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  1. The base on the last mini is Resin, I had them laying around and figured I would use on on this guy. Model is sold with a slotta base.
  2. It looks like Reaper is doing a best of based on their early sculpt, so we still have a male and or female knight coming, as well as male or female barbarians, and a elf of some type. I imagine a Sophie will be the last one.
  3. Vampire flesh from Reapercon over grey primer washed in blue GW wash.
  4. I finished a few figures off lately, and I am really happy how they look. Enjoy.
  5. Thought the wings were dumb and I left them off.
  6. One of the LGSs up north I go to has a bargain bin. I picked this girl up for cheap. I only spent about an hour on here, but I think for a speed job she looks great.
  7. With Cards, there is no distribution to game stores. If they want to carry it, they have to buy it from them or Target and sell it for more than retail to make a profit.
  8. Wow, just wow.
  9. So this applies to painting also but my wife works from home and does office work. This requires a great deal of sitting and leaves her in pain a great deal. At night this means she ends up getting a back rub from me and we all know what this means right? Hint, hint, wink wink. She turns over, goes to sleep, and I can get work done. Ok, kidding and mean I know, but in all seriousness I hate she is in pain. Can anyone who sits for extended periods recommend an office chain? Looking to spend around 200.
  10. I love the first model, she is a Mourning Wolf from the Imperial army of War zone w/ a Violator sad I know that.
  11. My issue is also that I Visit my LGS for games and I can't go in and not support them, I don't want to be a vulture like a ton of the people that visit.
  12. I always have a drawer of models to be painted, but as it stands now it is slowly becoming a closet of shame. In the last few years commission painting and ebay have been good to me as well as a wife who feeds my hobby. So I have had more disposable income. On my to paint pile I have primed or unpainted Brewers Guild Ball Team Red Veil Starter Set Deathwatch 5 man Squad Dreadnought Infinity Mecha and pilot 20 random Reaper Models 20 warmachine Pirates 10 wrath of Kings models In a WIP stages I have 50+ Stormcast models Full Silver Tower Boxed Set 11 man Deathwatch unit. Various Reaper Models I also have 20-30 sealed blisters from various companies. I am feeling sort of overwhelmed and am looking to lighten the load or more importantly how to budget so I don't buy so much in the future.
  13. Waiting on my Feb order. Placed it on Monday and according to tracking it was picked up from Reaper on Monday, but nothing since then....
  14. I have been noticing a trend from a ton of new kickstarter companies and that is the over reliance on CGI models that will be eventully 3d printed. Companies that have a history of producing quality figures get a semi pass, but when new, never having produced a figure companies try, I pass. Recently I was following a Kickstarter for a company and when I asked to see an example of the figure, they said they did not have one as it was too expensive. Um if you want me to pledge my money, but one fork out any of yours as a sign of goodwill I am out of here. I really like to see greens of figures so I have an idea of what I am getting. Also (and I make this statement being completely uninformed, so correct me as I might be wrong) but using the various digital sculpting programs seems to require a great deal less talent then doing so by hand. This is also one of the reason I have stopped backing kickstarters safe for a few rare occasions. Anyone else feel the same way?