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  1. 72moonglum

    Skadi, Dwarven Goddess

    This turned out really cool! Like it lots and it’s I think the first one I’ve seen painted besides the studio paint job!
  2. 72moonglum

    Grenadier Action Art Bugbear

    The Blue Cow Clan, bad news those guys.... Keep the old school coming, these are great!
  3. 72moonglum

    Half Orc Merchant: 03821

    Yeah, he turned out nicely! I love the color choice for the skin!
  4. 72moonglum

    Old Heritage figures

    Hi Reaper! Do you guys still have production molds to actually cast old Heritage figures?
  5. 72moonglum

    Das Schwarze Auge 15500b Female Sorcerer, by Pingo

    So purdy! I love the crystal ball on the staff!
  6. 72moonglum

    Oathsworn Sensible Shoes SS18: Dwarf Queen, by Pingo

    So nice, great to see you start posting stuff again!
  7. 72moonglum

    03760: Adventure Kids (4)

    These are great! They are such nice and simple sculpts, they had to be great fun to paint I'm imagining.
  8. 72moonglum

    Shadowrun Gang member with pistol

    Yeah, Dennis Mize sculpted some great, crazy and imaginative stuff, and his fashion sensibilities were back then pretty much that big hair eighties, which he kind of continued with. It's a pity he's no longer with us. He was a great sculptor. I would have loved to have been able to meet him.
  9. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Shadowrun Elf Combat Mage

    Thanks Chaoswolf! So I finally got home last night from a business trip, and with this figure I still had some glue stuck of his base bottom so couldn't check, but grabbed another one of the figures I'd done recently from the same set and it said 1992, a little newer than I actually thought they would be!
  10. 72moonglum

    Grenadier Action Art Monsters: Female Assassin

    This is great as always!
  11. 72moonglum

    Shadowrun Gang member with pistol

    Thanks Pingo! It was certainly a decadent age.....
  12. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Shadowrun Elf Combat Mage

    I always forget to check the bases for dates and I’m out of town right now so I can’t check but I’m pretty sure he got sculpted in the late eighties to early nineties. I’m really digging painting these figures, they’re great fun!
  13. 72moonglum

    Kev!'s Fenryll - Danseuses Orientale - Musician

    This is a really neat figure and you painted her up very well!
  14. 72moonglum

    Day Off Painting, Oathsworn and Stonehaven

    Good job Norm! I always love seeing Stonehaven pieces!
  15. 72moonglum

    Ral Partha Shadowrun Elf Combat Mage

    Thanks! Hopefully he comes off pale and elfy!