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  1. joshuaslater

    03477, Brain Horror

    Saw your post on Facebook. Pictures look even better here. Superb!
  2. joshuaslater

    77171: Stone Golem

    Tasty paint.
  3. Small complaint of mine, as the game is awesome. The good outweighs the bad, and I proxy stuff or convert my way around models I find too delicate, or use the Bones version!
  4. I don't have many complaints about Warlord, but I take exception to some of the choices of fiddly bits on models that get pushed around on a gaming table.
  5. joshuaslater

    Warlord marker sheet

    Oh hell yeah. This is useful!
  6. joshuaslater

    Bones 3 Ogres and Command

    Fantastic work.
  7. joshuaslater

    Serpent Altar

    Superb work.
  8. joshuaslater

    Dungeon Dwellers Returns in 2018

    I’m filling out Warlord armies. 40 bucks a month? Well played Reaper, well played.
  9. joshuaslater

    Numenera: Ravage Bear (SKU 62112)

    Your pictures should be in the online store for this model! Excellent!
  10. joshuaslater

    Dungeon Dwellers Returns in 2018

  11. joshuaslater

    Miniature Identification Pop Quiz!

    Middle guy I think is from the Grenadier box set of "Fighting Men." Go Here:
  12. joshuaslater

    Pictures of my first game

    Dig. Spread the word.
  13. joshuaslater

    Pictures of my first game

    Good stuff! Models are beautiful and that board looks like Taltos. I play about once a week lately with my best friend but the circle may be growing soon. Keep posting pictures and reporting your battles.
  14. joshuaslater

    Marauder Miniatures Liche

    Must be the season of the lich...
  15. joshuaslater

    Liela Mordollwen, Dark Elf Sorceress

    Well done!
  16. joshuaslater

    Must have unique reaper paints

    Reaper brush on black primer. I use it on every mini.
  17. 2018 I will keep painting the Reven horde. Might even finish it!
  18. joshuaslater

    Feetla, Scourge of Suderham - GF9

    I dig your style.
  19. joshuaslater

    Reven Bull Orcs

    Reven horde is crowding my desk! More pics to come soon.
  20. joshuaslater

    Reven Bull Orcs

    Yeah, there is something about seeing a painted army that is supremely satisfying. I'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of Warlord lately, so it's really in high gear right now. One day I will get to a point where I stop and give'em the army painter dip, but today is not that day.
  21. joshuaslater

    03830 Crusader Justifier