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  1. Bubblegum Crisis robot

    Well, canonically, in the BGC anime that's powered armor, not a robot, but it looks good nevertheless.
  2. Minis we would like to see

    That, or anime-esque BFSs.
  3. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Sisters of Battle Faith and Sisters of Tallerium officially unlock in resin at $45,000 (under $5000 to go) and fully in plastic at $60,000.
  4. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    For those interested, according to the latest update, the Sisters of Talliareum and Sisters of Battle Faith will be unlocked at $60,000.
  5. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    It's $1000 off now, so a few more backers could push it over the line.
  6. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    Next stretch goal: At $35,000, the Female Space Wolves Sisters of Wolves go from 10 to 20 per box.
  7. Shieldwolf Miniatures War 3

    $351 to go. And the next 12 backers get the bear cub minis as a bonus.
  8. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    Now I want to use chibi figures in a Warhammer game, just to see what reactions I get from other players. Best case scenario, chibi figures I can use as female Space Marines...
  9. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    I'm really hoping this won't end until at least, say, a week after GenCon. I'm going there for the first (and likely only) time and am currently saving up money for that, but once I get back to Australia I'll have some money in my bank account (leave payments from work - I've already set aside my trip money).
  10. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    I thought I saw Reaper Miniatures Paint & Take listed in events. Or is someone else running that?
  11. Minis we would like to see

    Another thought on this... since you have the Pathfinder license, how about some minis of the Pathfinder gods?
  12. Minis we would like to see

    Another one... female griffon rider, based on Calafia
  13. Minis we would like to see

    Child Priestess, a la Jaela Daran from Eberron Little girls weilding big weapons (preferably with lots of spikes!) Also, armed goddesses, especially Artemis and Athena.
  14. Our Stance on Fur Depicted on Miniatures

    I heard one theory that the way this started was that someone was looking up 40k material at the PETA office, got caught, and had to think of a justification.
  15. 77378: Caryatid Columns, 77362: Angel of Sorrow

    Don't blink...