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  1. 72moonglum

    Grenadier 9602: Red Dragon II

    Wow, very nice, and that's a boatload of dedication making each scale a gem with the white dot and everything!
  2. 72moonglum

    Elvis, King of the Bards - Ral Partha

    I painted that figure a number of years ago and then gave it away as a gift. I’ve got another copy that someday I want to paint again, when I’ve got a spare 8-12 hours. I have always loved that 3 Stooges figure! Here’s my rendition:
  3. 72moonglum

    Shadowrun Dwarven Mercenaries from Ral Partha

    Not to worry, no hurry, but when you do get around to taking pictures, post them here on the Reaper Show Off section. What happened to you old site? Did you just let it go to abandon?
  4. 72moonglum

    Shadowrun Dwarven Mercenaries from Ral Partha

    Makes sense, thanks for the tip! I was trying to decide if they needed to be black or chrome colored, with your explanation though, I'm glad I did them in black. I also ended up pulling up "shotgun" on the World Wide Web, and they were mostly black as well. I thought about doing the shotgun originally in chrome and the machine gun and pistol in black, but then got lazy and wanting to finish did them all in black. Thanks Madog! With the male's coat, I was picking up the highlights I think mostly along the spots where the coat folded in, but then I didn't flare the highlights out towards the bottom. Who knows why I do the things I do sometimes? Old figures are my favorites, so you'll just keep seeing them in the near future at least, with a sprinkling of Reaper and Stonehaven thrown in there. When you get done with your gnolls, you really need to show them off, will be looking forward to seeing them! Yeah, lead, I've still got a handful of old, lead figures, some which has seen better days than others!
  5. 72moonglum

    Shadowrun Dwarven Mercenaries from Ral Partha

    Thanks much! The male eyebrows were already thee, just have to fill them in with color, the girl's eyebrows however had to "invent". I did them in walnut brown, and thought about going over them again with a lighter color, but I did that once with a certain female pirate and really didn't end up liking the results very well. Thanks! You can actually still get these two out at the Ral Partha /Iron Wind Metals web site. For whatever reason, they've got a sale actually going on for Shadowrun these days, so the prices are pretty nice. Thanks Glitterwolf, I was worried about that because I really have never painted guns before. I suffer enough with metal swords, but with these being black metal, was hoping they'd turn out okay.
  6. Hello all, here are some more Shadowrun figures that I've been working on. Two excellent figures, probably sculpted back in the nineties by Dave Summers, two Shadowrun Dwarven Mercenaries. As usual, so hard to decide upon colors, but I think they worked out reasonably well. The first one is a delicate dwarven lady: and her stalwart male companion: First time I've ever painted modern weaponry, so hoping they turned out okay. With choosing colors, in an effort to make my life a little bit easier, I gave them the same color overcoat, just painted different color detailing on them. I find that a nice change of genre is pretty fun, I'm enjoying painting something a little less fantasy and more sci-fi for a while. I'll hope to have more of these coming soon! Enjoy!
  7. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Cold Drake - but green (pic heavy)

    Very nicely done! I've always had issues with the naming of that figure, when cold drake keeps you away from thinking about the warmer colors, and more locked into whites, greys and light blues. I think that's what's prevented me from painting her.
  8. 72moonglum

    Happy Birthday Citrine!

    Gratulerer med dagen Citrine!
  9. 72moonglum

    Elvis, King of the Bards - Ral Partha

    Sorry for the delayed response Othikent! Thank you very much!
  10. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Shadowrun Street Mages

    Thank you very much Chaoswolf! One thing that happened with the girl with which I was very happy was I got her eyebrows right the first time. This doesn’t often happen so I was pretty stoked about that!
  11. 72moonglum

    Oathsworn Armadillo Warrior AKA Xolotl by Glitterwolf

    Very cool model and a great paint job!
  12. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Shadowrun Street Mages

    Yeah, most of the previously licensed stuff isn't available (old TSR D&D, for example), but Shadowrun still is. When you look around with Reaper in their Chronoscope line, you can also find some good cyberpunk/Shadowrunny type figures. It's kind of funny to see the perceived concept of the near future with these miniatures, everybody wandering around with portable computers and being cyber enhanced.
  13. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Shadowrun Street Mages

    Thanks Kuro, just trying to give some classic old school minis a bit of love and attention!
  14. 72moonglum

    77484: Mrs. Bones

    Definitely agree, that sword came out really nicely!
  15. 72moonglum

    Grenadier Frost Giants

    I’m glad then my WIP was able to help out!