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  1. Yeah, Gamers 2 is a classic. I wasn't as impressed with the recent Gamers 3, but the upcoming Shadow Menace (early viewing just went live for KS backers) is decent.
  2. Hmm, a map would probably help at this point. I'll get one loaded up this evening. As far as you know the Stag Lord's quarters are his alone, and the entrance is out of sight of anyone at least so long as Akiros remains asleep.
  3. Will Ellandar be proceeding through the door? Any specific plans from the rest of you (saving the Bluff rolls until some bandits get involved?
  4. The camp slowly winds down for the night. A few bandits remain on watch, and a few others disappear to remote corners of their fort, apparently preferring to take their rest in solitude. You wait until the bandits remaining in the common area appear to have fallen asleep, and you see no light or movement from Akiros' quarters. DM rolls: 19, 4, 6, 12 By the light of the dwindling campfire, Ellandar approaches the Stag Lord's quarters, her elvish vision just enough to make out the door. It does not appear to be secured in any fashion; from what you've seen and heard, the Stag Lord's temper is enough to keep any of his followers from disturbing his rest.
  5. I'm on vacation this weekend, but I'll have an update for you soon!
  6. Sounds like a plan is coming together. Could I get a Stealth or Bluff check for each of you (or something else if it seems it would help) and I'll work up some narrative bits!
  7. Looks like I'll be building/painting a chicken coop instead of miniatures for the next few weekends...
  8. I played in a midnight prerelease, went 2-2. Fairly disappointed in the whole evening, unfortunately. Card pool was quite poor except for a Glorybringer, and my games were all pretty one-sided, whether in my favor or against. While I was lucky enough to avoid the player with a date-stamped Bolas, I was utterly destroyed by Rhonas in one game and Torment of Hailfire in another. Worst moment was probably playing Hazoret's Undying Fury in a critical moment and revealing...four lands
  9. FYI, CAV 2 never saw print. The PDF used to be available for free but Reaper took it down after C:SO launched; now, you'd need to find someone who could share the rulebook and relates files with you.
  10. Thanks everyone! Picked up some minis at the FLGS and will be gaming tonight so it's been a good one!
  11. CAV1 Journal of Recognition says 14 feet tall; without measuring precisely I'd say 60 feet or so.
  12. With the camp winding down for the evening, it wouldn't be impossible to quietly access the Stag Lord's quarters; you'll just need to wait for Akiros to leave his quarters long enough for you to slip past. If that's the route you'd like to pursue, I'll need Stealth checks, with potential modifiers for others providing a distraction or the like.
  13. I'm definitely not available the weekend of the 29th. The 22nd could be iffy; others are probably doable.
  14. Okay, I think I figured this out. Initially for C:SO, several of the large flying transports were removed from the game and reclassed as Dropships without data cards--you can see this in the master model list for the Baron, Czar, and a few others. The data cards in the list are to allow people to use their old models in home games--the [2] designates models not allowed for official play (see also Spider, Scorpion, Recluse). Given it's unofficial nature, you can use it however you'd like; the way most in line with C:SO's design, however, would be to allow it for Malvernis forces only.
  15. It's been removed from the model list for CAV:SO. It was formerly available to all factions, with Malvernis having access to a superior version as the faction linked with the Hedgehog's manufacturer, Mark IV.