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  1. Here's a very pretty dwarven damsel I must have missed, love the skin tons, the stone in her hands, really so nice!
  2. Delightful purples, beautiful orb, all very swell looking!
  3. Wow, that is so very nice! Inspiring to paint more Stonehaven!
  4. 72moonglum

    Citrine paints Oathsworn Tiefling Paladin

    That is really just delightful!
  5. 72moonglum

    Pcktlnt's Rescue (Ral Partha 02-902 Female Giant V.1)

    So, just because every few months I come back to worship this, did she survive?
  6. 72moonglum


    Man, you were pretty productive, lots of dioramas as well!
  7. 72moonglum

    Shadowrun Cyclops Shadowrunner

    Thank you again Warlady, as always very kind!
  8. 72moonglum

    Iron Wind Metals - Battletech Atrean Dragoons

    Killer robots-always delightful!
  9. 72moonglum

    Shadowrun Cyclops Shadowrunner

    This meta-human set that this figure came with is probably my favorite Shadowrun set of figures. Two gnomes, a hobgoblin and this rather good-sized cyclops, all really cool figures. Thanks much Glitterwolf! I started out with tanned highlights as my base tone. His clothes looked kind of shabby military so I went for the camouflage greeen pants and black tank top. Some day I’ll do camouflage pants with spots and such, but that some day is in the far-flung future I think, out there with OSL. Thanks Iridil! The figure was muscular before I started painting him so I just tried to accentuate that a little!
  10. 72moonglum

    Shadowrun Cyclops Shadowrunner

    So just finished this figure last night. This is part of a set of four Shadowrun figures that I've been painting recently, the biggest and most time-consuming of the quartet. He didn't have lots of metal, but he's such a big figure the sword and the arm brace kind of are very obvious, so hope they turned out well. I think they're a little too blue, but that's just the way they turned out. Anyhoos, enjoy this little Cyclops and his murderous ways!
  11. 72moonglum

    ME85 - Treebeard: Mighty Ent, Citadel 1980's Vintage LOTR

    This is so wonderful! The figure itself is full of odd and wonderful whimsy from a more innocent sculpting era, but the paint job that you've applied to it has just loaded it full of character, done with a skillful eye to detail. This is what I have always said, that figures themselves can be clumsy or old school and it really doesn't matter if you take the time to make it into something beautiful.