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  1. I'm not gonna link it, but I'll give you a place to start your Googling!<<<<I'm pretty sure that's a real word. warhammer-community dot com Just do the usual, add a (www.) in front of the bolded words above, remove the spaces and replace the word(dot) with a .
  2. I've enjoyed Drive Angry the couple of times I've seen it.
  3. That's why there are spaces and a spelled out "dot". That let's folks know the website without actually linking to it. And I'm pretty sure that directly linking to another companys webstore is verboten. And Darkmeer said he had missed most of the line.
  4. I'm pretty sure those are still available, check out cadwallon dot com (remove spaces and replace dot with a .).
  5. I watched The Shallows and Equals. I enjoyed the first and couldn't even finish the second.
  6. I watched Doctor Strange last night and enjoyed it. I'm going to watch The Shallows, Equals and The Raid: Redemption (this is a rewatch, but it's been a while).
  7. I think Valiant Enterprises has the L5R line. EDIT: Yes, they do! Their website (without actually linking to it) is: www dot veldt dot net. Remove spaces and replace the word dot with a period.
  8. I watched Arrival, Keeping Up With the Joneses, Under the Skin and Kubo and the Two Strings in the last 24 hours. I enjoyed 3 of them, the fourth I would have wanted my money back if I had seen it in a theater. Under the Skin was disjointed and I have no idea what story they were trying to tell. I was actually angry at the end of the movie because I felt I had wasted the almost 2 hours watching it. Even if there were naked Scarlett Johansson scenes.
  9. Thanks! I got $10.
  10. A whole series of Tigerians like Mrrowl, but in different poses and with different equipment and clothing. At least one in an armored spacesuit/powered armor with a rifle.
  11. I saw it yesterday ($5 Tuesday at my local theater) and liked it. I may watch it again next week.
  12. Yessss!!!!! That's it, Thanks guys !!!!!!!
  13. I was going through my stuff and found an old Silver Age Sentinels miniature still in the blister, but I had removed the SWAG point (which has the name and number on the other side). It's the female Valkyrie type with a 2 handed sword, does anyone know the figure's name and the model number?? I don't have a picture, sorry.
  14. Well, my Guide lied to me again, there was no new episode of TMNT on Sunday. I won't get to watch any more TV as I can't afford it. My internet got shut off on the 3rd and my TV on the morning of the 8th. I'm posting this from the Library.
  15. I finally got to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I rewatched Aliens (the second one) and Lucy last night.