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  1. PM sent. Weird-O
  2. thank you!
  3. well, tell us your real name or describe your dragon, and we can at least check a number of likes you got
  4. thank you!
  5. bad luck, I've already painted it
  6. yeah, it's not easy to find a good angle to show as much as possible of such a big model on just one pic... well, these are the specifics of a facebook contest, I guess Anyway, thanks all for nice comments. Love painting Reaper dragons, still have some more
  7. Two reasons First, because most people would I;m one of these guys going left whenever people start turning right Second, probably more important - those spikes get smaller to the back and there is this point where it seemed to me that next "spikes" were actually scales.
  8. Another Reaper dragon painted Narthrax this time, in green
  9. I've been advised by mods that I'm breaking the forum rules (all pics to be in the first post). Oops, sorry Well, in that case no more new pics, just a short information that I've finished updating my facebook gallery. If you feel so inclined, please follow the link in the sig to check all albums and maybe leave a like or two Oh, new stuff soon yes, in the new thread!
  10. Thank you all!
  11. Time for the Evil Empire, I guess... and an example
  12. lol, true that
  13. I know the quote of course, but you don't expect this clay golem to float and sting, do you? ;)
  14. no, but he hits like a brick
  15. another Bones mini finished ::):painted for my good friend during a small mini exchange we run with a group of friends Cassius, Clay Golem