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  1. I had been working on some major commissions this month, but I wanted to take some time to paint up a pallet cleanser or two mini. Paintjobs are not the best, but they ended up being passable.
  2. Is it wrong I hope it is a sculpt I don't like so I don't have to buy anything this money and save cash as well as paint the backlogged minis.
  3. All the minis are stock, no conversion work. The druid is still availible on the Reaper site.
  4. I knocked out a few figures over the past few weeks. The Iconic was the 3rd time I painted the model, so she turned out pretty awesome. The other ones were speed jobs and I love how they all look.
  5. The base on the last mini is Resin, I had them laying around and figured I would use on on this guy. Model is sold with a slotta base.
  6. It looks like Reaper is doing a best of based on their early sculpt, so we still have a male and or female knight coming, as well as male or female barbarians, and a elf of some type. I imagine a Sophie will be the last one.
  7. Vampire flesh from Reapercon over grey primer washed in blue GW wash.
  8. I finished a few figures off lately, and I am really happy how they look. Enjoy.
  9. Thought the wings were dumb and I left them off.
  10. One of the LGSs up north I go to has a bargain bin. I picked this girl up for cheap. I only spent about an hour on here, but I think for a speed job she looks great.
  11. With Cards, there is no distribution to game stores. If they want to carry it, they have to buy it from them or Target and sell it for more than retail to make a profit.
  12. Wow, just wow.
  13. So this applies to painting also but my wife works from home and does office work. This requires a great deal of sitting and leaves her in pain a great deal. At night this means she ends up getting a back rub from me and we all know what this means right? Hint, hint, wink wink. She turns over, goes to sleep, and I can get work done. Ok, kidding and mean I know, but in all seriousness I hate she is in pain. Can anyone who sits for extended periods recommend an office chain? Looking to spend around 200.
  14. I love the first model, she is a Mourning Wolf from the Imperial army of War zone w/ a Violator sad I know that.