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  1. joshuaslater

    Heresy Miniatures: Maggotmen

    Grody to the max!
  2. joshuaslater

    Yo Joe!

    Very fine work on the whole piece, but I have to especially commend the work on the denim.
  3. Well done!
  4. joshuaslater

    Talos (DE/Drukhari GW model)

  5. joshuaslater

    Gangfight Skirmish Game System

    Looks cool.
  6. joshuaslater

    Death Dog - 77407

    Superb painting!
  7. She done good!
  8. We need more of these Orcs! Good stuff!
  9. joshuaslater

    Kev!'s 77454: Ogre Clubber

    You really brought out the unga bunga, el kabong, Hulk smash!
  10. joshuaslater

    D&D Party - 1 year later (Pic Heavy)

    Brilliant painting and converting. Well done!
  11. joshuaslater

    Elvis, King of the Bards - Ral Partha

    I'm all shook up over this. Nice homage to the King.
  12. joshuaslater

    Lord Tusk for Massive Darkness

    Blimey! Stupendous!
  13. joshuaslater

    Brain in a Jar

    looks great!
  14. joshuaslater

    The Howlbears - the band

    Rock on!
  15. joshuaslater

    The Eye of the Cyclops from Forge of Ice

    I went in on his first Kickstarter and everything went smoothly. I got some cool models. This one is even more exciting with the sourcebook!!!
  16. joshuaslater

    03879 Gon'Tarr, Orc Shaman

    Good job!
  17. joshuaslater

    Kev!'s Fomorian Siren Leader - Celtos

  18. joshuaslater

    Preview Metal figs have a 'B' instead of an 'M'

    Or, they're Bones with the Dark Heaven metal numbers......
  19. joshuaslater

    91-416 Ogre Ballista

    Great work, but that thong looks uncomfortable!
  20. joshuaslater

    28mm Amazons - RBJ Game Company [Kickstarter]

    I got a Sleestak too, along with a bunch of extra goodies in my order. All good.
  21. joshuaslater


  22. joshuaslater

    One day Orc sculpt

    Impressive work!
  23. joshuaslater

    RIP Anthony Bourdain

    I'm very upset. I've lost too many people in my own life to suicide.
  24. joshuaslater

    Question about bases

    It would fit better on a 40mm base.