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  1. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Nothing comes to mind.
  2. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Coffee as dark and bitter as my outlook on life and humanity. Edited to add: I would take it intravenously if it were feasible, what with driving to work and such.
  3. GW to re-release Necromunda!

    If nothing else, they're good for games like Rogue Stars.
  4. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Not really, I preferred the Christmas Sophies, but understand that you can only make so many figures on the same theme and character.
  5. Getting to Know You ... December Edition

    Dog: more agreeable, useful, and more likely to not be a gigantic PITA.
  6. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    10, a squad of Cadians.
  7. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    Do you mean Painted from start to finish in one day, or just finished in one day?
  8. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    I offered some homebrewing supplies I'm not using to a person who is interested. Whether or not she takes up the offer is another story.
  9. CAV Terran Thunderbird

    Looks great!
  10. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    I've got a Columbia coat that I've had since either 2003 or 2004. That thing is great. Kind of overkill for West Texas winters though. I only wear it a handful of weeks each year. But that thing is gold when I visit relatives in the winter.
  11. Sad Medusa (ReaperCon Hall of Fame miniature)

    It's like she's thinking "all the good ones are either taken or turned to stone."
  12. CAV Terran Thunderbird

    Thanks for the shout out TS. The short version for my take on woodland camo is base coat with Terran Khaki (MSP 09122), then building the camo pattern with Highland Moss (MSP 09083) and Muddy Brown (MSP 09028) . Dark line the camo pattern and panel lines with Brown Liner.
  13. CAV color schemes

    Nice color scheme on those. :)
  14. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    If a bucket list is things to do before dying, I'm going to call the opposite a list of things to do after dying since other approaches to the question have been taken...which is called a last will and testament.
  15. Getting to Know You ... November Edition

    I am indifferent to the idea. The only one I own is one I received in a swag bag.