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  1. Regarding per model price, I've got the starter box for the Battle of Vedros on order through the FLGS. It won't be enough to start a full-sized force, but I get a good start on one at about $2 per figure...and it includes a Dreadnought. It's basically a repackaging of models from the Assault on Black Reach set.
  2. I just keep wearing the same thing (jeans, t-shirt, flannel over top in the winter) and wait for fashion to cycle back around to me.
  3. Huh. That's interesting. I'm wondering if by making the core rules free how much artwork/fluff will be in that book. That and if the cost will be shifted to the models. Making the core rules free goes a long way to entice older players, especially if the army books are significantly less that what a codex currently goes for. Just makes me wonder what they're cutting, what they're raising prices on, and what they're absorbing. In the end, they still have to make shareholders happy. Or I'm being overly cynical. At any rate, since the core rules are going to be free there really isn't any reason to not check them out.
  4. I laughed a bit at that one. That part has gone a bit of way to relax some of my reservations about GW as a company. I'm just waiting to see how the rules come out. One of the things I always disliked was that it was more effective to run up and hit the enemy with your rifle instead of shooting it. I understand that has changed over time, but my attitude about the company prevented me from investigating further.
  5. With the exception of a few replacements, I should still have enough models to do Space Marines and IG (or whatever they're calling them now) around the house so I've got that going for me. I like the skirmish games too, but sometimes I just want to drop a tank or three on the table. Even if it doesn't make much sense at that scale.
  6. That's about the time I got out of 40k, for pretty much the same reasons. On the other hand, for some reason I've been toying around with the idea of getting back in lately. The Gamer ADD has been kicking me hard lately, probably because I haven't really been able to consistently play anything for a long time. Color me moderately interested for now.
  7. Kid: The Princess Bride Teen: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Adult: Fantasy: The Belgariad (I know, it's a series) Sci-Fi: I can't pick just one. I'd be more likely to grab a stack off my shelves and load it in their car.
  8. I'm in solitary confinement. This is because my first day in I bit somebody's ear I could be put in solitary confinement. Now that I'm largely left alone, I meditate in search of a way to open a portal in my belly button through which I can escape.
  9. Winning the lottery might convince me to move. Except I don't buy the tickets.
  10. I sometimes will call the remote the clicker, not very often anymore.
  11. 2011, the last time I did a permanent change of station in the Army before I retired. I really don't want to move again, I like the town I'm in, I like the location of my house, and I like my house. Though lately I've found myself thinking it would be nice to have a large enough plot of land to set up a separate workshop, a firing range, and generally be left alone. The flip side is that I like the niceties that come with living in town. Sometimes I'm a living, breathing self-contradiction. At any rate, that wouldn't happen until my youngest has graduated for school zone reasons so at least ten years and even then would probably be unlikely.
  12. Yep, that's the one.
  13. I don't think I would either.
  14. Oh, trust me. I do.