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  1. Congratulations to all participants! Great effort all around Are there plans made for the 2018 edition?
  2. Nameless

    Pathfinder 2nd Ed Playtest

    yeah, sure
  3. Nameless

    PbP guidelines

    will sure do, ShadowRaven
  4. Nameless

    Dark Heaven Apocalypse

    not much fluff in the Casketworks... oh well, maybe I'll get the DHA book some day
  5. Nameless

    PbP guidelines

    Nothing specific, really. Got back into RPGs recently and thought I could try out something new. 95% of my gaming was wfrp 1 and 2 edition. I'm not really familiar with any other rules :) I could play any game as long as I'm not bothered with learning rules, lol. Oh well, I'll have an eye on this forum and maybe I'll find a nice GM who will let me play :) Thank a lot for your reply, much appreciated
  6. Nameless

    PbP guidelines

    Hey, I've never played PbP. Could someone give me a short description/rules for these games here? How often do I have to check forum for new posts and/or write myself? Do I need to know the specific games rules to play? So on, so forth
  7. Nameless

    Dark Heaven Apocalypse

    I've just found out the DHA rules may be downloaded from the main page. Has Reaper also made the fluff part of the book available for download?
  8. Nameless

    77137 Sarcophagus

    more contrast! even if you aim at table-top
  9. Nameless

    77318 Bookshelf

    Darklining was already mentioned, and you could use it elsewhere too, not only between books. Also, may I suggest more colours on book covers? It would make the whole piece more eye-catching.
  10. Nameless

    Happy Birthday, Nameless!!

    how not to love this forum... thank you, my friends!
  11. Nameless

    Paint Your Dragon!

    PM sent. Weird-O
  12. Nameless

    77279: Narthrax

    thank you!
  13. Nameless

    Paint Your Dragon!

    well, tell us your real name or describe your dragon, and we can at least check a number of likes you got
  14. Nameless

    77279: Narthrax

    thank you!
  15. bad luck, I've already painted it