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  1. I like me some Star Trek (been watching Voyager for the first time off and on lately), but between what I read about it and having to pay for a service for a single show I may not even like I'm going to pass until it is available elsewhere.
  2. I have some purples I bought with good intentions. As far as why I have used them....1) I haven't painted much of anything in a long time 2) the miniatures didn't tell me they wanted those colors. Probably had them a couple years or so. What am I waiting for? Nothing really, just haven't used them.
  3. I'll be watching the first episode of the final season of Star Wars Rebels tonight. Started watching it with the kids and kinda got hooked on it.
  4. I haven't seemed to have an issue with con crud. Now getting the crud while overseas, that's a different issue.
  5. I hear that this, like Shakespeare, is better in the original Klingon.
  6. There's a reason "Betty" shortly lived as a slang term for an attractive woman. So not that goofy. Is it holding out if you're not embarrassed by it?
  7. The red haired girl in 4th through 6th grade. I remember her first name, but not her last. Not embarrassed by it now, but as a kid I would have died if anyone except my best friend knew I liked her. As far as actresses go, I've been pretty vocal with those that know me IRL with whom I think are attractive.
  8. I think the pantheon of classic movie monsters is fine the way it is. Let the other terrors occupy their own niche groupings. I'm over zombies though.
  9. There's more Doctor Who than the Moffat era.
  10. Twilight Zone, the old school ones.
  11. Not this year, or any recent ones for that matter. The biggest reaction I've ever had was the occasional jump scare. I only have enough quantities of any of these materials to deal with small infant versions of these monsters. Except the werewolves. I'm screwed with werewolves. My only defense against werewolves would be to play the Monster Mash and hope they start dancing.
  12. Two separate machines. The combi-machines aren't large enough to handle the laundry throughput. Oh, and I forgot this because I need more coffee, but I also pre-ordered Episode VIII tickets for the kids and I.
  13. I bought and installed a new washer and dryer.
  14. I just acquired two used Detolf cabinets for $80. I'm probably going to need some risers between shelves to fit everything in, but at least I can keep the cat out of my finished miniatures. So many repairs that need to be done though...
  15. I don't know that I have seasonal music to pick a favorite from, but I do suppose the number of times I search for "Toccata and Fugue in D minor" increases this time of year.