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  1. Brother Jim

    What makes a good war game ?

    Have you looked at MJ12games "Defiance: Vital Ground" and/or "Ares". The links below don't go directly to the store pages, but do include the free Demo rules (and a few more free PDFs for Defiance). Defiance http://www.mj12games.com/defiance/ Ares http://www.mj12games.com/ares/ The Demo rules are just the game rules, not the force construction rules. I just realized I haven't looked at either ruleset in almost a decade. I'm pretty sure Defiance is D10 based, but I think Ares uses multiple size dice. Yep, just looked, Ares uses multiple dice types. Sorry, but if it's OK with the OP I'll leave it here in case someone else finds it interesting. Defiance is strictly D10 based.
  2. Brother Jim

    Catfolk feet?

    I could kind of see it with the monk due to the pose, but the others do look uncatlike. I really like Mal and Shadoweyes though.
  3. The PDF for the Characters book is $29.99 at Warehouse 23. The PDF for both Characters and Campaigns is $54.90 at Warehouse 23. EDIT: Warehouse 23 also has 19 FREE PDFs for 4th Edition.
  4. Brother Jim

    Corsair's CAVs

    I've felt the same way ever since they announced the size for the plastic hexes and they were going to be smaller than the old metal hex bases way back in Dec 2014. And the rules didn't dictate the size, they went with a size that would be more useful to more people so more people would buy the bases. I hope that made sense, I really need to shut the computer off and go to bed.
  5. Brother Jim

    Looking for a pretty big Gnoll miniature

    Armorcast makes a few gnolls, I don't own them so I don't know how big they are. But here are the part numbers and names: LL06012 Gnoll Half Giantess LL00401 Gnoll w/ 2-Handed Great Weapon LL00410 Gnoll King w/ 2-Handed Magical Great Sword.
  6. Brother Jim

    Looking for a pretty big Gnoll miniature

    Reaper makes 02704: Lord of the Gnolls ($9.99) sculpted by Ben Siens. https://www.reapermini.com/graphics/gallery/4/02704_G.jpg
  7. Order #45161 Placed 04/27/09, $39.00 Items: RC09-L: ReaperCon '09 Ticket, plus Adult Large Shirt (39.00) x1 Interestingly this orders status still shows it's being processed. All other orders show they have been filled. I'm pretty sure this was actually filled back in '09.
  8. Awesome!! Banshees and Butchers will be mine!!! Depending on how much fun money I have after car insurance and some maintenance.
  9. If I didn't have any money to back the kickstarter, but I might have some fun money in Dec, would I be able to use the pledge manager (even if it costs me more than if I had backed the KS)??? Thanks.
  10. Brother Jim

    Nuns with Laserguns - By Troublemaker Games

    Oh, so they're kinda sorta like powerguns from David Drake's Hammers Slammers books? Link to the wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hammerverse
  11. Brother Jim

    Nuns with Laserguns - By Troublemaker Games

    The shoulder stock helps stabilize the weapon when making long range shots, and I'm not sure a weapon grade laser wouldn't have some recoil.
  12. Brother Jim

    Sculptor Sandra Garrity posted about IP infringment on Facebook

    The list of minis seems to have disappeared.
  13. Brother Jim

    The Samurai

    That's an L5R miniature. Dragon Clan Togashi Yoshi found on the Lost Minis Wiki (link below): http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Valiant-L5R-VELL5RD26.jpg But that's not the mini that comes up when I searched for Dragon Clan Togashi Yoshi on Google.
  14. Brother Jim

    Randomness XIV: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!

    .44 Magnum, not a .357 Magnum.
  15. I thought this was supposed to be a series that was going on their streaming service. Or I could be confusing this with something else.........or just confused in general.