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  1. The green tide cometh

    Overlords Crossbowmen and Onyx chevaliers and Overlord Faction book with new figures can u do that ??
  2. Faction Discussion: Razig's Revenge

    Only one word. "GREAT". RR will be my second army
  3. Add Razig's Revenge. My fayourite army is Overlords but i think RR will be my second army
  4. UNIT: Undead Troll

    Yea, Dnd Chainmail rules, but in Chainmail reach is something diffrent.
  5. UNIT: Black Legionaires

    Black Legionnairs can be only in Overlords Army. I have Tyran Visgal and i m using him like you at Captain. I have to buy all Black Legionnaires and make for them stats.
  6. WL Fan Sites

    My friend and I working on polish www about WL. But it s in polish languge so... it s not for fans from other countries ( i don t think somebody from this message board know polish )
  7. WL: Faction Books

    Sorry for that ->*
  8. WL: Faction Books

    Hi i m Amakiir i m collecting Overlords i m from (f****ng) Poland so my English isn t very good lol Y Crusaders, Necropolis and Reven still must be first (Crusaders and Necropolis sux)?? I want Rulebook and figures to Overlords, Darkspawn and Reptus (my favourites armies). Does anybody know what will be in Rulebooks to Armies ??