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  1. That makes me think of a Frazetta painting used by the band Molly Hatchet as an album cover. The axe is in the opposite hand compared to the painting.
  2. I think there was a prepainted D&D mini of a Komodo Dragon. Just checked, I was wrong. It was a monitor lizard. #29 from the Underdark set.
  3. I'm pretty sure those are Tamiya. I think they were 1/35th scale.
  4. How about the Chronoscope Incredible Woman? incredible woman/sku-down/50212
  5. I'm about to watch Logan and some season 1 episodes of Don't Trust the B....... in Apartment 23.
  6. Going to see it tomorrow!!
  7. I actually like it, but I prefer hover/grav vehicles over wheeled/tracked for my scifi armies.
  8. Maybe paint the mold lines on the wolves like a scar??
  9. Going to be picking up Logan's Run (both the movie and the TV series) and Jack Reacher (the first one) from the Library in an hour or two. I enjoyed Chappie.
  10. I was 2 when Barbarella was released. Jane was 31.
  11. Got to watch Barbarella just now. I think they did drugs when making that movie....But young Jane Fonda was distractingly attractive. Extremely distracting. Because I didn't mind the wackiness, which I normally can't stand. The next movie I'll watch will be Chappie (which I haven't seen yet). Then Logan's Run. I won't get around to Wonder Woman until 06 June ($5 Tuesday at the local theater)!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I watched Monster Trucks last night and highly recommend it. It was funny and entertaining. I'm going to try to watch Barbarella again today, every time I start it the crazy gets too out of hand here and I have to stop.
  13. I liked Assassin's Creed, but I've never played any of the games. Will watch Barbarella on Wednesday.
  14. 10 Cloverfield Lane was OK. I also watched Entourage the Movie and have no interest in watching any of the seasons. Tonight will be Assassin's Creed and/or Barbarella.
  15. I'm about to start watching 10 Cloverfield Lane, then I might watch either Assassin's Creed or Barbarella. I haven't seen any of them before.