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  1. Deadlands Noir: Femme Fatale

    Really nice expressive face. I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  2. HeroForge Human Wizard

    Really nice paint. A buddy of mine ordered two of these types of minis from Heroforge and I painted them for him. The texture bugged the heck out of me. I'm going to wait till the technology allows printing smoother minis for reasonable prices before ordering any.
  3. Aard Paints Reaper Bones Yeti x12 (4 Bigfoot, 8 Yeti)

    I loooves me some yetis! I missed out on the KS but I will be getting these when they hit the store. Great idea about using some for bigfoot.
  4. Is there a bonryard for bones parts? I was either missing the top of the head on 77323 Blightfang or it got lost. I checked the store and didn't find any parts. Where can this be ordered?
  5. Sturdiness of Cork?

    I have found that working with cork always goes better when I use white or PVA type glue instead of super glue. It just seems to adhere to the cork better. I based quite a few minis on cork and none have come apart yet and these are packed in a mini case and used for gaming on a regular basis. Without exception, I always pin the mini all the way through the cork making sure the bottom of the pin is secured well in the hard bottom of the base. The mini is thus secured to the base on stilts and the cork doesn't have to support anything, it just has to look cool.
  6. Vallejo mix-ups

    I use Vallejo quite a bit (model colors). Whenever I purchase new bottles they get tested and treated if required before getting added to the general collection. First I shake each bottle really hard to mix it well. Next I put a dollop on a palette to see the consistency. Then I remove the dropper top and drop in a glass bead to help mix when shaking and,if required, add a few drops of distilled water if it was too thick. Another quick shake later and its ready for use. One thing I love about Reaper paints is that they already come with shakers.
  7. Hero Forge Minis for another customer

    Which material are those cast from? I am painting a couple of Heroforge figures for a buddy and they are cast from the gray plastic material. I am not liking the wavy texture of the material very much. The sculpting detail is ok but that texture is really annoying especially in the hair. If yours were gray plastic, what , if anything did you do to to overcome that annoying texturing? Thanks.
  8. DM1C- Bugbear Warriors III Otherworld Miniatures

    Oh yeah, and you won't forget how bone devils got their name either.
  9. Dancing Girls

    You can get them right here! http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/dancing%20girl/latest/02448
  10. Can anyone help me base coat faster?

    When it comes to initial base coating, you don't have to sweat the small details. For the base coat, treat the mini like Ed Wood treats a movie- focus on the BIG picture. Look over the primed mini and take in the detail. At this point rough ideas are enough. For example when looking over a mini and making decisions I take notice of all the little leather and metal bits and only make the most basic of decisions about them. I look at all the metal parts of the mini and the only thing I worry about at the base coat stage is whether the metal will be warm or cool. If it is going to be steel/silver then it gets based in blue liner. If it is going to be gold, copper, bronze, etc. then it gets based in brown liner. Same thing for leather do-dads and straps. The base coat for these is going to be either a medium or dark brown depending on if I want the object to be lighter or darker. The actual final color of things I can leave until the later stages. With the base coat, all I want to do is get basic coverage and cover up that primer. With these basic colors in place as a base there is still time to decide what the final colors will be. The brown metal bits can become bronze or gold as needed. The leather parts will either be a rather light or dark shade depending on how dark the base coat was.
  11. 03586: Taroya, Female Warrior

    That there is a Reaper. http://www.reapermini.com/Miniatures/female%20gladiator/latest/03586 Nice job.
  12. What level painter are you? What about me?

    Oh noes! I'm getting Mazes & Monsters flashbacks!! " Can you paint at the 9th level?"
  13. Otherworld Miniatures 08-Pigfaced Orc Crossbowman

    I love these guys! All he needs to be a proper D&D cartoon orc is a pair of daggers right next to each other on his belt.
  14. One at-a-time or Batches?

    I usually have several minis in various stages of completion at any given time. Sometimes, when doing a group of similar minis I will actually batch paint them in stages. If I am working on character/monster models that I am really excited about then I make SURE to have more than one going at a time. If I only have a single mini on the table at a time then impatience has a better chance of getting its hands around my throat and forcing me to rush paint a mini that deserves a better job.
  15. She looks very wicked. I wasn't aware that she was multi-class. I thought Glacia was a fighter.