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  1. Is it free or do you pay something for it?
  2. A few nights a week for an hour or three, and then if I can get up on the weekends early, from whatever that time is (five or so maybe) until my wife wakes up at eight. So depending any time from an hour or four hours in a stretch before real life catches up with me again.
  3. So every so often I think about wanting to create a blog, but never get around to it mostly because don't know what to choose. Do the fine folk out there that have blogs utilize free blogs, do they pay for them, or what goes on in the world of blogdom out there?
  4. I'm going to die.....
  5. Funded

    Frost Giant update: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2087444096/stonehavens-giants/posts/1862868
  6. I think the nice part about the Dark Sword Kickstarters is you know that once you hit the goals, they are going to ship pretty much on time and you can always grab, picking and choosing individual pieces you want, on their website, or if you've got a good hobby store around, they can probably get them from a distributor. I've got some Dark Sword stuff and it is just insanely gorgeous, no matter what scale it be sculpted in.
  7. So I bought a pot of umber brown this evening. Am going to have to try it out soon, maybe with darklining, like I'd use Reaper Walnut Brown.
  8. It's been such a long time since I've actually bought bottles without droppers I don't know how I'll react. Even when I had craft paints you had a lid with a little hole to squirt out a drip or two. I'm sure I'll survive....
  9. Thanks Chaoswolf! Very kind!
  10. It turned out great I think and gives them a certainly look of vitality, instead of just being old codgerly wizards.
  11. Hey there Madog, it certainly has been a while! Thanks for the information, I think I'm going to grab a few bottles of the stuff, some very basic general colors, so I can give it a try. And you know, it's all about the brush control......
  12. I'm sure he's deadly as sin, but he's just so darned cute!
  13. So cool, love the owl and all the colors and the fact that the wizards are blond and not grey!
  14. Yeah, very neat figure, had never seen that one before! Can't wait to ser her progress!
  15. I might get a few to try them put but in the meantime need to get around to placing a Reaper order.