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  1. I haven't been that brave yet, I'm still working on the basics....
  2. I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for the older version!
  3. It's just another aspect of painting to practice. I just did two armored figures where it turned out okay, but not spectacular. I did another figure though a few months back where the armor looks way too grey.
  4. Yeah, have been working on that for years, and that continues to be hit and miss for me. I think it has a lot to do with the color I start out with. If you start out with an Ashen Blue it's more probable if will turn out better. But of course there is always the shading and highlighting to make it look decent as well. It just never ends...
  5. Those are coming along really nicely!
  6. and here's a link to the finished version:
  7. I think for eyes it's a matter of practice and once you more or less have it down, then it's something you can kind of say you've "conquered" and you can worry about another aspect of painting. My eyes are way far from perfect, but getting at least to a point where you aren't really depressed when you look at what you've done is a pretty good (relatively speaking) feeling. I kind of feel that I do okay eyes, and now my bane continues to be NMM, which I must try to figure out a way to conquer, or at least come to terms with.
  8. That was purely a coincidence brought about by chalky paint!
  9. Little by little, I hope to be able to paint some new version of some of my old figures!
  10. So I was feeling a bit nostalgic, alongside of the affection I already hold for old school miniatures, so I've decided to begin "repainting" some old figures I'd done way back when, I'm going to say in 1983 or before/after. I graduated high school in 1986 and after that totally forgot about miniatures until maybe around 2004. Anyhow, I've repainted Frito the Thief, a Grenadier model I had when I was young. With the new version, I did have to resculpt the nose because it was flattened by time. My other issue was whether I wanted to keep the same color scheme or do something different. Ultimately I stayed very similiarly with the clothing color scheme, but ended up changing the skin tone and hair color. I kept an orange turban, but ended up muting the color a tad. So here's the modern version: and now the original version, painted sometime in the eighties: and then a few side by side comparisons: So what do you think, any progress over the last thirty- odd years? I've got a bunch of these that I think I'm going to do as time permits. They really are some very fun miniatures to paint. The proportions aren't perfect, but they really do have lots of personality!
  11. I usually thin my paints with water, so use white paint with a little bit of water but not enough to not have control of where it goes. Does white liner actually exist?
  12. I think once you get the dark brown dot in a good spot, it's usually easier to get the colored dot in top of it because you already have a point to aim for.
  13. Hi All, So for those that pay the least bit of attention to what I paint, you may have noticed that I paint mostly Ral Partha figures, which is a brand I really do enjoy quite a lot. I've been painting figures for their online catalogue for a number of years, and I just recently tried my hand at my first little tutorial, which was posted over at their site. If you are at all curious, you could find it here: http://www.ralpartha.com/index.php/blog/119-painting-guide-eyes-and-faces It is by no means the end-all, be-all of painting eyes, but just shows the way I typically approach painting eyes with four recent examples of figures that I've done. I think it almost feels like a WIP for four different figures. So anyways, have a look, hope you enjoy it, and hopefully somebody somewhere can get a little bit of eye-painting inspiration!
  14. All the shields are extremely cool !
  15. So ever have one of those nights you wake up all the sudden with painting on your mind? That happened to me last night around three so got up and worked on this guy's finishing touches. I'd done the metal in the afternoon. Now I worked on the gold, the dart and a jewel on his sword. Do you guys see the poison on his dart?