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  1. Rastl

    Keeping a mixing tray clean

    To clean out a plastic palette you can put on a thick layer of white glue, let it dry, then pull it off with most of the paint. This also gets down into the scratches. Plus that satisfaction of peeling white glue.
  2. Rastl

    Happy birthday, Rastl!

    Thanks! I'm old now. I got my first AARP notice in the mail.
  3. Rastl

    [SPLIT] RC2017 Rides thread

    The morning shuttle was a great solution to get to the con. But as you say, it was missing out on after con hours late night shenanigans that got me. So yeah, I thought about renting. I will say generally there is room for 2 in the back seat of my ride to the Con each morning. (I ride with Rastl almost every morning) Passengers welcomed! Yup. Haldir (who doesn't look like his avatar) is my point man when it comes to offering up rides. He'll also know my flight schedule and will help coordinate with that. Why don't I just do it myself? He's here a LOT more than I am and far more well known. And it gives him something to do.
  4. Rastl

    CAV: Strike Operations Updated & New Content

    Can we get an errata doc that isn't going to drain my printer dry? It's nice that it matches the book but honestly for errata does it need the background and filler pics?
  5. Rastl

    Paint Track Apps?

    You can do that with sets. Buy the app and you get that option.
  6. Rastl

    Feedback about ReaperCon '16

    It wasn't always for the artists. Way back in the beginning the con was at the factory where they also have their paint club. Therefore paints were available for everyone. Things change.
  7. Rastl

    Feedback about ReaperCon '16

    Oh heck. I'll chime in. Overall the layout was well thought out. The classroom right next to the gaming area not so much but unless there's going to be a buffer of some kind that's going to happen. Moving the paint contest out of the nicely sheltered corner isn't very secure. The lack of attendee paints is a BIG issue. Not only for ongoing projects and lack of space to bring them but for the lack of ability to try new colors. Please bring back or make it known that attendees can use the big paint rack as long as we behave and clean up after ourselves. Announcements. Oh yes announcements. Except for that sweet spot in front of the stage they were difficult to hear. Somehow the announcements need to get more coverage be it additional speakers, group texts (by opt-in), or something but the need is there. Speed painting was rather sparse. Use known volunteers to run it and keep it going all day long. Otherwise the table is empty and sad. A minor quibble but the lights in the road cases in the Reaper booth are eye-searingly bright. Which is probably the idea but very painful when in there for any length of time. Filters would be appreciated. Instructors need to speak up. They're competing against other classes and ambient noise. It may be more difficult on those teaching multiple classes but if we can't hear and keep asking for them to repeat themselves it slows things down. Large signage is a must. The daily schedule by each set of classrooms in big big type. That way we know we're in the right place at the right time. Did anyone else notice the dead cricket in the ladies room? He was there all weekend so you know they didn't do much more than minimal cleaning. The new venue has possibilities. Reaper did a nice job on the layout and trying to accommodate all the things going on. Now that they've done it once some tweaking is in order.
  8. Rastl

    CAV: Strike Operations Faction Logos

    May I request the Rach Tactical with the red border (not just the black) in with these as well? Or is that something we just need to edit in ourselves?
  9. Rastl

    Painting Gems

    Necrotales has one of my favorite tutorials on painting gems.
  10. Rastl

    Making a CAV "learn to paint" kit

    It does. I've been using the colored primers on mine and it's fine. Now I can play with colored minis even while I finish painting them.
  11. Rastl

    DIY treasure tokens!

    I'm glad to see people are still finding it useful and making sparkly things. Those must look pretty on the table.
  12. Rastl

    DIY treasure tokens!

    I'm guessing it's this tutorial written by yours truly. They look great! Just the thing to make adventurers stop making spot and listen checks when they should be more cautious.
  13. Rastl

    Finding Players (Meetup Thread)

    I'm in the Denver area and have a few factions primed if not painted.
  14. Rastl

    Basing Simba and ground vehicles

    Thanks for the idea on the double hexes for Simba. And I think I'll try the 25x50mm for the ground vehicles to see how they fit. I like my minis based since I dislike picking them up by the bodies. Without bases there's no way to prevent that. And don't even get me started on the 'guns/swords/wings are not handles' topic. Really. Don't.
  15. How are people basing the Simba? I prefer to have all my minis on bases and this one ain't fitting on a regular hex. And how are people basing the ground vehicles? 25x50mm?