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  1. Pathfinder rules and the Kingmaker Adventure Path are copyright Paizo Publishing. Currently on Part 1: Stolen Land by Tim Hitchcock. House Rules Ability score increases at all even levels Two-weapon fighters can attack once with each as a standard action Strain-Injury HP: essentially, most damage heals automatically with a short rest, with only severe injuries requiring divine healing or bed rest. XP: Ad hoc, approximately twice the rate of the fast track as I'll be handwaving or removing "filler" encounters to maintain pacing This is the game thread; post in-character comments and die rolls [honor system] here, please keep out-of-character comments to the thread in The Gathering.
  2. As mentioned in the Pathfinder AP thread, I'm willing to run the Kingmaker kingdom-building/wilderness exploration Adventure Path if there's interest. Though I'm still considering particulars, I will likely deviate to some degree from the adventure as written, may utilize some house rules, and will almost definitely use a restricted set of character options for my own sanity, as the entirety of Pathfinder published material is becoming somewhat overwhelming. I'd be looking for anywhere from 4 to 8 players; both Kingmaker and the PbP format lend themselves to a larger group than I would be comfortable running for in-person. I'll be traveling with limited computer access next week, so let's say if there's sufficient interest I'll follow up with details on the 23rd or thereabouts. And that makes eight! We are now full with Dilvish, Qwyk, ShadowRaven, Bionicspacejelly, Marvin, Unit04, Kangaroorex, and Flamehawke. I suppose since everyone sounds fairly eager to stake out their characters, I'll come up with the character creation guidelines now. I'm hesitant to ban anything outright as with eight players we'll need some variety, but basically the older the better for character options, especially major ones like classes. I would strongly prefer to stick to core races, and given your numbers I would discourage 'pet' options. Beyond that, I'm willing to consider anything (even third party if it's solid), just run it by me so we don't have the setup of a bad joke (three bloodragers, an occultist, and a ninja walk into a bar... ) Everyone should take a look at the Kingmaker Player's Guide (free download). Provides some background, some advice for class and race choices, and a selection of campaign traits. I'll provide a full intro later, but the basic hook is that you've all been recruited by a Rostlander noble as her private army to retake the Stolen Lands at the behest of the Aldori swordlords. Character Generation: Ability Scores: 15-point buy Hit Points: max at 1st Starting Gold: class average Traits: two traits, one of which should probably be a campaign trait Alignment: evil discouraged, but PM me if you think you can do it well House Rules: Ability score increases at all even levels Two-weapon fighters can attack once with each as a standard action Strain-Injury HP: essentially, most damage heals automatically with a short rest, with only severe injuries requiring divine healing or bed rest. XP: Ad hoc, approximately twice the rate of the fast track as I'll be handwaving or removing "filler" encounters to maintain pacing Players: Characters Bionicspacejelly: half-orc druid? Dilvish: Alexi Dromange, human (Chelaxian) fighter (swordlord) Flamehawke: Vonthra Valnore, dwarf paladin (stonelord) of Damerrich Kangaroorex: Ellandar, elf witch Marvin: dwarf ranger? Qwyksilver: human rogue (reformed brigand) ShadowRaven: Beremor Stoneshield/Garess, dwarf wizard Unit04: Aldrath Klockburn, gnome cleric of Brigh
  3. If you're actually trying to knock him're going to be there for a while. I might recommend taking advantage of the few rounds your hex and knotwork has bought you instead.
  4. I might not have another update for you until the 23rd or so, going on vacation next week. Everyone can still go ahead and post their round two actions and I'll bring us back up to speed as soon as possible.
  5. Alexi cuts down Dovan as he turns to flee (nice roll, managed to overcome his Mobility bonus).
  6. Dovan turns aside at the last moment, Alexi's powerful strike passing inches from his face, but no amount of dodging can prevent his pummeling by Beremor's arcane projectiles. Vonthra steps forward alongside Alexi and before Dovan can recover deals him a powerful blow; his grim expression turns to surprise as he realizes you've wounded him. Aldrath calls upon Brigh and grants the party a blessing (+1 on attack rolls for the remainder of the encounter). Akiros stirs in the darkness of his quarters. Round 2 Dovan assesses his odds and turns tail, shoving his way past the night watchman who just came down the stairs, giving Vonthra and Alexi an attack of opportunity. The Stag Lord struggles semi-consciously for a moment before Ellandar brains him with her staff (you can roll coup damage--as a confirmed critical--either lethal or nonlethal, your choice). Map's been updated, same link. Vonthra waraxe d20+6=23 damage 1d10+3=9 Vonthra AoO d20+6=14
  7. The one to the east of Alexi (with the gold border) is Akiros. In case that matters
  8. Initiative 19 (+3) Dovan 19 (+2) Alexi 17 Auchs 15 Vonthra (rolled by GM) 12 Ellandar 8 Beremor 7 Bandits 5 (+4) Stag Lord 5 (+1) Akiros 2 Aldrath Dovan leaps into combat, assaulting Beremor with a rapier, shadows playing on the walls of the fort as the torch in his other hand swings wildly. Rapier d20+6 = 16 Damage 1d6+3+2d6 = 13 Ellandar spends the round trussing up the Stag Lord (you can brain him next round as a coup de grace), while most of the bandits groggily stir awake from their sleep. I still need round 1 actions for Alexi, Vonthra, and Beremor (I'll GMPC Aldrath for now).
  9. No roll required, the DC to escape is set by your CMB. I think that's involved enough that there might be a small chance of waking him--let's say a DC 15 Dexterity check to avoid giving him a new saving throw.
  10. Initiative 19 (+3) Dovan 19 (+2) Alexi 17 Auchs 15 Vonthra (rolled by GM) 12 Ellandar 8 Beremor 7 Bandits 5 (+4) Stag Lord 5 (+1) Akiros 2 Aldrath Reminder poke for y'all
  11. One of my recent favorites has been O Human Star; it's LGBT-friendly, set in the near future, and explores interactions between robots, people, and technology. Two issues already in print and the third is going up a page a week. I'd also strongly second the recommendations of Erfworld (note that it draws heavily on references to the last several decades of pop culture; I've found I'm young enough that I miss some of them), Star Power (meeting of classic comics with a great sci-fi storyline), and Questionable Content.
  12. September 24th is the only day I might be available...busy month at home and at school.
  13. Stag Lord's Will save: d20+1 = 2 Ellandar successfully makes her way into the Stag Lord's chambers, the crude wooden door barely making a sound as it swings open, and sets her hex upon the Stag Lord, who is passed out on a crude bed among numerous empty bottles. He passes from a drunken stupor into an even deeper sleep, drooling all the while (3 rounds). Not a second after Ellander slips through the door, Dovan, carrying a torch, rounds the corner from area Z9 to Z10 and sees the rest of your group up and about. "Well what do we have here? Thinking you could cheat the rest of us out of our share?" Beremor's sputtered insistences that you were on your way to relieve the night watchmen are unfortunately rather unconvincing, and Dovan draws his rapier with a wicked grin. "I'm going to enjoy making you suffer. Awake lads, there's killing to be done!" I'll count that as the surprise round--everyone please roll initiative before we continue. Here's the map; icons with a purple circle next to them indicate characters that are just waking up. Also note that there is an upper level to the fort, consisting of a number of walkways and towers--if you've counted correctly, Auchs, Falgrim, and Jex are up there. The only light sources of note are a dying campfire in area Z5 and the torch Dovan is carrying.
  14. Yeah, Gamers 2 is a classic. I wasn't as impressed with the recent Gamers 3, but the upcoming Shadow Menace (early viewing just went live for KS backers) is decent.
  15. Hmm, a map would probably help at this point. I'll get one loaded up this evening. As far as you know the Stag Lord's quarters are his alone, and the entrance is out of sight of anyone at least so long as Akiros remains asleep.
  16. Will Ellandar be proceeding through the door? Any specific plans from the rest of you (saving the Bluff rolls until some bandits get involved?
  17. The camp slowly winds down for the night. A few bandits remain on watch, and a few others disappear to remote corners of their fort, apparently preferring to take their rest in solitude. You wait until the bandits remaining in the common area appear to have fallen asleep, and you see no light or movement from Akiros' quarters. DM rolls: 19, 4, 6, 12 By the light of the dwindling campfire, Ellandar approaches the Stag Lord's quarters, her elvish vision just enough to make out the door. It does not appear to be secured in any fashion; from what you've seen and heard, the Stag Lord's temper is enough to keep any of his followers from disturbing his rest.
  18. I'm on vacation this weekend, but I'll have an update for you soon!
  19. Sounds like a plan is coming together. Could I get a Stealth or Bluff check for each of you (or something else if it seems it would help) and I'll work up some narrative bits!
  20. Looks like I'll be building/painting a chicken coop instead of miniatures for the next few weekends...
  21. I played in a midnight prerelease, went 2-2. Fairly disappointed in the whole evening, unfortunately. Card pool was quite poor except for a Glorybringer, and my games were all pretty one-sided, whether in my favor or against. While I was lucky enough to avoid the player with a date-stamped Bolas, I was utterly destroyed by Rhonas in one game and Torment of Hailfire in another. Worst moment was probably playing Hazoret's Undying Fury in a critical moment and revealing...four lands
  22. FYI, CAV 2 never saw print. The PDF used to be available for free but Reaper took it down after C:SO launched; now, you'd need to find someone who could share the rulebook and relates files with you.
  23. Thanks everyone! Picked up some minis at the FLGS and will be gaming tonight so it's been a good one!
  24. CAV1 Journal of Recognition says 14 feet tall; without measuring precisely I'd say 60 feet or so.
  25. With the camp winding down for the evening, it wouldn't be impossible to quietly access the Stag Lord's quarters; you'll just need to wait for Akiros to leave his quarters long enough for you to slip past. If that's the route you'd like to pursue, I'll need Stealth checks, with potential modifiers for others providing a distraction or the like.