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  1. b) Usually plain. I see it as a delivery device and little else. Sometimes I'll even forego the bun. c) Mustard AND ketchup, sometimes with dill (never sweet, I extremely dislike sweet pickles) relish and diced onions. Favorite though is with sauerkraut and caramelized onions. Also up there is a chili cheese dog with onions. m) beef or beef & pork. Bratwurst is a seperate category of heavenly sausage and should not be lumped in with the mechanically and chemically separated dregs of meat that are hot dogs (don't let this lead you to think I don't enjoy the occassional hot dog but I do recognize their origin). But since you brought it up, in my mind bratwurst should only be served with a german mustard, sauerkraut, and sauteed onions and green peppers. Buns are optional if plates are available. I tend to skip the buns lately because they are just extra calories that I'm not interested in. I want to focus on the flavors of the brat and condiments.
  2. Assembled one of the Lieutenants last night. You know, eventually I'm going to have to start painting these things...
  3. I have a desk in a room with no separators/cubicles. I can personalize, but haven't beyond a pen holder I made to keep my pens and pencils from being scattered and a menu for the best burger truck in town under the clear acrylic top. One of my co-workers has his decorated with comic book character and Star Wars items. I tend to cycle through random work related items or people leave work related items on my desk, so I haven't decorated for the safety of my personal items.
  4. Oh, I remember the Rhino Rush, really hated it when it contained Berzerkers or Plague Marines.
  5. I use a fiber backed drop cloth on my paint table, turning the entire table into a giant paper towel. Unloading, drying, and tip forming all happens there. Every so often I run a lint roller over it to get the cat hair off. Speaking of which, it's about time to retire my current one after about 7 or 8 years. Edited to add that it is also very convenient if anything gets spilled on say when the elfhole cats knock stuff over.
  6. During the week, coffee. On a weekend and I know I don't have to go anywhere, beer. Of course, that's the same for the other seasons too.
  7. Well, if you have them in transports, they can assault the turn they dismounted like in days of old. May be helpful in getting them across the board. Rhinos have 10 wounds, so unless you get hit with a lascannon fusilade it takes a fair bit to destroy them.
  8. You can field an all Khorne list, I can't speak to the viability as I haven't played as Chaos. I did however watch a video in which the remains of a Berzerker squad (which amounted to three or four models after walking across the board under concentrated fire) pretty much obliterate three squads and several characters of the IG.
  9. I don't have the Chaos index, but have seen videos of games on YouTube with Khorne Berzerkers and Khorne Dogs, and I'm pretty certain Bloodletters are still in.
  10. Tip: when assembling the Primaris Ancient, drill the bolt rifle barrel before attaching the arm and especially before gluing to the base. The downward angle of the rifle makes it difficult to do so afterwards. Thankfully my intial attachment did not bond well and I was able to get the barrel.
  11. Assembled the first Intercessor squad and Primaris Ancient. Pictured with an older brother from the 3d edition starter box.
  12. This is pertinent to my interests as I will be looking for something to binge watch in a couple days.
  13. Delayed

    Yeah, I was actually surprised that the initial comments weren't worse. And I feel pretty much the same as your last line.
  14. Delayed

    I just got KS update email. Apparently PB has a new business. Not sure if it will change anything but it would be nice to get the rest of my order....but I'm not counting on it any time soon. At this point I don't remember what all I'm supposed to get.
  15. It's been a while, but I have seen Kung Fu Hustle.