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  1. Brother Jim

    Does Reaper make 15mm Minis?

    Not sure where the rest of the 15mm figs went (or even what they were?), but Magister Militum sells the Lizardmen in the Historical Period - Fantasy - Lizardmen and Amphibian Men section. They are the first 5 packs (BDL1-5).
  2. I saw both Captain Marvel and Alita: Battle Angel in the theater yesterday. I very much enjoyed both, even though I missed the first ten minutes or so of Alita. Today I rented Overlord and Ralph Wrecks the Internet and am about to start watching them.
  3. Brother Jim

    Jasper vs. Rabbit Season

    Iron Wind Metals sells some Thumpers, but unfortunately, they don't sell the trooper types as singles. 02-793 Thumper Archers (Shooters) w/ bow (12) for $21.95. 02-791 Thumper Warriors (Thrashers) w/ Sword (12) for $21.95. 02-792 Thumper Knights (Choppers) w/ Axe (12) for $21.95. 98-331 Doom Thumpers Starter Set for $30.00. This appears to have 4 Bow, 4 Axe and 4 Sword. 02-790 Thumper War-Captain for $4.75 each. RPE still has the Doom Bunny for 3GBP, but I couldn't find any other rabbits.
  4. Brother Jim

    Is there a Stegosaurus mini out?

    According to the Chaos Wars 2 KS page the Stegosaurus is 4" long.
  5. I watched Rampage, Ocean's 8 and Hotel Transylvania 3 yesterday.
  6. Brother Jim

    MK Night sister

    It's a Mage Knight Nightblade. I had to look it up even though I have several of the metal version of this model.
  7. The Warlord Koborlas, especially 14239 Feral Hunter and 14516 Rageclaw Linebreaker. My plastic Wolfen need missile weapon support. 02935 Snakeman Champion because he's huge and expensive and I need several. ALL the Ben Siens Lizardmen! There's currently only one spearman in Bones and I need all of them. 02315 Lizardman with spear. 02331 Lizard Hunting Pack (1 Lizardman & 2 Hunting Lizards). 02351 S' Athka Lizardman. 02392 Shaman. 02404 Tyrant with stone axe. 02408 Tyrant with sword. 03390 Lizardman Tyrant (from the price Ogre sized?). 06039 with Spears x2 poses, but one is already in Bones. 06046 Archers x2 poses. 06047 Command x3 poses. 06050 Warriors x2 poses. 06057 Warriors x2 poses.
  8. Brother Jim

    Anyone have 14632: Kargir Tundra Beast Rider?

    If you look at the feet and neck the two beasts are similar, but not the same. The two Reaper beasties, I hadn't seen TheAuldGrump's reply.
  9. Use the CAVs as Golems.....with rayguns and missiles.
  10. Brother Jim

    Finding Players (Meetup Thread)

    That looks cool Weird-O. I'm in Bellaire, Ohio.
  11. Brother Jim

    Help identify big helmet samurai

    Could that be from the Crucible game? Ral Partha made them for FASA and I'm pretty sure they were tabbed.
  12. Brother Jim

    Happy Birthday Brother Jim

  13. Brother Jim

    What makes a good war game ?

    Have you looked at MJ12games "Defiance: Vital Ground" and/or "Ares". The links below don't go directly to the store pages, but do include the free Demo rules (and a few more free PDFs for Defiance). Defiance http://www.mj12games.com/defiance/ Ares http://www.mj12games.com/ares/ The Demo rules are just the game rules, not the force construction rules. I just realized I haven't looked at either ruleset in almost a decade. I'm pretty sure Defiance is D10 based, but I think Ares uses multiple size dice. Yep, just looked, Ares uses multiple dice types. Sorry, but if it's OK with the OP I'll leave it here in case someone else finds it interesting. Defiance is strictly D10 based.
  14. Brother Jim

    Catfolk feet?

    I could kind of see it with the monk due to the pose, but the others do look uncatlike. I really like Mal and Shadoweyes though.
  15. The PDF for the Characters book is $29.99 at Warehouse 23. The PDF for both Characters and Campaigns is $54.90 at Warehouse 23. EDIT: Warehouse 23 also has 19 FREE PDFs for 4th Edition.