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  1. So hit up the Source tonight! HUGE store staffed by some friendly folks and they had games going on until close. They have an enormous selection, basically everything offered of Dark Sword miniature, due to Jim Ludwig being a local, and a very large selectn of Reaper Bones. Nary a metal Reaper to be seen sadly. They carried lots of different paint lines, including Reaper, so did a bit of a refill of some of the colors I was missing. It seems the stores I've visited recently are going full boar/bore Bones. Is this the future of Reaper, pure PVC?
  2. I can't see them so very well, but I'm throwing an enthusiastic two thumbs and two big toes up for the Partha pieces!
  3. And I should also mention I was extremely thrilled to see the female elf blacksmith and the female hobgoblin archer come out in metal. I snatched those right up and hope someday to add them to the queue.
  4. I dont have too many Bones, as I prefer metal still, but I fully appreciate the fact that you can drop a figure and it won't break or chip. I just had a metal dragon I had glued and pinned, but of course dropped it and now he's in three separate pieces.
  5. Very nicely done! I'm not a fan of Games Workshop minis, EXCEPT for their Lord of the Rings stuff and you did a great job on this one!
  6. Thanks guys! The eyes I was pretty happy with, but the nicest part of the model is that it's big enough where the eyes were relatively easy. The only problem really was the color, I was trying to do a brighter red, and hopefully in the photo you can see that they are indeed red, but as I kept going in there with the red dot, it didn't seem to take as much as I wanted to and as a consequence I think they look more brown than red. But oh well... And yup, she is wearing some make up!
  7. So here is my rendition of a figure from Crocodile Games, Hecate sculpted by Chris Fitzpatrick. She's a bit bare chested, so you can see a shot of her front here: http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:Crocodile_games_hecate_front_(2).JPG and here is her view from behind:
  8. That's really nice, love the worn look!
  9. So I'm going to be in Minnapolis next week and am wondering if anybody knows of any good minature stores out there somewhere? Looking for stores that might have some old school stuff on the shelves, metal miniatures at the very least, and Reaper paint for sale would be a plus!
  10. Beautiful trio!
  11. Very nicely done, love the colors and the OSL!
  12. Great job and excellent figure! He looks very much like he's lurking somewhere getting ready to stab somebody in the back. This figure was part of a Barbarian Adventuring Party, which had three other figures, a Conanesque figure, a Viking and a female barbarian spell caster. Oddly enough, this was the only non-barbarian figure in the group!
  13. And I'm of exactly the opposite opinion. I've really never had very much "mint in box" rarities, but for example I had Dennis Mize's Slave Auction (and paid way too much for it), but tore it open the moment I got it and now all those little slave chicks are who knows exactly where, in a different set and assortment of drawers or boxes. I've never figured miniatures never did anybody any good just sitting there suffocating in a box, they need to breathe our nerdly airspace.
  14. I haven't had to do it for a while, but I found that if I ever screwed up an eye and yet still wanted to continue, I could often scrape the paint off the defective eye, reprime, cover again in walnut brown, and try the eye again without having to actually give up and give the figure a Pinesol bath. The problem after too many attempts on a single eye for me was the paint began to build up and after a certain point the surface became kind of deformed.
  15. Very nice job on a big hunk of metal! I was a few days ago getting ready to start a nice Partha dragon myself, but I dropped him and got unmotivated again due to the fact that he's now in pieces after pinning and gluing.