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  1. Few more galleries Enigma Models: Freebooter Miniatures: Forge World: and one mini selected from them
  2. Of course, one can always PM all his/hers FB friends asking for votes... You can't make a public voting fully rig-proof.
  3. I know it's available, but don't really want to buy it just for the contest I don't think that fb account is a requirement.
  4. Good timing, just got my KS2 dragons not Reaper's fault, btw, my friend kept them till now at her place
  5. don't have that mini so I'm gonna skip this contest, but it's gonna be cool to see the variety of concepts again !
  6. IIRC, I've used flattened modelling putty (green stuff or milliput) - every time I mix too much of it I flatten the remains and save them for future use
  7. Finally! I was already beginning to worry the package got lost along the way. Glad you like your golem I took the liberty to post pics I had made before shipping the mini to you:
  8. My Exchange Mini has finally reached the destination point so I can show it here Robinh wanted a non-human mini with a shade of orange added here and there. After going through my box with Bones minis I decided to paint a stone golem with orangey NMM. Apparently, copper is the only way to tame the natural power of stone Hopefully it looks like an ancient guardian of even more ancient temple, as this is what I imagined it to be.
  9. To finish with letter D.... Darkson Designs gallery: Dark Sword Miniatures gallery: And just because we all love Game of Thrones, I give you Cersei
  10. Just 30 more companies or so.... please bear with me Dark Age Games gallery is up
  11. Live

    Funded! yay!
  12. Another company starting with A would be Avatars of War Follow the link to find the whole AoW gallery and just one painted example is below
  13. Live

    Let me just bump this thread by saying that I know people behind this campaign, they are supercool and deserve any penny/cent you might want to spend on their products which get my recommendation
  14. I'm slowly building up a gallery on my FB. Hope you don't mind me sharing some of the old stuff along the way Reaper minis were shown earlier, now I will probably upload other companies in alphabetical (or almost alphabetical) order. So, Andrea Models and Black Scorpion Miniatures first (though there is something Reaperish on one of the pics )
  15. yeah, mini packed and sent today it should get to my recipient in about 1 week