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  1. Burrowing spawn

    Went from unique monster to a grunt.
  2. Bloodbite Goblin Painting Guide

    Great tutorial.
  3. Konorlas vs Dwarves

    Lovely pictures!!
  4. Intro and W.I.P.

    Rock on!
  5. 02915 Vulthus Oathcroak

    Beautiful work on this.
  6. I can help with the Darkrime Drake. The torso of the rider is a separate piece. The rider’s legs are cast on the saddle on the Drake. Shield is separate too.
  7. Wargames Foundry Pict Chieftan

    Great work!
  8. Wreck Age

    I need a tetanus shot just looking at these!! Great work on all of them.
  9. 03108 - Azrin, Female Dwarf Barbarian

  10. Wood Elves of Tembrithil

    Nice reporting!
  11. Kristof's Cars - finished

    They look great and useful for gaming. Well done!
  12. Gaspez-Arts: Kickass Cossacks team

    Looks great!
  13. IMEF Troopers

    They look the business.
  14. Holding parts while super gluing

    I like how you roll, Ludo.