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  1. Ral Partha AD&D Marid

    Reaper takes paint out of circulation when it doesn’t sell well don’t they? I just put in an order not too long go and lots of my old paints weren’t available any more
  2. Ral Partha AD&D Marid

    What colors are the skin? Such a nice deep color!
  3. Hackmaster / Ral Partha Human Male Thief

    Thanks! It's kind of nice to have a figure where the only skin you have to worry about is cloaked away in a hood!
  4. Good morning, so here's my last little painted piece of happiness, another Hackmaster figure that Ral Partha has gotten a hold of, a human thief. I actually kind of have begun liking these figures quite a lot, as they feel like prototypes of their classes so often, kind of generic, but very nicely done in that old school feel. I wanted dark colors for this one, but didn't want just black, so hopefully gave him a bit of variety with the colors.
  5. And must mention that I’m looking forward to the Heritage hobbit too!
  6. So ordered this delightful frost giantess back on April 10, waiting for her to show up tomorrow!
  7. 14418: Bloodstone Gnome Scragger

    So nice and pale....
  8. Ral Partha AD&D Marid

    So happy to see such a nice version of this painted up! Beautiful work!
  9. Cleaning sealant out of brushes

    And I was using Vallejo matte varnish.
  10. Hackmaster / Ral Partha Male Dwarf Fighter

    Thank you very much Loim, very kind words!
  11. Good evening all, so just finished this one, another really fun and adventurous Dwarf sculpted by Jim Johnson back in 2002-2003. Another piece from the Hackmaster line from Kenzer and Company, but was acquired by Ral Partha and now being cast by them. Hopefully dwarfy enough colors, started out with his skin as tanned highlights and gave him some nice black hair. I thought about doing something with the runes on his axe but then just figured I'd leave them as metal. Enjoy!
  12. Hasslefree HFA183 Jean-Baptiste, a Modern Mook

    Those eyes are great!
  13. Cleaning sealant out of brushes

    I’d done it before but don’t remember the last time I did it for this particular brush.
  14. So just a random question, or comment: I have a brush that I always use for sealing my miniatures and thought I at least rinsed it out reasonably well or cleaned it out. Apparently not. Last week when before I used it, I actually took an exacto knife to the brush and started scraping old sealant off bristles, until it was actually much cleaner than it as previously. Has anybody else ever done this?