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  1. I can't count the number of times I've had to reattach my Vale Warrior's swords (joint at the wrist--can't even pin it properly without going right through the hand).
  2. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path

    Frustrated by Alexi's elusive fighting style, the owlbear focuses its attention on Vonthra. They trade blows, neither able to gain the upper hand (12 damage to owlbear, 5 to Vonthra). Aldrath hastily fires a shot but it soars over the owlbear, though Beremor's acid splash strikes true. Vonthra waraxe d20+6=18 damage 1d10+3=12 Owlbear bite d20+8=17, 18 (Ill Omen) Owlbear claws d20+8=23, 9 claw damage 1d6+4=5 Aldrath crossbow d20+4=10 Beremor acid splash d20=14, damage 1d3=1 Start round 7. 19 Alexi 17 Auchs (last round slumbered) 15 Vonthra 12 Owlbear 12 Ellandar 8 Beremor 2 Aldrath
  3. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    No worries, I'll wait on your post for the next round. Just a heads up though, I think you're out of legal Slumber targets--the owlbear passed its save and everyone else is asleep or dead.
  4. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    Make that a post-Christmas update...played Magic: the Gathering for three days straight (Grand Prix weekend) and it kinda scrambled my brain for the week.
  5. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    I'll be away from my computer for the next few days. I'll post the next round's outcome on Monday.
  6. New England Paint Day

    I could use more excuses to visit Boston. If I can ever get my schedule to line up...
  7. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path

    My bad, ignore that damage, thought you were at 21.
  8. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path

    The owlbear lunges for Alexi just as he moves to strike. He quickly falls back into a defensive stance but is unable to deflect all of the owlbear's blows (8 damage from a claw). A moment later, Vonthra is by his side, axe at the ready. Ellandar attempts to hex the owlbear but it shrugs off her magic. Beremor's acid splash strikes true (2 damage) but hardly seems to phase the creature. Aldrath hurriedly reloads his crossbow. You start to wonder if the owlbear isn't more dangerous than the bandits were. Vonthra waraxe d20+6=17 damage 1d10+3=8 Owlbear claws d20+8=16, 21 claw damage 1d6+4=8 Owlbear bite d20+8=11 Owlbear Will save d20+2=15 Start round 6. 19 Alexi 17 Auchs (2 more rounds slumbered) 15 Vonthra 12 Owlbear 12 Ellandar 8 Beremor 2 Aldrath
  9. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker AP Discussion

    @Kangaroorex You're up!
  10. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path

    Alexi covers Beremor as he clambers back to his feet, cutting down the adjacent bandit. Vonthra continues to duel with the mighty Auchs, neither yet able to take the upper hand. Beremor begins to cast a spell to assist her, but before he can complete it, the owlbear bursts through the gate, spraying Alexi, Beremor, and Aldrath with a cloud of splinters. He gets the spell off before it closes the last few feet and savages Aldrath with its wicked claws. Aldrath stumbles back from the owlbear and calls upon his goddess's power to heal himself, Beremor, Alexi, and the owlbear (6 hp back to each of you). Ellandar emerges from the Stag Lord's quarters wearing his signature horned helm and, taking stock of the situation, unleashes a slumber hex on Auchs, which he readily falls victim to. The bandit at the gate finally manages to remove the crossbar, and struggles to push the heavy doors open as he hears the owlbear's frantic cries grow louder. Vonthra waraxe d20+6=17 damage 1d10+3=8 Owlbear claw d20+8=22 claw damage 1d6+4=9 Aldrath channel 2d6=6 Auchs Will save vs DC15 d20+2 = 11 Start round 5, map. 19 Alexi 17 Auchs 15 Vonthra 12 Owlbear 12 Ellandar 8 Beremor 2 Aldrath
  11. CAV @ TotalCon in Massachusetts

    I learned to play CAV at TotalCon many years ago, walked away with the first of my beloved Spiders. The classic demo was "Hunt the Rhino"--each attendee controls one or two models and they work together to bring down a tough target. Allows for players to come and go and keeps it short and sweet.
  12. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path

    Beremor was healed by Aldrath last round (after I retconned the original post). Sorry, missed your post going up.
  13. [Pathfinder] Kingmaker Adventure Path

  14. New England Paint Day

    Might be able to make this one, we'll see.
  15. Caught a couple of movies flying cross-country yesterday. Assassin's Creed was better than I'd heard but about as bad as I had expected. The assorted easter eggs and callouts to the games were fun at least. Ghost in the Shell was quite enjoyable, at least as someone with no familiarity with the source material. The aesthetics took me right back to my recent playthroughs of HBS's Shadowrun games.