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  1. My preparations for Bones III completely consist of waiting for them to appear in retail then purchasing at my FLGS.
  2. This doesn't happen very often for me. I'm more likely to forget to add something to my list that I need. When it does happen it's usually with stuff I'm going to use anyway like dish soap. It has only happened twice with my hobby stuff, and I don't really count one of them because I'm not the one who bought the second Dreadball box. The other was that I picked up a model of the Ambassador-class version of the USS Enterprise.
  3. The more I look at them I think they are on something more akin to some kind of flight rig rather than jump packs.
  4. House repairs and cleaning have taken over. Though I have taken to going through some really old White Dwarf magazines in the evening.
  5. Now all I'd like to know is the price point on all of these things. I've already decided to get back in, so at a minimum I'm going to need the rulebook, three of the indices, and some new models to replace lost/damaged ones.
  6. All of them. I rarely finish one without starting something else while waiting for paint to dry. Or there's "let's get all these assembled then put them in the cabinet or on the table never to be touched for months (years in some cases)."
  7. So what I'm hearing is that next year we need to get a group together and all go to GenCon.
  8. I wouldn't argue with a 20 minute transit time for authentic Korean food. Heck, once a month I drive 45 minutes one-way to a brewery. GenCon, just once so I can say I've been. But it's close enough to family that they'd ask me for years why I didn't come visit them.
  9. And I decided to start base coating one of the marine. HD Solid Blue seems to be working.
  10. The Orks now have some air support. Finished the DeffKopta, but will need to putty some gaps. Now I have to remember where I put it and hope it's still good.
  11. There's actually two: German and Korean (I mentioned German the other day). There is Korean food available in San Angelo, but it's limited and they've changed the recipes so Americans will eat it. I want the authentic stuff like I ate over there.
  12. I'll end up getting some, if for no other reason than I like the models. Although, the Crimson Fists have been understrength...I'm sure Uncle Guilliman gave them some.
  13. Well then you start getting into a discussion of game balance versus reality. I'm all for grenades shredding lightly armored forces, but also realize that it needs to be balanced for the setting, otherwise you'd just have guys running around doing nothing but lobbing grenades which probably wouldn't be a fun game.
  14. Yeah, 5d6 frag grenade attack rolls against a mob of boyz or a gaunt horde might be a bit much.
  15. I have a feeling there be other squad types for these later on. Couple of interesting things though: With the 30' range they'll rapid fire out to 15" instead of 12" and with a -1 AP; and I'm not sure if I missed this somewhere else, notice that the grenades have a stat line, so we're throwing grenades for separate effects instead of as a modifier to the assault.