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  1. Vil-hatarn

    [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    Great, I'll pull together what I've got and send it over. The transition from book one to two is a perfect opportunity to move some characters around/add some new ones, if needed.
  2. Vil-hatarn

    [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    Sorry, only just seeing this--I'd be happy to pass it over. PM me if you go ahead with it and I'll pull together what I can as far as notes and tweaks to the published module that would be useful for you.
  3. Vil-hatarn

    Where are the Spider and Scorpion?

    Made alongside the "BigTator" kit, way back in the early days. Unfortunately there was a problem with the casting and most of them were unusable.
  4. Vil-hatarn

    Where are the Spider and Scorpion?

    Would love to see the Scorpion re--released based on the enhanced model made for the ill-fated resin kit. A man can dream...
  5. Vil-hatarn

    Where are the Spider and Scorpion?

    CavBOSS dropped them from the official game. They were given datacards as a concession to the numerous older players who wanted to be able to use them in home games. They were Open models in CAV2; the way CAV:SO divided the models, they'd most likely be listed as Adon.
  6. Those sound like very different movies, unless there's mead involved
  7. Vil-hatarn

    New England Paint Day

    I'll be looking towards November, personally...brother's getting married and a couple major MtG events in October.
  8. Vil-hatarn

    New England Paint Day

    I'm attending two weddings this month
  9. Vil-hatarn

    [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    Welp I completely fell off the wagon on this one, sorry guys . Realistically, I don't think I'm going to be able to pick it back up in the immediate future--school's been demanding a lot of my time lately. I'll try and get some kind of epilogue post together in the next couple of weeks and if I find myself with more free time in a semester or two maybe we could pick it back up. Thank you all for playing--you were a great group to GM for.
  10. Vil-hatarn

    Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures

    I was a late backer so maybe that explains why I'm completely out of the loop here. I received an elf operative (1 of 2 models I ordered) out of the blue a few days ago, then just today got an email stating that the elf was shipping today. So I guess I'll find out in a few days if mine time-traveled or if I'm getting extras The email also mentioned tracking but didn't provide a link--maybe they normally provide tracking, but aren't on the KS orders?
  11. Vil-hatarn

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    ***I will put it up in a bit. We are working on it now. "CAVBoss" No Fire Drake yet, but all the plastic is listed.
  12. Vil-hatarn

    harebrained schemes battletech tactical game

    My laptop's been running a little toasty as well. Might look at turning it down if it's been a serious issue... Game's pretty sweet. Had one random CTD during a mission launch but otherwise it's been running great. Missions have gone smoothly so far, with the slight exception of the first main quest mission. Came out of that one with three injured pilots and all four 'mechs in need of serious repairs, took over a month of game time just to field a 3-man lance for my next mission.
  13. Vil-hatarn

    Sound Off for CAV II KS!

    I assemble as much as I can without making it impossible to reach anywhere (like the underside of a CAV torso); then I usually paint the hard-to-reach spots and finish assembly before painting the rest of the model. With Bones I feel it's more viable to paint unassembled if that's your preference as there's less risk of paint chipping during assembly compared to metal models.
  14. Vil-hatarn

    New England Paint Day

    Probably won't see me, busy month for M:tG (stoked for the new Dominaria set). Only days that might work out would be the 22nd, 28th, and 29th.
  15. Vil-hatarn

    [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    Sorry for all the delays lately, we're agonizingly close to wrapping up the first book. Dealing with a slab leak under our wood floor this week...will get a new post up as soon as I can.