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  1. joshuaslater

    Dungeon dweller orcs

    Great looking crew! The other two are in the online store, not limited edition. Pick them up and keep rockin’!
  2. joshuaslater

    Dungeon dweller orc

    Jobs a good’un!
  3. joshuaslater

    03909: Toruk, Hellborn Barbarian

    Great work! I roll up my characters from the miniatures too.
  4. joshuaslater

    GW Necromunda Escher Ganger "Toast"

    Oh wow!
  5. joshuaslater

    Worm Corpse

  6. joshuaslater

    03813 Female Hobgoblin Archer

  7. joshuaslater

    Midblight Miniatures

    Happy to see this!
  8. joshuaslater

    Death Bringers fantasy football

    Sweet models: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/raffaelestumpoart/death-bringers-fantasy-football-team/comments
  9. joshuaslater

    Ral Partha Goblins and Hobgoblins

    Great work!! I've not seen them painted up this well before.
  10. joshuaslater

    Heresy Miniatures: Maggotmen

    Grody to the max!
  11. joshuaslater

    Yo Joe!

    Very fine work on the whole piece, but I have to especially commend the work on the denim.
  12. joshuaslater

    Talos (DE/Drukhari GW model)

  13. joshuaslater

    Gangfight Skirmish Game System

    Looks cool.