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  1. Gnome, wight and cultist summoning

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    Lovely painting!
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    More Bull Orcs!
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    Lanse, stylish as always.
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    Well done!
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    Original and strikingly well done!
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    Useful for other games. Relicblade is a bit addictive though. Lots of new stuff to play with, and I haven't even kept up with everything in the previous KS. I'm playing with assembled and primed models anyway.
  11. Relicblade: The Wretched Hive Fantasy Miniature Game

    Crushing stretch goals.
  12. Relicblade: The Wretched Hive Fantasy Miniature Game

    Hoody hoo! I'm in. Such a fun game.
  13. Grenadier Lich

    Lich looks great!
  14. Mini Gangs

    Looks fun:
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