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  1. Warlord - the state of play

    I'm pretty spoiled. I play about once a week with my friend who lives within walking distance of my house. Previous to Warlord, we played Chronopia, for 15 years, with no support. Compared to that, this Warlord thing is easy. The full range of models and the rulebooks are available, with maybe just a Darkreach model unmade. I was used to proxying and kit bashing models to get what I needed, now I can just do it for variety. The online army builder is fantastic. I can cook up any force whenever I want. We proxy models we don't have, and we've even gone in together to complete some armies. Now to get Dalton painting..... Ending thoughts, you just need one or two gaming buddies and the will to collect and paint.
  2. Adrian Smith's HATE

    I wish them the best, but I agree with you.
  3. These are great too. I too would like to know the manufacturer.
  4. El kabong! Looks ready to smash your PCs.
  5. 03477, Brain Horror

    Saw your post on Facebook. Pictures look even better here. Superb!
  6. 77171: Stone Golem

    Tasty paint.
  7. Small complaint of mine, as the game is awesome. The good outweighs the bad, and I proxy stuff or convert my way around models I find too delicate, or use the Bones version!
  8. I don't have many complaints about Warlord, but I take exception to some of the choices of fiddly bits on models that get pushed around on a gaming table.
  9. Warlord marker sheet

    Oh hell yeah. This is useful!
  10. Bones 3 Ogres and Command

    Fantastic work.
  11. Serpent Altar

    Superb work.
  12. Dungeon Dwellers Returns in 2018

    I’m filling out Warlord armies. 40 bucks a month? Well played Reaper, well played.
  13. Numenera: Ravage Bear (SKU 62112)

    Your pictures should be in the online store for this model! Excellent!