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  1. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    Thanks! I'd actually forgotten that I'd painted that ranger's pants purple too....
  2. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    So was going to throw a nice little size comparison photo in, just taken from my iPhone, but it shows how small the halfling is in comparison to the human figure and even just a tad smaller than the dwarves and gnomes from the same series of Hackmaster figures.
  3. Both of them are fantastic! Nicely painted!
  4. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    Thanks very much Chaoswolf! He is a pretty small figure. It's kind of nice sizewise with the Hackmaster figures. The humans are the larger size, kind of 28 mm+, and their dwarves and gnomes are a bit smaller but still a bit large, and this Halfling is more diminutive than the dwarves, kind of like he should be. I'll set up a comparison shot here for sizes later today if I can get around to it.
  5. Ral Partha Ki-Rin

    And of course, steal away!
  6. Ral Partha Ki-Rin

    Those Dark Sword Kirin are really nice!
  7. Ral Partha Ki-Rin

    This is beautiful! Thanks for posting this one, I love the colors on him!
  8. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    Thanks! I didn't know if I was going to make that just a general metal clasp or a gem and the gem won out.
  9. Sunrise diorama

    Yup, both Partha’s and a delightful diorama!
  10. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    Thanks Malefactus, you’re making me blush!
  11. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    Thanks so much, it's flattering to be recognized as having a "style" of painting! Years after I'm dead they'll be talking about a Moonglumesque painting technique.....
  12. Ral Partha/Hackmaster halfling rogue

    Good morning all, so here's a Halfling rogue sculpted by Jim Johnson that was put out by Kenzer and Co., and rereleased by Ral Partha recently. A nice little Hackmaster figure, enjoy him quite a lot, because he's pretty straight forward, kind of iconic-looking Halfling thief. And I've been doing so many greens and such, it was a departure from my woodsy colors, so went for a cloak the color of the Dutch flag and some purple pants. Enjoy!
  13. Ral Partha Ki-Rin

    You should post your version, I'd love to see it!
  14. Ral Partha Ki-Rin

    Thanks so much Glitterwolf! This is one I painted already three years ago, but really enjoyed it and actually use it as an avatar on another forum! And should probably mention if I didn't so previously back in 2014, that this was beautifully sculpted by Julie Guthrie, sculpting Goddess! And of course now that I'm pining slightly nostalgic, it's amazing how quickly time flies by. It feels like I painted this one just yesterday....
  15. 01-106c Half-elf

    The colors are really nice, not going to lie