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  1. Watched Thor: Ragnarok on Sunday, might go see Justice League on Thanksgiving.
  2. Just watched John Wick, and I've ordered Chapter 2 from the Library.
  3. Kings of War: Vanguard

    I don't know about the rest of the world, but I need an Ogre in full plate....NEED. EDIT: And having looked at the Kickstarter the Ogre Palace Guard looks awesome!
  4. Look for the Minimates Aliens APC. I don't have access to the two I have right now, but they looked alright next to a 28mm figure IMHO. Here's one next to a tennis ball. FYI the turret does not move along the track from stowed (pictured) to ready (top of vehicle).
  5. The Unknown Vampire

    I want to say that's a RAFM mini, but I can't find it in their webstore.
  6. I don't remember where I got this guy

    That certainly looks right!!
  7. I don't remember where I got this guy

    I thought that looked like a Litorian from Monte Cook's Arcana Unearthed, but I don't see that particular mini on Iron Wind Metals webstore. The lost minis wiki only lists 6 Litorians and that's how many IWM has. EDIT: I don't think it's from Black Orc Games line of cat people either as I think all of them were single piece castings.
  8. Star Trek Discovery - is anyone enjoying it?

    Sympathy Like for the Beagle. I've only seen the first two, haven't been all that excited about watching the other three (? I think it's up to five episodes). But I feel that The Orville is more Star Trek than Discovery is.
  9. Favorite Diet Soda

    Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, Dr. Pepper 10 and/or Pepsi Max.
  10. Bones 3 Crusaders

    Thanks, that's what it looks like, but I wanted to be sure.
  11. Bones 3 Crusaders

    Are all 3 swords the same length or is the one being wielded with two hands longer ?? Thanks !!
  12. Ral Partha Female Fighter

    Ummmm, Iron Wind Metals is basically a renamed Ral Partha.
  13. Bones # -> Metal # Xref

    This isn't a list, but if you search for a particular model in the Reaper store I think it brings up both the metal and bones versions of that model. But some models have different names. The bones Bugbear Warrior (77015) is Korgug, Bugbear Bully (03245) which is the only Bugbear available in both metal and bones.
  14. Dark Heaven Legends vs. Apocalypse?

    I also have it, but haven't played it. I have the books from the boxed set. Reaper has a PDF of the rules system available, it's at the very bottom of the Casketworks list. Here's the direct linky: https://www.reapermini.com/pdf/CW/The_System.pdf
  15. CAV Cheetah

    I don't have any of the plastic hex bases, but the metal ones are 32 or 33mm (depending on how much filing the base needed) across the bottom measuring flat to flat. An inch is 25mm. I was very concerned with the decision to make the bases 1" during the first CAV Kickstarter because some of the bigger CAVs overhang the metal hex bases.