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  1. Beowulfthehunter

    GHOST Brush: A Paintbrush Set For Miniature Painters

    This looks to be misguided at best and fraudulent at worst. This guy posted on one of the hobby FB groups I follow. Immediately he was called out and sarcastically apologized that he could not match "giant million dollar corporations." The post ended up getting deleted.
  2. Beowulfthehunter

    01602: Reaper Silver Anniversary - Tara the Silent

    I take it racially she is a Deva from 4th ed D&D or a Valdeken from Ravnica.
  3. Beowulfthehunter

    Pathfinder Version 2

    I currently live in Central IL and Pathfinder is HUGE. It dominates the cons with 5e having a slight showing ( which thankfully is growing). They seem to be drinking the PF Koolaid by the gallon so I feel in certain areas it will have a strong hold. From some of the more moderate PF players they are not a fan. The Playtest books are sitting uselessly on the store shelves bought only by the diehards ( who did so at Gencon).
  4. Beowulfthehunter

    Warhammer Underworld

    The game is more like a LCG. The cards are the main components with minis being the afterthought. It is hugely a competitive game so you will need to own every expansion to make a deck.
  5. Beowulfthehunter

    What's on TV?

    Binging on Luke Cage. Omg is it good, nice meaty plot, fleshed out characters and the best music around. Also finished season 2 of Iron Fist also better than season 1. Right now wife and I are watching The Good Cop. It is a out a straight laced cop who has to live with his crooked cop father straight out of jail. Predictable but fun police procedural.
  6. Beowulfthehunter

    03801 & 03802, two kitsunes (foxy lady and fellow!)

    Having had bad interactions with a few local Pathfinder Furry Weeaboos I tend to hate Kitsune, but I love how these came out. I even painted the female one and never saw she was pulling a dagger. I love the texture/pattern on the clothing. As always you are amazing.
  7. Beowulfthehunter

    Reaper's YouTube Problem

    Reaper has always sucked at marketing. Heck they mostly do kickstarters fre free marketing. What they do darn well is put out quality minis at affordable prices. I would love to see them donate some product to well known Youtubers to discuss and promote the paints like Army painter. As for AGP he went kinda wacko and then stopped posting. It is a shame he has the potential to do damage with his old video.
  8. Beowulfthehunter

    Ellie Last of Us mini?

    Randy is indeed correct there is an Ellie with her hunting rifle.
  9. Beowulfthehunter

    100 down, 2 to go.

    So last Reapercon between my Melt and purchased items I grabbed a ton of figs. I am now to the point where I have two left to paint. I still have other stuff to do, but it is nice to start fresh this year.
  10. Beowulfthehunter

    What's on TV?

    Binging on Luke Cage. Omg is it good, nice meaty plot, fleshed out characters and the best music around.
  11. Beowulfthehunter

    Murgmo - Reaper Miniature

    Check on EBay or the Piazo store. That is where I got mine.
  12. Beowulfthehunter

    AdeptiCon 2018 Volunteers: Open Call

    I had a ton of fun doing this and met some great people. Look forward to next year. Seeing howmany parents and children sat down to paint really warmed my heart.
  13. Beowulfthehunter

    debasing miniatures

    I have seen people use razor saws, clippers, Dremels and other tools. My issue is that the feet don’t have a bottom layer and end up with flatter feet. i use clippers around the foot and then sand down the foot. I find it to be more trouble than it is worth.
  14. Beowulfthehunter

    Heresylab - Scifi Heresy Girls - Miniature Set

    They look cool, but so many red flags.
  15. Beowulfthehunter

    01596 Joy Winter Fairy

    I use a product called Snowrex that I did in Woodland Scenics snow and baking powder.