have much motivation to finish a miniature at all last week, tried to use this weekend to refocus and get some of the backlog done. I got a couple of them finished, but I didn't even start on the minis slated for this weekend so it ended up being a wash. Below are the ones I got finished.