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  1. Campaign Engine revised

    Well done. 1300 pts in 2016. 1400 pts for 2017. Top at 1500 pts from now on?
  2. Bones 4 is Coming Soon!

    I really appreciate if Reaper can take the opportunity to re-introduce Warlord game with this coming KS.
  3. Warlord - the state of play

    I don't believe that they will promote the game for free and Reaper is not going to pay them any commission.
  4. The Army Builder App

    Thank you for your great effort.
  5. GW Announces WH40K 8th edition

    All current codices will not be compatible with the new edition. Likely, GW will make you buy new copies.
  6. Advice on book purchasing?

    Savage North is hard cover. It has all the rules for you to play. The main difference from the 2nd edition is the fractions listed.
  7. Warlord - the state of play

    The beauty of this game is that the figures do not get replaced by a newer edition. The bases remain square or rectangle. So, what was painted more than a decade ago can still be used. Not every good for the business point of view and I kind of understand why the company is not promoting the game if they are already selling well on their figures. There is no need for them to put in more resources to promote more sale. On the other hand, if I am the CEO, I would definitely take the opportunity to make a dent in the gaming world when WHFB got changed. For the long run, it is a worthwhile gamble. The loss of the online army builder is a great disappointment. That is the main reason why I kept coming back to this site to make out various theme list for fun. I shall fully support of this game if one day this company decides to promote it. For your information, my profile picture is actually taken from the figure I painted.
  8. warlord on youtube

    It is actually a sad question rather than dumb. I guess you have not checked out ReaperMinisTV on you tube?
  9. Nefsokar

    Welcome to the world of Warlord. I don't play Nefsokar but feel kind of sorry for you that no one has responded to your post. Your question is actually hard to answer since the warlord in each faction plays differently. The game is usually at 1000 points. Once you pick a warlord, you build your force around it. From my recollection, the two warlords in nefsokar play quite differently.
  10. Has Warlord fallen in battle?

    It does not make sense why they created CAV, and especially, Reich of the Dead, and later Cowboys & Gunslingers. Obviously, the rules are made to support the sale of the miniatures. If that is the intention, the company may have more success with Warlord.
  11. Deathsleet. The first and the only one dragon I owned. Fully painted in pewter, it is heavy.
  12. This is interesting. Will the army list remain the same or change after each battle? May be it is time for the players to evolve the timeline.
  13. New version?

    It is quite apparent to me that Reaper does not want to give up Warlord, at least not yet. Otherwise, they would have given away the rulebook in pdf for free. They may have some ideas or wishes but definitely are not planning any actual step to move forward. From the business point of view, it makes sense since it will be hard for Warlord to establish a foothold in the gaming market. Rules do not sell but miniatures make the profit. I bet Reaper is selling much more minatures than Hell Dorado.
  14. New version?

    There is no need for a new edition but I am hoping for new army lists or campaign. What happened to the halfings? It is kind of embarrassing to say that it is still in beta since October 2011. On the other hand, this is one of the strong point about Warlord. Nothing changes or is expected to change for a long time.