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  1. Huh. Apparently large multi-wound models are going the RAGE-esque damage track route.
  2. I'm out for May, but looking pretty flexible for June.
  3. I played from Invasion through Fifth Dawn then got out for a while, even sold off most of my cards (huge mistake seeing what's happened with Mirrodin block prices). Picked it back up around Shadows Over Innistrad and have been dabbling with competitive play (mostly Standard) and draft since then. I'm very excited to draft Amonkhet, it looks like a really fun set.
  4. No worries Lady Hawke, this one's definitely on me. I appreciate you all sticking it out and am excited to get us going again as soon as possible.
  5. Hi everyone, sorry for disappearing on you. Grad school has somewhat taken over my life and I haven't been on the forums a great deal. If anyone is interested in continuing, I'll be able to start us back up probably mid-to-late May. Thanks for your patience.
  6. Warlord 2nd Edition and CAV 2nd Edition are the most recent RAGE engine games. Reich of the Dead never made it off the ground, and the latest edition of CAV has diverged significantly from the original system.
  7. I'm rather fond of Magneton personally, though perhaps only because I've had terrible luck with Jolteons.
  8. Unsure at the moment. Might work out.
  9. Apologies for my earlier brevity, I was posting from mobile. The only one I've read which directly pertains to this topic is the Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding, a $20 paperback from Kobold Press. Its target audience is the GM creating entire worlds or regions from scratch, to whom it offers essays on a variety of topics such as believable geography, top-down vs. bottom-up approaches, incorporating religion and magic, and setting up conflicts. It is worth noting that it does NOT offer random generation tables or other tools of that sort; it instead focuses on fundamental advice which it leaves the reader to implement. Absolutely worth the cost if that's what you're looking for. Kobold Guide to Worldbuilding Author: Wolfgang Bauer, Michael Stackpole, Keith Baker, Monte Cook, and others System: None (fantasy-oriented) Publisher: Kobold Press (2012) ISBN: 978-1936781119 In Print: Yes
  10. Cancelled

    Is this still in the works?
  11. Probably worth adding the various Kobold Guides To..., some great advice and essays on topics like developing a game world from scratch.
  12. Malvernis = lizard people (technically egg-laying mammals) Also of note, the Templar are an organization, not a race; their citizens are predominantly Adonese and Terran.
  13. Only in the original rules IIRC. Ritterlich have their own homeworld following the C:SO retcons.
  14. I use PF APs mostly for their core plotline and the convenience of readymade maps and stat blocks; it's far less work than creating a homebrew campaign from scratch and with a few tweaks to suit the specific group they can be improved substantially. Case in point, for my Kingmaker PbP here on the forums I've cut about half the encounters and tweaked a few NPC roles and wound up with a much more cohesive experience that remains true to the original spirit and plot of the AP. I do find the PF ruleset rather bloated, both in terms of character options and certain aspects of the core rules, mostly inherited from 3.5. I'm of the opinion that a PF-esque combat chapter could be reduced to no more than 8 pages if done well...maybe I'll get around to doing it myself one of these days.
  15. Welcome back! As Sergeant_Crunch said, the RotD forum quietly disappeared a couple weeks ago.