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  1. I'm still waiting on the rest of the Kickstarter miniatures for the setting I really wanted on the tabletop. As for something that hadn't been done? I dunno, maybe I'm just a basic geek but I'm having a hard time thinking of a property I like that hasn't been done in miniature in some way (whether licensed or not). So for now I'm just going to second for Niven's Known Space, particularly a Man-Kzin Wars wargame, preferably in 15mm.
  2. I still need to see the second one.
  3. Live

    I know exactly what you mean. Good luck! You could try inserting a small needle up through the bottom of the hoof. Added bonus is that it would double as a pin to your basing of choice. I see what you did there...
  4. Was talking about this with a co-worker yesterday. Don't know if I need another game I don't have much chance to play, but the figures would be nice to have.
  5. Minwax has an acrylic sealer. I use it with some regularity on wooden items I engrave.
  6. cute =/= trustworthy LOL I watched a real stinker last night on Amazon Prime Video. Moontrap Target Earth. Oh. My. Lord. If you have a group of people you get together with to riff movies, put this one on. I need to see if MST3K has a suggestion box or something to recommend it to them.
  7. Coffee (like there is any other). I take mine like my sense of humor, dark and bitter.
  8. This is on my list to watch with some other aficionados of bad cinema. I watched Star Trek: Beyond the other night. A decent movie compared to the other two in my mind. I'm just wondering how many times Star Fleet is going to give Kirk a new ship in this timeline, he seems to keep losing them. Not sure what is next on my list to watch. There are a bunch of series online that I watch that are about to get new episodes and a couple new series as well.
  9. I define the terms as follows: - Speed Paint: any figure that took about an hour to two hours and has full coverage and basic highlighting and shading. (In my case, speed painting is any figure that gets finished within a week of me starting it.) - Tabletop: full coverage and at a minimum drybrushed highlights and a wash. Blends from shadow to highlight can be abrupt. The figure looks "good enough" when the Arm's Length Rule is applied. Simple basing techniques (sand/flock). - Show Quality: Details hold up to close inspection. Smooth blends from shadow to highlight. Good contrast from shadow to highlight. Attention to color selection. Well executed free-hand is optional, but helps. Has a certain "wow" factor when gazed upon.
  10. Primed two five-figure squads of Space Marines last night, a squad of regular marines and a squad of Primaris Intercessors. Then my spray can ran out. I hope the last couple are alright because end of the can never seems to give as much tooth for the paint to adhere to. Then I sprayed an MDF structure I made as a test with some nickel spray paint (great for that "industrial" look) and that can ran out as well. I managed to get the exterior and tops of the two platforms (it's a girder tower structure), but still need to get the interior of the supports and the bottoms of the platforms. Eventually I'm going to paint hazard stripes around the edges.
  11. Well done. I find that anymore "good enough" is my favorite level of completion if only because I don't paint much anymore and have several 20s of figures waiting on me.
  12. I managed to apply sand to my Space Marines and Orks. Was going to prime them, but it's been too humid for spray cans and I didn't feel like messin' with the airbrush.
  13. Nah, the con (and extremely small for the term) is going to be at the library. The group responsible for it formed out of a group of euro board gamers, but there is some miniature and RPG play as well.
  14. The local con is tomorrow. Unfortunately they went with a small venue and haven't done a good job of advertising how to sign up for events.
  15. Don't feel bad. I've done nothing hobby related since the beginning of the month.