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  1. Thank you all!
  2. Time for the Evil Empire, I guess... and an example
  3. lol, true that
  4. I know the quote of course, but you don't expect this clay golem to float and sting, do you? ;)
  5. no, but he hits like a brick
  6. another Bones mini finished ::):painted for my good friend during a small mini exchange we run with a group of friends Cassius, Clay Golem
  7. After a short break, 3 more gallerries are up: G.A.St.Art, Gamezone Miniatures and Grindhouse Games
  8. Not this time, already started ME at another place and too many other painting plans. Good luck to all!
  9. I've received a beautiful sorceress on a lovely base from minibart yesterday! it's super cool, but it also mean that this exchange is over for me it was fun as always, many thanks to my both exchange partners and organisers!
  10. Few more galleries Enigma Models: Freebooter Miniatures: Forge World: and one mini selected from them
  11. Of course, one can always PM all his/hers FB friends asking for votes... You can't make a public voting fully rig-proof.
  12. I know it's available, but don't really want to buy it just for the contest I don't think that fb account is a requirement.
  13. Good timing, just got my KS2 dragons not Reaper's fault, btw, my friend kept them till now at her place
  14. don't have that mini so I'm gonna skip this contest, but it's gonna be cool to see the variety of concepts again !
  15. IIRC, I've used flattened modelling putty (green stuff or milliput) - every time I mix too much of it I flatten the remains and save them for future use