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  1. Humansquish

    Happy Birthday Humansquish

    Thanks everyone!
  2. Humansquish

    Pokemon Go

    Thanks @Keianna for the Khangaskhan! It's one of my favorite pokemon.
  3. Humansquish

    Pokemon Go

    I got a regional out of a 7km egg! Its a.....Tauros. :( Oh well, it is kinda cool to have a Tauros from Malaysia. I did get a couple of Porygon out of the 7km eggs. Does anyone know why they are in the eggs? I feel like I got robbed with them. Also, I will try to send the max gifts I can in a day. If I don't send you one it is because I am out or you haven't opened my gift.
  4. Humansquish

    Pokemon Go

    Shiny Wingull and shiny Growlith were released today.
  5. Humansquish

    Pokemon Go

    It would be super cool if the gifts had a chance at giving 5k eggs. Then we wouldn't have to worry about getting so many alolan meouths.
  6. Wet blend all the things!
  7. Humansquish

    If you're going to Phil-a-delphia.....

    My family and I will be flying to the East coast to tour some of the old battleships, ending with the New Jersey. We're planning on getting cheesesteaks & touring the Liberty Bell, hopefully we will have time to do a little bit more.
  8. Humansquish

    Limbo: Eternal War - June 2018

    In with an early bird. Glad they did it time based and not a certain amount.
  9. Humansquish

    World Wide Miniatures Day 2018 #5

    And I'm calling it. Eyeballs and joints are starting to hurt. Still got 7 done and good progress on 4 more, good day.
  10. Humansquish

    World Wide Miniatures Day 2018 #5

    I get distracted too easy. Got two mostly done, 5 more about half way. Also got 4 prepped & primed.
  11. Humansquish

    World Wide Miniatures Day 2018 #5

    Getting started on my 24 hr challenge, which most likely will turn into a 12 hr challenge. Below is what I am planning on working on.
  12. Humansquish

    World Wide Miniatures Day 2018 #5

    Family activities have popped up this weekend. I will still try to paint tomorrow, but it's looking like the weekend of the 28th for me to try the 24 hr challenge.
  13. Humansquish

    Pokemon Go

    My brother talked me into starting this a couple of months ago. I'm willing to trade friend codes with forumites.
  14. Humansquish

    World Wide Miniatures Day 2018 #5

    Yay! I like doing these every year. I will try for the 24 hour challenge again.
  15. Humansquish

    Reaper Bones 4: Enthusiasm and Commentary Thread

    I wasn't planning on getting the Roc, but now I have to get one to paint up like a shiny Ho-Oh (a pokemon bird).