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  1. yeah, mini packed and sent today it should get to my recipient in about 1 week
  2. Finished painting, base should be done over the weekend...
  3. @minibart - my condolences @my exchange partner - your mini is being painted :)
  4. Why is only the RC contest picked? Does that mean that we can enter minis winning (medal / statue / top 3...) other contests?
  5. I like the diorama category and wish it would stay, but I understand the need to have similar competition in different categories. Lack of prize will discourage people from entering even further, I'm afraid. Maybe introduce an additional rule that prizes in any category will be cut by half (or other amount) if number of entries in it is smaller than X (5? 10?) Busts in non-reaper category - definitely, as long as they are not micro-busts (40mm at least). I think someone needs to be checking the entries and move them to good categories if necessary. We had 2 Ebonwraths in 2 different categories this year, Cinder in 40-99 category... these look like obvious mistakes.
  6. First of all, I want to thank all the competitors Your creativity has amused the judges (4 well known and respected painters + me) If anyone has not seen entries yet, follow this link: Now, the official results! The winner of the Valentine's Day 2017 Painting Contest is ... Guindyloo !!! The 2nd place goes to Grumpy Cave Bear! The 3rd place goes to Pragma! Honourable mention: Metalchaos Congratulations!!!
  7. I have all the votes! Is it the 14th yet?
  8. Aaaaand the contest is closed! Thank you for entries The judges will now do their job and the results should be announced on the 14th as planned.
  9. It's 11th here already, but still 10th on your side of the pond. I'm going to bed now and I'll finish accepting entries after I wake up Good luck with last minute entries!
  10. The last day of painting! Keeping my fingers crossed for those still trying to get their entries in
  11. go go go! two days left... approximately
  12. 1 week left... Still only one entry
  13. Congrats! Well deserved wins! Now, can we have a 2017 edition?